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Job Outlook - Make Your Career a Reality

Job Outlook - Make Your Career a Reality

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Future of work in America The US labor market looks markedly different today than it did two decades ago. It has been reshaped by dramatic events like the Great Recession but also by a quieter ongoing evolution in the mix and location of jobs. In the decade ahead, the next wave of automation technologies may accelerate the pace of change. Millions of jobs could be phased out even as new ones are created. More broadly, the day-to-day nature of work could change for nearly everyone as intelligent machines become fixtures in the American workplace.

The Changing Nature of Organizations, Work, and Workplace Home > The Changing Nature of Organizations, Work, and Workplace by Judith Heerwagen, Ph.D., J.H. Heerwagen & AssociatesKevin Kelly and Kevin Kampschroer, U.S. General Services Administration Last updated: 12-15-2010 Law Grads with unimpressive marks (Part 2) - Graduate programs User #440221 18 posts I'm new here, please be nice sing writes... 1) Money? 'Grade inflation' means 80% more top degree grades Image copyright Getty Images The proportion of students in England awarded first-class degrees continues to increase - rising by 80% since 2010-11, the university watchdog says. The Office for Students, warning of grade inflation, says for almost three-quarters of universities such increases in top grades are "unexplained". The University of Surrey increased its proportion awarded first-class degrees from 23% to 47% of students. Education Secretary Damian Hinds warned against "unfair practices". "Worries about grade inflation threaten to devalue a university education in the eyes of employers and potential students," said Susan Lapworth, director of competition for the Office for Students.

National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) Qualifications frameworks describe the qualifications of an education and training system and how they interlink. National qualifications frameworks describe what learners should know, understand and be able to do on the basis of a given qualification. These frameworks also show how learners can move from one qualification, or qualification level, to another within a system. Over 150 countries are now developing, or have developed, a national qualifications framework.

Law and justice Provides all Australians with seamless access to information about legal assistance and related services in their local area such as Legal Aid, Community Legal Centres, Family Relationship Centres, and Dispute Resolution Services. Attorney-General's Department The role of the Administrative Review Council (ARC) is to ensure that our system of administrative review is as effective and significant in its protection of the citizen as it can be. Are Companies About to Have a Gen X Retention Problem? Executive Summary New research reveals Gen X as the “leapfrog” generation, overlooked for promotions at higher rates than their counterparts in other generations. In the past five years, the majority of Gen X leaders (66%) had received only one promotion or none at all — significantly fewer than their Millennial (52%) and Baby Boomer counterparts (58%), who were more likely to have received two or more promotions during the same period of time.

Jobs for NSW - Invest in New South Wales Jobs for NSW is a private sector-led and NSW Government-backed initiative which aims to make the NSW economy as competitive as possible and therefore help create new jobs across the state. The initiative will help deliver on the NSW Government's election commitment to create 150,000 new jobs in the four years to March 2019. Launched in August 2015 at Stone & Chalk, Jobs for NSW is led by a board that includes some of the best business and entrepreneurial brains in Australia. The board is chaired by David Thodey, former CEO of Telstra and Chair of the CSIRO Board. The board oversees the Jobs for NSW fund which was created to meet the NSW Government's commitment to provide $190 million over four years to attract and grow businesses. Jobs for NSW represents an innovative new approach to tap the insights and knowledge of leading private sector minds to help drive government policy to grow the economy and create jobs.

Federal Court of Australia - Job vacancies If you wish to apply or are considering applying for a position with the Court please read the Court's information package . Application Systems Specialist Federal court manager level 1 Newstart recipient on Q&A: 'How would you suggest people like me have a go?' An older jobseeker who has spent years on Newstart used the prime minister’s beloved catchphrase to highlight her struggle on Q&A on Monday night. Ricci Bartels fell through the cracks in the job market in her early 60s – too young to retire yet unable to find a new job after retrenchment. After a long career of helping others find work and paying taxes for 46 years, Bartels spent three years trying to live on the $40-a-day welfare payment. “How would you suggest people like me have a go to get a go?”

Regional NSW - Business & Industry in New South Wales Regional New South Wales is the largest and most diverse regional economy in Australia. It is home to about 2.9 million people, representing 41% of the NSW population and contributes around $138 billion (almost one third) to Gross State Product. Spanning 790,355 square kilometres, it covers most of NSW's geographically diverse and spectacular landscapes. Capitalising on its rich natural resources, the agriculture and mining sectors are significant drivers of regional growth. Employment Online @ Sydney Law School - Current students This section of the Sydney Law School website is designed to post the latest employment notices and career information for students. The Law School makes regular updates to this section and provides the latest news in regard to employment opportunities, both casual and part-time, as well as details on professional seminars, visiting scholars and general career matters. This section also includes the latest information on the Graduate Employment Program and Summer Clerkship Scheme, a brief summary of information relevant to students after their studies, and details on further postgraduate opportunities. The Sydney Law School also emails students employment opportunities and career information. Regardless, all employment opportunities and career information are posted on this website.