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Partner of MH370 passenger acuses governments of cover up on BBC » Intellihub MALAYSIA (INTELLIHUB) — Sarah Bajc, a 48-year-old American teacher recently appeared on BBC News to discuss the disappearance of her partner Phillip Wood. Phillip Wood is one of the 277 passengers aboard the missing Malaysian flight. Sarah Bajc is among a large number of friends of family members who don’t believe official reports that the plane crashed and killed everyone inside. The many governments involved in this investigation are not putting forward any evidence to the theories that they are suggesting, and to make matters even more confusing, the apparent evidence continues to change by the day.

Blame Trump’s Victory on College-Educated Whites, Not the Working Class The average Trump voter is not poorly educated or unemployed, nor does he live in a rural area. Back in May, FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver punctured the myth of the “working class” being Trump’s voter base: In exit polls of 23 states from the primaries, all showed a higher median income for Trump supporters than the national average, usually around $70,000. Exit polls last week, while not definitive, reveal that both college-educated white men and college educated white women voted for Trump by much higher than expected margins.

Kenya : Kenya, Iran eye increase in import-export trade ties - The Standard Nairobi, Kenya: Kenya and Iran will look to build their trade portfolio in agro processing, textiles, leather, management and technical services and materials, oil, gas, mining and constructive materials. Speaking during a Kenyan-Iranian bilateral trade meeting in Nairobi, the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives, Adan Mohamed confirmed the Iranian delegation led by the Iranian Minister of Trade, Mining and Trade, Mohammad Reza Nezmatzadeh is in the country seeking attractive investment opportunities to invest in. “We are excited at these potential opportunities to amplify our trade relationship as we seek to leverage our competitive advantages in diverse industries for our mutual benefit”, said Mohamed. “We have had long and productive trade connections in the past and these discussions will further that bond as we expand our portfolio of commodities and to develop our industrial capacity” According to Mr.

Vue Terrace Homes Gold Coast management rights sold Alex Cook Resort Brokers Australia TDK - headed by Troy Edwards, Damien Windle and Kelvin Cotter, in a joint venture with experienced property managers, John and Sam Burke - has purchased the management rights to Robina Group's Vue Terrace Homes community following an expressions of interest campaign. The deal was negotiated by Resort Brokers Australia senior broker Alex Cook and includes a manager's three bedroom terrace home in stage one. Mr Burke, alongside the onsite team, will oversee the management of Vue a secure gated community of architect-designed three-bedroom terraces on East Lane in Robina, overlooking Gold Coast City Council's 17ha Robina City Parklands. Click here to view the listing on The Hotel Page with additional photography and agent contact details.

What is Melbourne's population? "It's historically extremely high, at least since the start of the modern data collection in Australia.” Melbourne is now showing growth rates comparable with Bogota in Colombia, Pune in India and Nanyang in China between 2010 and 2016, according to United Nations data. Prime Minister Scott Morrison threatened to "pull levers" to get growth under control on Thursday, including sending international students to regional universities to relieve urban congestion as he puts together a formal population policy. "Up in the north, they want more population, in Adelaide they want more population," he said. "I can tell you, in the outer suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne, they don’t."

Where is Malaysian Airlines MH370 Where is Malaysian Airlines MH370 Investigators believe that someone was in control of Malaysian Airlines MH370 till the final seconds, meaning the search area is totally wrong! Top searchers at the Dutch company leading the underwater hunt for Malaysia Airlines jet MH370 say they believe the plane may have glided down rather than dived in the final moments, meaning they have been scouring the wrong patch of ocean for two years. Doubts that the search teams are looking in the right place will likely fuel calls for all data to be made publicly available so that academics and rival companies can pursue an “open source” solution – a collaborative public answer to the airline industry’s greatest mystery. The meeting between officials from China, Australia and Malaysia is expected to discuss the future of the search.

Political correctness or measured language: for many anxious communities, words count As the implications of the success of Donald Trump’s particularly toxic brand of divisive rhetoric reverberate around the world, it is a reminder that the language used by elected politicians has a big impact on the standard and fairness of political discourse throughout society at a time when many communities are anxious about what will constitute the new social norm. In Australia, recent accusations in parliament of “political correctness” raise the question: do we want our political representatives using measured language when discussing matters of policy? The push to bring inflammatory language into the mainstream represents a shift in the balance of power that has the potential to impact on the prevailing “givens” that we have become used to. Here is an example.

Africa and Asia forge stronger alliances - Malaysia Sun Africa Renewal Tuesday 30th August, 2016 The factory is a "proud symbol of South-South cooperation," Indian Foreign Minister Digvijay Singh said at the inauguration ceremony. Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade commended the Indian government for "knowing how to convince the Indian private sector to invest in Senegal, a brother country."

Koala rescued from traffic pole at busy Gold Coast intersection Posted about an hour agoTue 28 Aug 2018, 4:51am A koala rescued from a traffic pole on a busy south-east Queensland street has sparked concerns about the species' rapidly diminishing habitat. On a cold Saturday night, a koala clung to a traffic pole along the light rail on busy Olsen Avenue at Southport, outside the Gold Coast University Hospital. Locals stumbled across the young male, who was named Jack after the passer-by who spotted him, and called rescuers. Wildcare Australia president Karen Scott said it was a quick rescue, despite several cars and the light rail passing through. Perth destined to become the next Melbourne Gazing into a crystal ball may not seem the best way to spend your time, but we all – especially government and business – need to think about what our potential futures may be and act in ways that help us to achieve them – avoiding the mistakes of a future that no-one wants. A recent report by CoreLogic looked at changes in the property market across the nation over the last 25 years. There were some interesting take-outs from the report, including that since 1993 Perth was the third best property market after Sydney and Melbourne, with an annual price growth rate of 6.7 per cent for houses and 6 per cent for units. What struck me most related to the future of Perth given where it currently sits – at a population of more than 2.1 million people and Australia’s fourth largest city.

Malaysian airliner may have been commandeered and taken to secret Coco Island base (INTELLIHUB) — An astonishing new report via the Wall Street Journal, dovetailing with information received by Intellihub News earlier Wednesday, may shed some light on the whereabouts of the missing plane and its occupants. Please note that some of the information contained herein is not proven as of yet, but has been passed through our channels to us and is worthy of reporting as no stone should be left unturned. Apparently the group, likely militarized, who commandeered the jetliner and it’s 239 occupants, didn’t account for the Boeing company’s automatic maintenance download which successfully transferred data from the missing aircraft to Boeing’s database about 5-hours after the triple-seven’s takeoff. This data transfer did happen and has been confirmed by Boeing officials.

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