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Brain and Sleep

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NEW GUIDE: Control Electronics with your Brain using NextMind #adafruit #nextmind. Use your own neural output as user input, triggering motors & electronics of your choosing.

NEW GUIDE: Control Electronics with your Brain using NextMind #adafruit #nextmind

This project connects your brain’s visual cortex to Feather using NextMind & the Unity development platform. Get the full project guide on Adafruit Learning System. Eink, E-paper, Think Ink – Collin shares six segments pondering the unusual low-power display technology that somehow still seems a bit sci-fi – Stop breadboarding and soldering – start making immediately!

Adafruit’s Circuit Playground is jam-packed with LEDs, sensors, buttons, alligator clip pads and more. Contests - Instructables. BlissCoded Sound. Wake Up Motivated & In a Better Mood. Learning Sleep Stages from Radio Signals: A Conditional Adversarial Architecture. Tomasero (To+0_0) Tomas Vega. Here we go Motivation At the beginning of the semester I started playing with a Peltier thermoelectric device.

Tomas Vega

In week 5 I made a board with an ATmega16u2 and an A4953 H-Bridge IC. I failed because of the power constraints of the bridge I was using. For my final project I didn't know was to do. Hardware Design Although I was able to program the BC832 (NRF52) succesfully, I didn't have enough time to get the bluetooth conectivity working. H-Bridge Will showed me the DRV8838 and I bought them. After many failures, I thought I was about to get it fabbed correctly. Tag Connect Sam recommended me to use the tag connect to program my board. Dormio: Interfacing with Dreams to Augment Human Creativity. Inspiration Sleep is a forgotten country of the mind.

Dormio: Interfacing with Dreams to Augment Human Creativity

A vast majority of our technologies are built for our waking state, even though a third of our lives are spent asleep. Current technological interfaces miss an opportunity to access the unique, imaginative, elastic cognition ongoing during dreams and semi-lucid states. In turn, each of us misses an opportunity to use interfaces to influence our own processes of memory consolidation, creative insight generation, gist extraction, and emotion regulation that are so deeply sleep-dependent.

In this project, we explore ways to augment human creativity by extending, influencing, and capturing dreams in Stage 1 sleep. Scientific Background. Your Mind Creates: Binaural Beats: An Infographic Guide to Brainwave Entrainment. Imagine if you could get into a deep state of focused consciousness any time you want.What if I told you that this is possible?

Your Mind Creates: Binaural Beats: An Infographic Guide to Brainwave Entrainment

Here's your answer: get yourself some stereo headphones and listen to Binaural Beats. Binaural beats and brainwave entrainment are amazingly powerful tools for altering your state of mind.This is seriously useful whether you want to reach a deep meditative state of mind, achieve peak concentration whilst studying or immerse yourself in vivid creative visualization. Power Brain-Controlled Virtual Reality. OpenBCI - Open Source Biosensing Tools (EEG, EMG, EKG, and more) Software for Brain Computer Interfaces and Real Time Neurosciences. The Lucid Dreaming Podcast - Episode 29 – Jayne Gackenbach In this episode I interview Jayne Gackenbach who is a researcher and author of several books about lucid dreams and videos games.

The Lucid Dreaming Podcast -

We discuss the intersection of videos games, dreams, nightmares, lucidity and how they are connected. Show notes: So can zapping the brain really induce lucid dreams? TL;DR answer: it’s beginning to look pretty likely.

So can zapping the brain really induce lucid dreams?

In case you missed it, in 2014 researchers in Germany confirmed that zapping the brain of subjects can routinely induce lucid dreams. (By zapping, I mean applying a low voltage current stimulation to the scalp). In the study, published in the journal Nature: Neuroscience, and conducted by Ursula Voss and her co-researchers at the University of Munich, subjects who had never had a lucid dream before went lucid in the lab. Pretty cool! She looks well rested. Now, a start up called Aladdin wants to make this technology available for the public. Ditch the Buzzer: 4 New Futuristic Alarm Clocks for Optimal Sleep. This article is part 2 of my sleep tech round up for 2016.

Ditch the Buzzer: 4 New Futuristic Alarm Clocks for Optimal Sleep

This new burst of alarm clocks on the scene is important– because let’s be honest, our use of electronics (tablets, smartphones, TVs etc) dominates our bedrooms and pollutes our sleep. I struggle with this too. Sometimes I win, and admittedly, sometimes Netflix wins. 3 Must See TED Talks on Lucid Dreaming. I can’t think of a easier way to introduce lucid dreaming—in all of its wonder, complexity and variety—than by watching these 3 inspiring TEDx talks.

3 Must See TED Talks on Lucid Dreaming

All told, we’re talking about 35 minutes. Enjoy. 1. Thomas Peisel. (12 minutes) First up, we have Thom Peisel at TEDxLowerEastSide in New York in late 2013. Peisel has an approachable style, a sense of adventure and an infectious optimism that makes for the perfect introduction into self-awareness in your dreams. Relax, Sleep, Energize. Brain-Controlled Wheelchair. Hello!

Brain-Controlled Wheelchair

A lot of people have written us saying they are building a Brain-Controlled Wheelchair, and that's great! We look forward to helping you get through the hard parts, but some of you won't need any help (maybe). What we want from you (all of you) are pictures! Or at least a message saying "Hey, we're doing it and we're in (location)" so we can get all excited. Thank you and Good Luck! This Instructable will show how to make a Brain-Controlled Electric Wheelchair, so that a person can become mobile without moving their body. This could be useful for people who are paralysed, and are unable to control parts of their body enough to physically activate the joystick of an electric wheelchair.

A Novel Mu Rhythm-based Brain Computer Interface Design that uses a Programmable System on Chip. Squareeater - binaural beats and brainwave entrainment for the psychedelic mind. Brain.