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Index. The great unravelling: 'I never thought I’d live to see the horror of planetary collapse' If you’ve ever been around someone who is dying, it may have struck you how strong a person’s lifeforce really is.

The great unravelling: 'I never thought I’d live to see the horror of planetary collapse'

When my dad was gravely ill, an invisible point of no return was gradually crossed, then suddenly death was in plain sight. We stood back helplessly, knowing that nothing more could be done, that something vital had slipped away. All we could do is watch as life extinguished itself in agonising fits and starts. As a climate scientist watching the most destructive bushfires in Australian history unfold, I felt the same stomach-turning recognition of witnessing an irreversible loss. The relentless heat and drought experienced during our nation’s hottest and driest year on record saw the last of our native forests go up in smoke. Covid rewrites Australia’s future, with huge drop in population signalling challenges ahead. The pandemic has created Australia’s “sliding doors” moment, with the nation now facing a smaller and older population shift, forever altering the future that may have been.

Covid rewrites Australia’s future, with huge drop in population signalling challenges ahead

The decision to shut Australia’s borders, made out of necessity to prevent Covid-19 spreading, has pulled the country into a new reality where lower rates of population growth will affect everything from the number of schools that states build to the rate of infrastructure investment, economic consultancy Deloitte Access Economics has found. “The arc of our nation’s history is bending before our very eyes – a smaller and older Australia awaits us,” Deloitte latest quarterly business outlook has reported. “That isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s definitely big. Discarded: the Australian women over 50 left to languish in poverty. Deborah Jacobs has tried everything to stay out of unemployment.

Discarded: the Australian women over 50 left to languish in poverty

Bookkeeping, massage, childcare, counselling, even started her own newspaper in the 1990s. And yet, at 63, Jacobs finds herself languishing on unemployment and in poverty – discarded by an economy that refuses to make room for older women. Killing the golden goose: How Australia's international students are being driven away - ABC News. International student visa applications from outside Australia have dropped off a cliff, raising serious concerns of an increasing budget black hole for Australian higher education.

Killing the golden goose: How Australia's international students are being driven away - ABC News

Key points: Just 4,062 student visa applications were received in June, compared to 34,015 last yearCurrent international students are telling others not to come to AustraliaStudents say they were treated like cash cows, but deserted when they needed help Just 72,397 student visa applications have been received from prospective overseas students from January to July, 40 per cent of the total for the same period last year, Department of Home Affairs data shows. The drop-off became particularly acute from April, when Australia was well into its national shutdown. In June, normally a peak month, applications were down 30,000 on the year before, with just 4,062 submitted from people currently overseas.

Australia's university sector hit by job losses, fall in international students and Federal Government reform — so what's next? - ABC News. It was a different time.

Australia's university sector hit by job losses, fall in international students and Federal Government reform — so what's next? - ABC News

February 2020, a time before the coronavirus pandemic had really taken hold in Australia. The University of Melbourne, Australia's richest tertiary institution, was gearing up for the start of the academic year — and it was going to be a big one. Frustrated Sydney university students paying $40,000 a year to sit on a laptop. He said online tutorials had grown to as many as 40 students which made it harder to be collaborative and "to feel confident to speak in class".

Frustrated Sydney university students paying $40,000 a year to sit on a laptop

Incoming University of Sydney Student Representative Council (SRC) president Swapnik Sanagavarapu said he initially opted into online classes to avoid the risk of coronavirus, but was regretting his decision. He said online learning had put a lot of stress on staff and students who were finding it more difficult to engage. "Being online makes it easier to be distracted so it's harder to self regulate your learning," he said. "I think it has reduced the intellectual rigour of my study because I've lost the ability to have the same level of discussion. " Job ready university degrees may not be the tertiary education solution we are hoping for - ABC News.

University underpayment so rampant tutors 'instructed to do a poor job' to avoid unpaid hours, former staff say - ABC News. Housing market could still see major recession to come as coronavirus ravages economy - ABC News. In ordinary times, they're inseparable. But not now. A spectacular bounce on the stock market since March, courtesy of the trillions of dollars being showered over the developed world by central banks and governments in their efforts to stave off the worst of the recession, hasn't been replicated in property. The Demand Driven University System: A mixed report card - Productivity Commission. Introduction Ben Dolman: It's a great pleasure to welcome you all here to our offices here in Melbourne and for those watching on the livestream to join us for the launch of the latest research report The Demand Driven University System: A mixed report card and for a panel discussion of the broader questions around higher education access and outcomes.

The Demand Driven University System: A mixed report card - Productivity Commission

Before we begin, I'd like to acknowledge that Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet today and pay my respects to their elders both past and present. Skin in the game – education and workforce - Productivity Commission. Does our education system prepare us for the workforce?

Skin in the game – education and workforce - Productivity Commission

The skills needed for well-paid jobs change just like everything else. More than a century ago, some common jobs included lamplighters, icemen and telegraph operators. Cashed-up university sector accused of hypocrisy over mass casualisation of workforce, job losses - ABC News. Australian university reforms to slash funding for environmental studies. News, federal-politics, environmental studies, university reforms Australia, job-ready graduates package University environmental studies courses will have almost $10,000 less funding per student under the federal government's higher education reforms, a move that educators say is another blow to the environment.

Australian university reforms to slash funding for environmental studies

President of the Australian Council of Environmental Deans and Directors Professor Dianne Gleeson said the drastic reduction in funding would threaten the viability of the courses that were a key supplier of graduates to many Australian industries. "We were already struggling," she said. "I can't see how we can continue at all providing the level and the breadth that we currently do with this reduction. Your next overseas trip just got pushed back to July 2021 at least - Hack - triple j. For the last few months we've been hearing conflicting reports on when Australians can travel overseas again.

Your next overseas trip just got pushed back to July 2021 at least - Hack - triple j

The Tourism Minister said in April it "won't be anytime soon". The peak body for tourism said it might be the end of the year. The head of Flight Centre predicted it could be as soon as August. My degree taught me to spot the flaws of the university funding overhaul. If conservatives really believed that the most important thing a young person could do was become “job-ready” then why are they so keen for Australia’s best and brightest students to study the works of Shakespeare and Thomas Aquinas, as part of a degree in western civilisation? And why do so many Coalition ministers have arts degrees rather than economics degrees? The education minister Dan Tehan did an arts degree, and so did ministers Michaelia Cash, Stuart Robert and Marise Payne, to name just a few. In fact, more Liberal frontbenchers have done an arts degree than have studied economics.

For 30 years the language of neoliberalism has been used to kill off the now old-fashioned idea that the purpose of a degree is to broaden the mind, teach analytical skills and the ability to think critically. Government's university fee changes mean humanities students will pay the entire cost of their degrees - ABC News. It's time to rein in university fat cats - MacroBusiness. While universities are being hit hard from reduced international student revenues, and lower level jobs are being slashed, Australia’s vice chancellors and senior executives continue to earn enormous salaries that are way out of step with their overseas peers and the Australian economy: Nick Cater, executive director of the Menzies Research Centre, neatly summed up the farce yesterday at The Australian: Universities would no doubt deny that overseas students have been taking places from Australians at our best universities, but that is what the numbers suggest.The number of Australian students commencing courses at Group of Eight universities fell by more than 2000 between 2009 and 2018.

The number of overseas students doubled to 60,000.Universities are under no obligation to educate other nations’ progeny. Any government assistance for the university sector should come with strict conditions, including: University cuts will only compound their problems. "As a @Deakin student for the last five years and hopeful future academic – this is gut-wrenching for an industry that’s already struggling. Classes are about to be cut, sizes unsafely doubled or tripled. Students will be disadvantaged in nearly every way. #deakinfightsback" Deakin has rejected calls to consider executive pay cuts that may help save rank and file jobs, and student services. At one of Deakin’s competitors, Latrobe University, vice-chancellor John Dewar has implemented a 20 per cent pay cut for executives as a “short-term financial sacrifice” to “share the pain” across the organisation.

The decline of universities, where students are customers and academics itinerant workers. Now, a leaked email shows that Cambridge University, wholly online since March, proposes to keep all lectures strictly digital for a year. George Carlin The Best 3 Minutes of His Career "The American Dream" Working in a capital city doesn't make you better at your job. Analysis. Out of control: is too much work the real cause of burnout? Carolyn King reached a crossroads moment in her life, ironically, while negotiating a roundabout on the way to work. Australian teachers work longer hours than those in most OECD countries. Households feel pinch on jobs and wage concerns. ME consulting economist Jeff Oughton said just a third of households reported an increase in annual income over the past year.

How I went from corporate lawyer to sleeping rough. I was 66 years old when I was sleeping on the streets of Sydney. Job snobs? This News Corp rhetoric is just another way to blame unemployment on the individual. The “job snobs” are back on the agenda. With some in the Australian government’s own ranks arguing for a lift in the unemployment benefit, senior ministers appear to be upping the rhetoric about joblessness being a matter of choice for many. “There are jobs out there for those who want them,” the federal minister for employment, Michaelia Cash, has told the Australian. Newstart recipient on Q&A: 'How would you suggest people like me have a go?' Are Companies About to Have a Gen X Retention Problem? Executive Summary. 'Grade inflation' means 80% more top degree grades. Image copyright Getty Images.

Future of work in America. The US labor market looks markedly different today than it did two decades ago. It has been reshaped by dramatic events like the Great Recession but also by a quieter ongoing evolution in the mix and location of jobs. Here’s why the best places to work should also be the best places to learn — Quartz at Work. The Future of Jobs Report 2018. The jobs that are growing the fastest in the next five years — Quartz at Work. Skills to learn for the future of work, according to WEF — Quartz at Work.

What is Higher Education for Now Orr. Transforming Cultures. How Bitcoin compares to historical market bubbles. Coalition attacks university funding as multimillion-dollar cuts expected in budget. 'Enough is enough': universities tell government to back off after $4bn in budget cuts. University students face fee rise of 7.5% as funding to sector cut by $2.8bn. Fuel_Security_Report. Australia nearly completely dependent on imported fuel - RN Breakfast. Fall in home ownership threatens to sink Australia's retirement system. What does the future hold for students starting university today? Alan Watts - Why Your Life Is Not A Journey.

Millennials versus baby boomers, are the stereotypes hiding something more sinister? Almost half of Australian school students bored or struggling, says Grattan Institute. Montage: Enterprise On-Demand Video Interviewing Solution. Choose your pathway. Entrepreneurs celebrate their failures at "Fuckup Nights" — Quartz at Work. Study reveals Australia no longer the 'lucky country' for millennials. How life has changed for people your age. Company Reviews: Job Reviews and Ratings Direct from Employees. Letter from a disgruntled employer. Personal SWOT Analysis - Career Planning from Home. Law graduate unemployment hits record high. What are the prospects for law grads in Australia? Job Search Stress? 4 Key Ways To Manage Your Angst.

Job Hunting Tips for People with Anxiety. Mapping Australian higher education 2016. Higher Education: Never mind the quality, feel the width. « LUCKY CULTURE. Deakin University students kicked out for 'contract cheating' Chris Hedges, Columnist. Strangers Wrote Their Biggest Regrets…They All Used The Same Three-Letter Word. In Japan, working yourself to death it's so common there's even a word for it. Why Your Brain Hates the Job Search. Theconversation. UCU report: ‘academics work two days a week unpaid’ When university can seem as distant as Mars. Top uni wants to lower entry standards to counter student exodus. Degrees of Deception - Four Corners. Career Choice - CareerHQ. CareerHQ. 201510091525. University graduate careers: Employment figures down. Theconversation. 19 Reasons Graduating From University Is Absolutely Terrifying. Centre for the Study of Higher Education.

A rich history of failure: Australian history according to undergraduates. ATAR: Panel to change university admission standards. 50 Doomiest Graphs of 2010. Long road to freedom for former child soldier. Theconversation. Theconversation. Academics are unhappy – it's time to transform our troubled university system. Graduate jobs: Employers unhappy with new generation of workers. A world without work is coming – it could be utopia or it could be hell. The Brisbane Declaration. Oh the Joys and Pains of a Lecturer. 'The difficulty is the point': teaching spoon-fed students how to really read. Why careers support for young people should start in primary school. - Australia Salary Research Job Index (Australia) Home - The Law Handbook. Job Hunt. Job Outlook - Make Your Career a Reality. SME Association of Australia - Welcome to the SME Association of Australia. Top 20 Career Blogs for 2015.

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