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Welcome to Ford Owner | Official Ford Owner Site. 2010 Ford Expedition TPMS Fault Repair. Sign in. Ford SYNC Forum. Ford Focus Electric Forum • Tire Pressure monitor. TPMS is $42 each at ... toModClar= You might need the roughly $35 reprogramming tool. Pretty certain the ICE Focus and FFE use the same TPMS system. I didn't put winter tires on the FFE - in four years of Chicago winters never needed them. However, I have snows for our 2012 Focus ICE. The programming is really strange and complicated even with the tool. And you discovered the reason why I opted to buy the TPMS sensors for the winter tire set - you can't disable that silly alarm. Ford Focus Electric Forum • Tire Pressure monitor. TPMS is $42 each at ... toModClar= You might need the roughly $35 reprogramming tool. Pretty certain the ICE Focus and FFE use the same TPMS system. I didn't put winter tires on the FFE - in four years of Chicago winters never needed them.

However, I have snows for our 2012 Focus ICE. The programming is really strange and complicated even with the tool. And you discovered the reason why I opted to buy the TPMS sensors for the winter tire set - you can't disable that silly alarm. 2013 FORD FOCUS 2.0L L4 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor | RockAuto. Ford Focus Electric Forum • I installed a HomeLink visor in my 2013 FFE in 10 minutes! Allrighty, I did this over the weekend. Overall 4 out of 5 stars. (I have a 2013 FFE with new visor style) Here are some things that I want to point out and/or emphasize... 1) The connector is in fact glued down HARD up in the headliner in some cases. This was my case. Lots of fighting to free it from fairly deep inside the headliner.

This was compounded by the fact I have big man hands. 2) It was such a struggle I managed to lacerate my knuckles and smeared blood all over my headliner before I knew what happened. 3) The 2013 visor right side anchor clip bracket is just a hair too big for the 2012 visor. 4) The 2012 visor does not telescope. 5) The 2012 material is different than the 2013. The homelink works great, and the average person would not notice the different mirror size and makeup light configuration. ...they would notice the floppy right hand side anchor clip tho.

Still... would do again. ...just providing some full disclosure. Ford Focus Electric Forum • changing wheels and tires. Tires arrived today - but to late to get them mounted. Though it looks like I may have overlooked a critical parameter in my rolling resistance predictions - load rating. The stock tires have a 93 load rating (650 kg). The argument about wider tires having lower rolling resistance is based on the assumption that wider tires are usually spec'd to carry a heavier load, but if the load stays the same then total force required to roll the tire decreases. Well, the replacement tires I ordered have a load rating of 91 (615 kg), so looks like I goofed. The Michelin Energy Saver series isn't available in anything lower than a 50 profile, so no chance getting these on 18" wheels with the FFE. The Primacy MXM4's in 235/40R18 have a 91 load rating, though I'm sure the compound and construction is different as well (even if they are both "Green X") so this never was going to be a scientific test.

Well, I guess I'll find out soon when I mount these puppies up and see what happens to my range...... Cars, SUVs, Trucks & Crossovers | Ford Vehicles | The Official Site of Ford Vehicles. Solar Power Station | Electric Vehicle Charging | SolarWing. Check out my mobile Level 2 charging kit! This weekend I had the first real test of my portable Level 2 charging kit. I drove to my sister's house, a 65 mile trip, after which I only had 12 miles of range left (I drove at 55-65 mph, with A/C for most of the way, in 80-degree heat). At my sister's, I was able to charge for 3 hours, and gained back 50 miles of range, which was more than plenty to reach my next charging point.

So, a successful portable charging outcome... feels very independent to be able to fuel my car wherever I go! Charging at my sister's, however, required the creation of a new adapter for my kit that I hadn't anticipated: This adapter allows me to plug into a NEMA 6-20 outlet. My sister has a window A/C unit which uses this connector, apparently a common one in that application. (Her place is quite old, with a gas stove and dryer, and so the A/C socket, having been installed in recent times, is the only source of 240V on the premises.) Here's a closeUpVisit the eUp Forum of the NEMA 6-20 plug. Be Careful.

Toyota Rav4 EV Forum • View topic - Fix for Leviton EVB40 - all 3 lights illuminated. My Leviton EVB40-SPT charging station arrived with a manufacturing defect that caused all three lights on the front panel to illuminate continuously. There was an easy to fix for this, and it may work for you too if you're willing to get inside the thing. Power (red), Charging (yellow), and Fault (red) lit up together, and stayed that way. This is not mentioned anywhere in the installation or user instructions. I first tried unplugging and re-plugging, resetting the circuit, etc. Leviton told me to return the unit to the retailer (Amazon). At Home Depot I purchased the security Torx bit required for the screws on the internal cover. I did not take a picture of the EVB40 before I began, but as I said all three lights were illuminated. This is a picture of the internal unit with the cover removed.

I then replaced the cover, plugged the EVB40 in, and only the green Power light was lit. Here's the EVB40 with everything back in place... ....and while charging an EV: EVB40-PST > Electric Vehicle Charging Station. Brand Features Leviton introduces its next generation electric vehicle charging station -- designed with a durable thermoplastic cover. Leviton’s Evr-Green® 400 Home Charging Station enables fast-charging of anySAE J1772™ Compatible Electric Vehicle. The 40A Charging Station will optimize the charge time for vehicles with onboard chargers larger than 6.6kW. The 40A charging station includes a 25 foot charging cable, which offers flexibility in the mounting location. Item Description Evr-Green 400 Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Cord Connected, NEMA 6-50P, 40A, 240V AC, 9.6kW Output, 25-Foot Cord, for installations where power supply receptacle/wallbox is mounted on wall surface, 3-Year Limited Warranty Additional Product Information Estimated Electric Vehicle Charge Times.

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Electric Vehicle Chargers. Owners Guide. Charging Station Options For The Focus Electric. I'll divide this post into two sections:1. Home chargingstations (Beyond the travel cord)2. Public / workplace chargingstations HOME CHARGING STATIONS:There are two types of level 2 (240 volt) charging stations (also called EVSECompare EVSE equipment) for the home:1. Those that supply up to 16A (amps) and require a 20A circuit breaker. These will cut the charge time roughly in half vs the 120 volt cord that comes with the car.

If you have an older home with limited additional electrical panel capacity, this may be your only option.2. Those that supply up to 30A and require a 40A circuit breaker. Example:Let's say you have a 20 mile one way commute. You can get a home charging station for about $800. Basically, if you have a panel that has switch type breakers and not screw-in fuses, the odds are good. The other big factor is the distance from the panel to the EVSECompare EVSE equipment. ChargePoint - Driver Sign up. ChargePoint® Account Agreement Effective Date: February 14, 2014 Please read this ChargePoint Account Agreement carefully. ChargePoint offers ChargePoint Cards branded with the ChargePoint name, or, in some instances, with the brand of a third party (each, a “Branding Affiliate”).

Regardless of such branding, ChargePoint remains solely responsible for the operations of ChargePoint, including, ChargePoint Cards. Except with respect to the negligence or willful misconduct of a Branding Affiliate, you agree to release and hold harmless all Branding Affiliates from any causes of action related to the ChargePoint Cards. General: ChargePoint is in the business of, among other things, collecting, on behalf of owners (“Hosts”) of charging stations for electric vehicles, fees charged to users by such Hosts for access to their charging stations. You Agree to: Minimum Account Balances, Fees and Charges: ChargePoint Cards: Focus has limited performance due to hot temperatures.

Jasper7821 wrote: I live in Tucson and work in the middle of the desert between Tucson and Phoenix at a old Army base and the tarmac here gets 120 in the summer. I got got my 2013 FFE white platinum leather a few days ago and the afternoon is already 100 and man the black dash is baking hot. I think I'm just going to get a cheap car cover (Costco $30) and unscrew the roof antenna and that should help keep the battery cooler and the car too.I had a black car and if you touched it in the afternoon you could totally burn your hand. Jasper7821, being in Vegas we have about the same temp problems youz do. What I did was get the proper tint on the windows. Cool, thanks. Where do I get a charge card from to use the pay stations.

WattsUp hit the high points. Here's my $0.02: 1. Go to first, type in your city. 2. Figure out which stations you will most likely use, and ones for emergency. 3. I signed up for Blink as a backup, and Chargepoint as a prime since Chargepoint is what my employer installed at work. I like Chargepoint because they have an available keyfob card, Blink does not.

If you decide to go with Chargepoint, I strongly suggest downloading their app to your phone and signing up through that, rather than signing up on the website... Plug-In Austin.