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Animal Shaped Wooden Puzzles – Money can’t buy good grades, state-wide NAPLAN data reveals. Researchers at the University of NSW have developed the Gonski Data Lab to track how students in different suburbs and towns perform in NAPLAN, their first step in a longer-term research project to study the social influence on how children fare at school.

Money can’t buy good grades, state-wide NAPLAN data reveals

The results are suburb-based rather than school or sector-based. Adrian Piccoli, UNSW Professor in the practice of education, said this allowed families and researchers to take a deeper look at the impact of factors such as parental attitudes towards education, the influence of industries that provide the most jobs in a town, and community expectations. “The commentary around education performance inevitably goes to what’s happening in the school, curriculum, school facilities, but the reality is, it’s more shaped by the parents, the community, than it actually is by anything that happens in the school,” he said.

Goulburn households earn more per week on average than those in Ulladulla, yet its results are significantly lower. Discovery of ancient Bogong moth remains at Cloggs Cave gives insight into Indigenous food practices. Cloggs Cave near Buchan, in eastern Victoria's alpine region, has long been known by the Gunaikurnai people, but a recent archaeological discovery has opened up a dusty window into more of its history.

Discovery of ancient Bogong moth remains at Cloggs Cave gives insight into Indigenous food practices

Key points: Researchers have discovered ancient Bogong moth remains on a grindstone tool believed to be up to 2,000 years old inside a cave at eastern VictoriaIt is the first conclusive archaeological evidence of insect food remains found on a stone tool anywhere in the worldTraditional owners say the remains provide insight into historic Gunaikurnai food practices Researchers from Monash University collaborated with traditional owners from the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Corporation (GLaWAC), to excavate the cave for the first time in 50 years, and found microscopic remains of Bogong moth on a small grinding stone tool believed to be up to 2,000 years old. It is the first conclusive archaeological evidence of insect food remains found on a stone artefact anywhere in the world. The game helping NSW students improve marks and get into uni.

During a lesson about marine biology, a teacher might set a 30-second timer, and ask students to work in teams to write down every sea creature that comes to mind.

The game helping NSW students improve marks and get into uni

“What’s been taught there is focus,” said Rhoni Stokes, principal project officer at the NSW Department of Education. “You want your group to win, so there’s that peer support. Say there was a student who may not always be best at certain subjects, but is really good at something else. As the teacher, you would incorporate something to let that child shine. Their peers recognise the value of having that person in their group.” Another game involves dividing children into small teams, and challenging them to commit as few negative behaviours as possible within a period of minutes. “It’s not just behaviour, it’s taking it beyond so they can balance out their emotional highs and lows that then exhibit as a behaviour," Ms Stokes said.

The program was introduced into public schools in June. Mentors behind the wheel helping drive change for unemployed in Launceston suburbs - ABC News. When it came to getting her driver's licence, 21-year-old Kimberley Hearps faced a tougher road than most.

Mentors behind the wheel helping drive change for unemployed in Launceston suburbs - ABC News

Key points: Residents in Launceston's northern suburbs are heavily reliant on cars and buses to access servicesThe Wheels4Work driver mentor program is helping learners get their licences and secure employmentBus services changed this year, leaving some parents walking to get their children to and from school At age 17, she found herself living out of home due to family issues. "I was living between some friends' places for about six months," she said. At the time, the then-teenager, from Launceston in Tasmania's north, had a casual job at a pub in Longford, more than 20 kilometres away. The rare Australian 5c, 20c and $1 coins worth up to $20,000. A rare $1 coin has recently been put up for auction for a staggering $4,000.

The rare Australian 5c, 20c and $1 coins worth up to $20,000

It’s hard to notice the difference unless you look super closely, but these coins are what’s called a ‘mule’ - and these small minting mistakes are huge in the collecting world. Watch the full story above People across the globe start bidding wars over these unique currencies - so just how easy are they to find, and what should you look out for before giving away your loose change? “We don’t know how many are (in circulation), but they originally started showing up in Perth,” said coin expert David Jobson. “Somebody’s missed it at The Mint, and people have gotten lucky. “Value depends on the quality - so if they are really high quality, then they’re going to be very valuable and worth $4,000 or $5,000. Best travel dad jokes of all time. A dad in New York has been posting dad jokes each day out the front of his house during lockdown and it’s the laugh we all need right now.

Best travel dad jokes of all time

Well, this is pretty cute. When coronavirus hit earlier this year, a New York father decided to brighten everyone's day by posting a top shelf dad joke out the front of his house each day. It soon made news headlines ... ... a father in Los Angeles also got in on the act. Our household now is purely a one-activity-per-kid environment, we nurture that special interest and encourage all the bells and whistles that go along with it.

We try our best to make a big deal of things like movie nights, although my kids will never feel that unbridled joy of browsing Blockbuster and fighting with your siblings about which VHS to rent on a Saturday night. The other day I asked my eldest if she remembered doing that ballet class she begged to do when she was five, she thought about it for a while and then confidently said: “nope, not at all”. But what she will talk about for hours on end are the letters she receives from her cousins and the pretend shop she set up in the garden to sell leaves and rocks. Organising beautiful big gestures for your children won’t do them any harm and what our family attempts to do is really appreciate and saviour those special occasions but place more importance on the small, simple things. It’s not perfect, but it takes the pressure off.

New online safety course to help educate young road users. The Federal Government is getting behind a new program to help educate youngsters before they get behind the wheel.

New online safety course to help educate young road users

Called RoadSet, the program is aimed at year 9 students – most will be eligible to apply for a learner’s licence the following year. The program is run by the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) and is funded by the Australian Government to the tune of $1.8m and will equip young people with the right tools to be safer road users. The free online course covers topics such cyclist and skateboarder safety, pedestrian safety and how to be an overall good road user. With the aim of helping to develop the skills needed to be safer on the road when they eventually get their licence and when interacting with roads right now. ARSF chief Russell White said the program will help save lives now and in the future.

Daniel Goleman on LinkedIn: Harvard researcher says the most emotionally intelligent people have. Ivan Relja posted on LinkedIn. How to pick the 'right' sport for your child (and the case for letting them choose) - ABC Life. For Melbourne dad Ben May choosing a sport for his kids was as simple as not choosing at all.

How to pick the 'right' sport for your child (and the case for letting them choose) - ABC Life

Literally. Instead, he handballed the decision to his boys, Tom and Luke. Ben and his partner knew they wanted their kids involved with sports, knowing the benefits of exercise on physical and mental health. But the question of which sport? For these young parents, it didn't matter. Instead, they offered their kids variety, and each of their kids took a liking to something different.

I didn't understand my son's meltdowns - until I learned he was a 'pressure seeker' Ever since my youngest was a toddler, I knew there was something a little different about him.

I didn't understand my son's meltdowns - until I learned he was a 'pressure seeker'

He liked things rough. He'd throw himself on the floor, even when he was happy. At some point I had this book about preschoolers, and it mentioned something about rolling kids up in blankets, because some like pressure. Ten steps to toddler happiness. The Resilience Building Bucket List Action: Climb up some stairs or over some play equipment Why?

Promotes healthy risk-taking. Guide and encourage them even if they appear uncertain. Action: Plant a veggie patch Why? Action: Play a game of Find the Toys. Golden State Warriors, 2018 Sportsperson of the Year: Secrets of franchise. This story appears in the Dec. 17-24, 2018, issue of Sports Illustrated. For more great storytelling and in-depth analysis, subscribe to the magazine—and get up to 94% off the cover price. Click here for more. The beers are warm. But then they should be. The four Coronas have been in a metal bucket in Steve Kerr’s Denver hotel room for 24 hours now. The Most Dangerous Species On The Planet. The Australian. You have cookies turned off To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.

To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below. Facebook App: Open links in External Browser There is a specific issue with the Facebook in-app browser intermittently making requests to websites without cookies that had previously been set. This appears to be a defect in the browser which should be addressed soon. Psychologist explains why bedtime stories are so important. Kidspot and Fantastic Furniture have joined to help you create magical family memories. There are many benefits to bedtime stories, however, it’s not just limited to creating magical memories and forming part of a routine that will help lull your cherubs to sleep.

In fact, bedtime stories are proven to help foster a bond between parents and children, lower kids’ stress levels and reinforce their literacy skills and mastery of language. “We know now, because we have brain imaging studies, there’s a difference in the reading and cognitive skills of kids whose parents sit with them and read. The difference has nothing to do with things like family background, their home environment or socioeconomic status, but how frequently an adult sits and reads with the child,” says psychologist Collett Smart, a mother-of-three who has 20 years of experience as a classroom teacher.

How-to-tell-if-your-child-is-gifted-20180814-p4zxft. The Best Knock-Knock Jokes Kids Will Love. BloomVentures: 16yo CEO Jack Bloomfield makes ‘north of $2900 a day’ DURING the day, Brisbane teen Jack Bloomfield heads off to school like any other 16-year-old. But when he gets home, the Year 11 student immediately jumps on his computer to manage his e-commerce side hustle. It’s a venture that’s paying off far more than the part-time jobs most teens have on their resumes. Since launching his parent company BloomVentures at age 15, Mr Bloomfield now runs a number of e-commerce stores, including Best Bargain Club, which all sell a variety of different products from novelty items to skincare online. • McDonald’s Monopoly was rigged • Why grocery prices are set to soar • How this snap got photographer fired While he declined to reveal his company’s total revenue and stressed that his earnings varied from week to week, Mr Bloomfield said that during a strong period, he was he was making “north of $2900 a day”, and bank documents seen by support his claim.

“Between the age of 14 and 15 I was trialling different side hustles like Forex trading. Are you mispronouncing these common words? While pronunciation may be a great source of dinner table debate, can you really pronounce a word incorrectly? Linguistics expert and senior lecturer in education at Deakin University, Dr Hossein Shokouhi weighs in. Why-it-s-a-mistake-to-ban-kids-from-social-media-20180619-p4zmd5. Toxic-danger-to-boys-when-men-fail-to-step-up-20180608-p4zkeb.

20 signs your child may be gifted. Five-ways-to-build-your-child-s-stem-skills-at-home-20180312-p4z3xm. Positive things for parents to say instead of 'no' "No" – it's one of the most powerful words in the English language, but as a parent to a two-year old, I find myself repeating it so frequently that it's lost its impact.

My son, like many toddlers, is an excitable, unpredictable, clumsy little explorer. Which is why it's virtually impossible not to resort to the two-letter word every time he knocks over a glass of water, scribbles on a piece of furniture, or sticks the bristly end of his toothbrush down the plughole. 11 Efficient Kids Smartwatches for Your Techie Tots to Teenagers. Parents, nowadays, want their kids to grow a little bit of passion and interest for the technology so that they can reap the passion in their life later. Kids smartwatch can play the introductory role and make them realize how amazing technology actually is. Previously we covered topics like how gps watches help parenting and a list of best available gps watches.

Study finds startling difference between how dads interact with daughters and sons. The idea that fathers have a sweet spot for their daughters and are stricter with their sons is something of a cliche. 30 million word gap between rich and poor. How to: Keep your kids safe when they’re home alone. It would be wonderful if we could keep an eye on our children 100% of the time, but the reality is there will be times when the kids are on their own, without supervision.

Shapeshifting paper puzzle will bend your mind. The Golden Rules For Exhausted New Parents Who Want To Keep The Romance Alive. Research by Dr. John Gottman shows that small actions practiced daily is the biggest predictor for keeping romance, intimacy, and connection alive during the transition to parenthood. Going the extra mile means everything with a new baby in the mix. How to master a new subject — Quartz. I wasn’t always a good learner. I thought learning was all about the hours you put in. Toddler Learning Styles and 10 Fun Activities to Aid Development - Essential Baby - Brand Discover. This is content for Aptamil Toddler Toddlers, like children and adults, learn in a variety of different ways. Tempted to smack? Here's what to do instead. How to discipline your children without rewards or punishment. Rich kids: How to prepare your children to become billionaires. Married at First Sight shows us why we need to teach our kids to look after themselves.

Six ways good parents contribute to their child's anxiety. Only 2% Of People Can Answer Einstein’s Riddle: Are You One of Them? How 10 Architects Used The Same Box Of 1,200 White Legos. Are your children stubborn? If so they could be destined for greatness. The 3D printer carving out a new curriculum. How to discipline your kids: Why you should never yell, and what to do instead. How to maximise healthy brain growth in kids. Kobe Bryant Ben Simmons: NBA LA Lakers legend’s verdict on Aussie. The Best Free Android Apps for Kids. When you code you begin with 01000001 01000010 01000011-GEreports. ‘It’s not like he punched her’ No cookies. Disciplining kids: The things you shouldn’t say to your children. Best Apps For Lower Primary School. Magazine - 5 Groundbreaking Apps For Learning How To Code (Android) - Appszoom.

The Problem With Android’s New “Kid Mode” Families wanted for $250m nanny trial. GEreports:Get with the programming: why all kids will be coders. When you code you begin with 01000001 01000010 01000011-GEreports.