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Tech start-up empowering better energy use. Brisbane-based Redback Technologies is a start-up looking to change the way Australians manage their energy.

Tech start-up empowering better energy use

The company recognised that solar energy was the way of the future and decided they wanted to lead that change. Since then, they’ve developed enabling technology that allows the grid of the future to take form through integrated hardware and software technologies that capture, store and manage solar energy. Power in your hands Redback’s second generation Smart Hybrid Solar Inverter System, which is due to be released early next year, combines a solar inverter, solar battery, and cloud-based energy management software into a unit that can be mounted easily inside or outside the home.

Elon Musk’s solar tiles have an infinite warranty, low cost. Tesla founder Elon Musk reveals new details about the company's Solar Roof tiles.

Elon Musk’s solar tiles have an infinite warranty, low cost

As of today customers worldwide can order a solar roof on Tesla's website. The glass tiles are designed to look like a traditional roof, with options that replicate slate or terracotta tiles. WHETHER he’s reinventing the rocket, revolutionising electric cars, or trying to solve traffic congestion, Elon Musk is relentlessly driving innovation. Tesla announced new low-profile rooftop solar panels for existing homes that it will manufacture with Panasonic — Quartz.

Censorship is on the rise in the US, suspects James LaRue, director of the US Office of Intellectual Freedom (OIF).

Tesla announced new low-profile rooftop solar panels for existing homes that it will manufacture with Panasonic — Quartz

Every year, the OIF, a part of the American Library Association, tracks when parents and administrators “challenge” books by trying to remove them from schools curricula and libraries. This year, it recorded 323 attempts to ban books—about 50 more than last year—including books with young transgender characters and a series by actor and comedian Bill Cosby. LaRue says that this year a higher proportion of books actually went through as banned than in other years. Because the OIF’s database of attempted bans is based on self-reporting, LaRue notes that the true number of challenges in the US is likely much higher.

He estimates that self-reporting captures only up to 18% of total challenges in the US. Nexergy: Would you buy solar power from your neighbour? Would you like to buy solar from your neighbour?

Nexergy: Would you buy solar power from your neighbour?

NOT everyone can install solar panels but a new project could offer others a chance to buy cheaper electricity from their neighbours. There are many people who can’t install solar panels because they are renters, live in apartment blocks, can’t afford the cost or because their homes are heavily shaded or in a bad position for solar. But Nexergy hopes to offer these people the opportunity to buy “green power” at a cheaper price than they can currently purchase this from electricity companies.

At the moment residents generally pay a premium to buy electricity generated by wind farms or other sources, yet those who have solar panels can only sell their excess electricity back to the grid for a relatively low price of between six and eight cents per kilowatt hour. Nexergy co-founder Grant Young said he wanted to allow residents to buy cheaper solar electricity from their neighbours instead.

The virtual power plant. AGL has been servicing Australia’s energy needs for over 175 years and we are always looking for the next big innovation in renewable energy to support our lifestyle under the great Australian sun.

The virtual power plant

Australia has a long history of embracing solar innovation. First, the development of the solar panel allowed homeowners to power their homes during the day by converting the energy from the sun into electricity. Any excess they produced was exported to the grid, while homeowners saved on electricity bills. What Business Model Will Succeed in Energy Storage? As the cost of batteries, fuel cells, and renewable energy more broadly come down, it's becoming clear that energy storage will be a big business in the future.

What Business Model Will Succeed in Energy Storage?

It can smooth out the variability inherent with wind and solar, provide valuable services to the grid, and move cheap renewable energy created during the day to hours when it's most needed. It's becoming more clear that energy storage will be valuable, like wind and solar energy a decade ago. What's not yet clear, though, is the answer as to how energy storage will generate value for investors. Mobile solar to take on diesel power. Solar Incentive hits $5,168! ...But for how long? Did you know that the government incentive to install solar goes up and down depending on how many people are installing?

Solar Incentive hits $5,168! ...But for how long?

The incentive was designed to ‘self-regulate’ the market. When a lot of people are installing solar, the value of the incentive falls. This increases the cost to the consumer and slows down the market. When fewer people are installing, the incentive increases, reducing costs and encouraging more people to install. Origin launch first solar battery offering with the Tesla Powerwall - Origin Energy. Origin is proud to announce it's now selling the Tesla Powerwall battery as part of a new solar system and battery solution.

Origin launch first solar battery offering with the Tesla Powerwall - Origin Energy

Solar batteries have been a hot topic recently as more Australian’s turn to solar energy for their daily power needs and consider battery storage as part of their system. Installation of the Tesla Powerwall battery for Origin solar customers is expected to commence in February 2016, with the battery itself going on sale today, December 10, 2015. Origin Chief Executive Officer Energy Markets, Frank Calabria said, “By offering rooftop solar with home batteries, Origin is able to provide households with greater control over their energy use than ever before. " Origin Introduces Low Solar Energy Rates for Business - Origin Energy. The product, called Solar as a Service, has been created to allow businesses (both large and small) to benefit from solar power without having to pay out large upfront costs; a barrier for many when considering incorporating renewable energy.

Origin Introduces Low Solar Energy Rates for Business - Origin Energy

It works by assessing a business’s electricity use, based on recent bills, and matching an appropriately sized solar system to its daytime electricity usage. Powerwall in Australia: First residential installation of Tesla’s new product complete. Loaded: 0% Progress: 0%

Powerwall in Australia: First residential installation of Tesla’s new product complete

Batteries Included. And it’s no surprise – batteries have the potential to change how Australians use power. To understand the future of batteries, we spoke to the Energy Storage Lead for AGL Energy, Edward Lynch-Bell. Where we are now. Changes To Solar Legislation. New technology encourages landlords to embrace solar power. Landlords now have a good reason to install solar power in the 2.4 million rented homes across the country. An Australian start-up has developed technology that encourages property owners to install roof solar panels and then sell the energy on to the tenants. Currently about one in every 100 rental properties has solar panels installed compared to one in five owner-occupied homes.

Batteries Included. The Southern Hemisphere's Largest Solar Plant. Tyalgum Energy Project could make NSW town 100 per cent sustainable. Tyalgum was to disconnect from the poles and wires. IT MIGHT seem a ridiculous idea to “disconnect” an entire town from the electricity grid that keeps the lights on and the airconditioning running in summer. Try telling that to the people of Tyalgum, a 300-strong community an hour from Byron Bay trying to set an example for the rest of the country. Blink and you’ll miss the 100-odd homes bundled closely together when passing through the picturesque Tweed Valley. It might not be on the tourist map yet but it could be soon. Tyalgum plans to become the first town in Australia to go “off the grid”, to be powered entirely by renewable energy. It’s never been done before, it could cost as much as $7 million to achieve and will require everybody in Tyalgum to buy in, but locals say it’s no pipe dream.

“There are problems to be solved (but) there’s a lot about Tyalgum that makes it a really great place to start,” resident Kasey Clifford said. “Tyalgum is picturesque. Batteries Included. How battery-powered homes are unplugging Australia. New Samsung Breakthrough Could Nearly Double Battery Capacity. Samsung, with help from researchers and universities in South Korea, has developed a new technology that could nearly double the capacity of lithium-ion batteries. This breakthrough has the potential to make serious waves in consumer electronics as well as electric cars — two industries that desperately need better battery technology.

Cost of household solar has outweighed benefits: Grattan Institute report. Solar panels: the tech and the tariffs. Jay Garcia. Why Tesla's new battery is kind of a big deal. What the Tesla Powerwall battery means for households. Tesla announces new batteries for your home. Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s next big thing is Tesla Energy. Source: AP. The most common questions we've been getting recently at SolarQuotes. Last Updated: April 4, 2015. If electricity privatisation is troubling you, you can always get off the grid. Distributed Energy Storage System (DESS) - Solar AustraliaSolar Australia. The Distributed Energy Storage System (DESS) is a type of Battery Energy Storage System created by Solar Australia. It is based on Lithium-Ion battery technology, comes with a 10-year battery warranty, is relatively compact and stores a significantly larger amount of energy than similarly-priced sealed lead acid batteries.