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XXI century EDUCATION (educación siglo XXI)

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Schooling the World. EmTech Preview: Another Way to Think about Learning. Photos courtesy of Matt Keller Seymour Papert, a computer scientist and pioneer in artificial intelligence, once said: “You cannot think about thinking unless you think about thinking about something.”

EmTech Preview: Another Way to Think about Learning

Does this apply to learning? Maybe not. Here is what I mean. As we industrialized learning and created schools, we needed to measure the system’s efficacy and each child’s progress. I believe that we get into trouble when knowing becomes a surrogate for learning. The closest I have ever come to thinking about thinking is writing computer programs. The gods must be crazy Have you watched a two-year-old use an iPad? The meteoric rise of modern instructionism, including the misguided belief that there is a perfect way to teach something, is alarming because of the unlimited support it is getting from Bill Gates, Google, and my own institution, MIT. One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a nonprofit association that I founded, launched the so-called XO Laptop in 2005 with built-in programming languages.

Sugata Mitra: Slum chic? 7 reasons for doubt. This is a Sigatra Mitra ‘Hole-in-the-Wall’ site in India.

Sugata Mitra: Slum chic? 7 reasons for doubt

Literally just three holes in a wall. That’s because it failed. The community can barely remember why they were installed or what happened. They do remember that they were vandalised (a known problem with unsupervised children?). Here’s another, set in a school playground, the computers long gone. Doubts My own doubts arose when I gave a TEDx talk and the speaker after me was an academic from Mitra’s department at Newcastle University.

Unlock the Genius Within - Read eBook. SelfDesign. InBrief: Executive Function: Skills for Life and Learning. Montessori lecture - The Secret of Childhood - Normalization. Introduction of the concept Normalization At the beginning of her educational career in San Lorenzo, Rome, Dr.

Montessori lecture - The Secret of Childhood - Normalization

Montessori was moved many times by what she observed the children doing. She wondered if their accomplishments were "the work of angels". She would say to herself, I won’t believe this time. After 40 years of work, spreading her scientific pedagogy around the world, Dr. Normalization is the single most important result of our work.

She had given up all her other work—medicine, anthropology, psychology, and even prestigious positions to lecture in Universities—in order to concentrate on bringing this message to the people of the world. The message is that there is much more to childhood than is currently recognized. Normalization is a technical word borrowed from the field of anthropology. When does normalization appear? Normalization appears through the repetition of a three step cycle. . (2) An activity which so engrosses the child that he reaches a deep level of concentration. La educación virtual gana por mayoría. La posibilidad de estudiar de manera virtual está cada vez más presente entre la oferta de las universidades del mundo. En un estudio en el que participaron cerca de 13.000 estudiantes universitarios de nueve países de Iberoamérica cuyo objetivo fue indagar sobre la modalidad de aprendizaje virtual, se evidenció que el 59 por ciento del total de encuestados afirmó estar interesado en esta opción, frente a un 41 que respondió negativamente.

No obstante, la credibilidad sobre el aporte profesional y laboral que brinda este estilo de aprendizaje sigue dividida entre quienes lo apoyan y los que no lo hacen. Ricardo Garcés, director para Colombia de, aconseja revisar bien la reputación de la institución con la que se va a estudiar. "Es importante que las personas corroboren ante el Ministerio de Educación Nacional la legitimidad de la institución que ofrece el programa académico y la calidad del mismo, para garantizar que la titulación tenga un buen nivel en el mercado".

MOOC Provider edX More Than Doubles Its University Partners - Wired Campus. Fifteen more universities have agreed to offer free massive open online courses through edX, a nonprofit provider of MOOCs founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, more than doubling its membership, from 12 to 27.

MOOC Provider edX More Than Doubles Its University Partners - Wired Campus

Tuesday’s announcement came as the group celebrated its first anniversary and as its leaders said it was bringing in revenue and was on track to financial sustainability. The new partners are five institutions in the United States, including Cornell University and Davidson College, as well as six in Asia, three in Europe, and one in Australia. edX defines itself as a nonprofit alternative to Coursera and other for-profit companies that are working with colleges and professors to deliver MOOCs. Leaders of edX stressed in their latest announcement that, unlike those efforts, edX aims to help colleges use technology to rethink campus education as well as deliver online courses. “It’s not just about MOOCs,” said Anant Agarwal, president of edX. Mr.