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The easiest FREE grade calculator for teachers!

The easiest FREE grade calculator for teachers!

Interactive Learning Sites for Education - Home The Key to Keywords (3-5) Jump to navigation Educator Subnav The Key to Keywords (3-5) Related resources Share on print Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest_share Share on email Related resources Curriculum MaterialsScope & SequenceNEW! Materiales en español ¡Nuevo! ¡Nuevo! ¡Nuevo! Lesson in Action Improving Research Skills with Effective Keywordswatchdownload right click to save Family Resources Smart Searching Family Tip Sheet (Elementary School) Key Vocabulary keywords: the most important words related to a subject, which you type into a search engine to find the information you wantprecise: clear and exactresults page: the screen showing what a search site found in response to your keyword searchsynonyms: two or more words with the same meaning or nearly the same meaningalternative: a different way to say or do something Which keywords will give you the best search results? Students learn strategies to increase the accuracy of their keyword searches. Download Lesson Materials Students will be able to ...

Flubaroo Overview - Welcome to Flubaroo The grades created by Flubaroo will be located in an adjacent worksheet called "Grades", as shown: For each submission, Flubaroo will show which questions were answered correctly ("1" point"), which incorrectly ("0" points), and which were not graded. If less than 60% of students got a question correct, the question will be highlighted in orange to alert you. The Flubaroo menu will now offer you the ability to email each student their grades, view a summary report, or regrade the assignment. If you choose to email each student their grade, you'll be given the option to include an answer key in the email. Choosing "View Report" shows you a summary report of the grading. Want to try it out?

Free Logo Maker - Create your own logo in minutes! OER Commons GradeBook Pro on the App Store on iTunes SlidePlayer - Upload and Share your PowerPoint presentations Free Online MIT Course Materials for High School | Highlights for High School