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Details?id=com.fungamesforfree. L'art-thérapie pour adultes arrive sur Android.


Et c'est gratuit ! Le secret contre l'anxiété Choisissez votre couleur préférée et apportez votre touche personnelle à d'innombrables dessins magnifiques Le temps passe vite et les problèmes s'évanouissent lorsqu'on s'amuse. Scredible – Android-appar på Google Play. Scredible – The smarter, faster way to discover what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Scredible – Android-appar på Google Play

The single, simple app for a more connected digital life. Learn, know, and grow online. It’s smarter, not harder. ScoreGeek. Add fun and excitement to game night with ScoreGeek!


Track any board game's scores, see detailed statistics and compete to unlock achievements. ScoreGeek is the ultimate app for board game fans! • Game Library Choose from an ever-growing library of game plugins that make scoring faster, easier and more interesting. Mood Tracker - Private Diary. Catch It. Catch It is a joint project between the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester, to help users better understand their moods through use of an ongoing diary.

Catch It

The app was designed to illustrate some of the key principles of psychological approaches to mental health and well-being, and specifically Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It is not intended to be a substitute for professional mental health care, therapy or advice. If you are worried about any aspects of your mental health, you should approach a professional. Catch It est un projet commun entre les universités de Liverpool et de Manchester, pour aider les utilisateurs à mieux comprendre leurs humeurs grâce à l'utilisation d'un journal en cours. L'application a été conçue pour illustrer certains des principes clés des approches psychologiques pour la santé mentale et le bien-être, et spécifiquement thérapie cognitivo-comportementale (TCC). Nearify - Discover Events. Discover all events you love, on topics you like, as never before, happening near you from more than 20 million events worldwide. ✓ Our users can discover awesome, new and amazing things to do, events in every city in India and outside India, like trending events in Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore (Bangaluru), Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata as well as popular events in New York City (NYC), London, Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Singapore, Chicago, San Jose, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, Miami etc including 200+ more happening cities of the world. ✓ Nearify recommends every day personalized list of events for you at the location of your choice.

Nearify - Discover Events

Shuffle My Life - Beat Boredom – Android-appar på Google Play. Discover, explore and live fully with Shuffle My Life.

Shuffle My Life - Beat Boredom – Android-appar på Google Play

It’s an obvious antidote to ruts, stress, boredom and even mid-life crises, but more importantly, it is designed from the ground up to get you in situations you’re not used to. It’s free to play and completely open to user contribution. Swipe left for random new tasks and activities, and vanquish boredom forever! Fitbay – Android-appar på Google Play. Fitbay helps you find clothes that fit.

Fitbay – Android-appar på Google Play

Take our short quiz to see what people with a similar body type are wearing, share your outfits to inspire your friends and followers, and find your size in any brand. You can use Fitbay to: - Take our short quiz to find people who have a similar body type- See what others with a body like yours are wearing.- Share your outfits to inspire friends and followers- Find the right size to buy so you never return clothes PS: If you’re loving the Fitbay app, please take a moment to rate it on Google Play.

Thanks! SuperBetter. Live Gamefully.


Be Stronger. Proven results in just 10 minutes a day.SuperBetter increases resilience - the ability to stay strong, motivated and optimistic even in the face of difficult obstacles. Playing SuperBetter makes you more capable of getting through any tough situation—and more likely to achieve the goals that matter most to you.SuperBetter was created by Jane McGonigal, a world-renowned designer of games to improve real lives & solve real problems. ►► Why play SuperBetter? SuperBetter has helped nearly half a million people so far achieve personal growth and tackle real-life challenges. Happy: A Recommendation App. Happy: A Recommendation App is your personal app discovery service.

Happy: A Recommendation App

Most users discover apps via word-of-mouth conversations with friends and family. While this process is effective, it’s also very inefficient. What if technology could replace those same “conversations” with a process that is easy, efficient and scalable? Vingle. Very Community. Vingle.

Vingle. Very Community.

Very Community.Vingle is the community where you can meet someone like you. The proud health nuts. The scuba divers. The people who stay up all night to finish the next chapter .The self-proclaimed master chefs. You can find them all on Vingle. "Cave Diving Venues," is being updated in the Vingle scuba diving community. BLINQ - Enrich Your Messaging – Android-appar på Google Play. BLINQ shows you the latest updates on the people you communicate with, while you communicate with them! Don't miss what matters - Tap Blinq to get insights from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Instagram in your conversation.**** It's Awesome, Practical, Fast, and Well-Suited **** Android police * Blinq Enhances Your Favorite Messaging App - Techcrunch* Top Android App - 91 mobiles* Blinq will makes things easier for you - Android Community ★ Enrich your messaging Apps - Get insights and current updates about your contacts ★ Make a killer impression - Show the people in your life you care by staying informed in an easy fun way.

AppHunt: Best New Apps, Daily. Trouvez les meilleures nouvelles applis, tous les jours ! AppHunt vous offre une liste avec une sélection d'applis utiles composée par les autres chasseurs d'applis, tout comme vous.Découvrez les dernières applis mobiles dont tout le monde parle ! * Consultez les applis à la mode d'aujourd'hui* Soumettez et votez pour vos applis préférées* Partagez une appli que vous aimez avec les autres chasseurs d'applis* Regardez ce que les autres chassent* Trouvez l'appli du jour sans perdre de temps* Profitez tous les jours d'une liste de nouvelles applis Chassez les meilleures applis Android qui vous aident à.

ScorePal. Shuffle My Life - Beat Boredom. Curated: Quality Games [BETA] – Android-appar på Google Play. Tired of spending hours trying to find a great game to play? So are we. Pay-to-win social MMOs have destroyed mobile gaming, making it almost impossible to find a quality game in the Play Store. That's why we're picking the best Android gaming has to offer and collecting them here. ScorePal. Shopami - Email deals & offers. Shopami is the free mobile app for all your email offers and coupons. Get notified of offers you have from your favorite brands and stores while you’re out shopping and before they expire. Never miss an offer again. See all your offers in one place:• Connect Shopami to the email accounts where you get all your promotional offers from stores and brands so all your offers are in the app. No more frantic searching for offers in your inbox while you’re at the register.• Savvy Shopping Tip Ask for an email receipt when you shop at your favorite stores to increase your chances of getting personalized and exclusive offers (and Shopami notifying you of those unique deals and discounts)!

Get the offers that matter to you:• Open Shopami to browse current offers and discounts you already have in your inbox. Never miss personalized/exclusive offers, or current deals and discounts at your favorite stores.• Manage notification settings so you are reminded of offers while you’re shopping in store. MallMate: smart guide to malls. Best Music Player. ★★★★★ - “FlipBeats Is a Good Looking, Gesture Powered Music Player for Android”★★★★★ - “FlipBeats, getting the most out of your music”★★★★★ - “FlipBeats: Slick music player app for Android” Looking for the Best Music App for Android?

➜ FlipBeats, the AWARD WINING Music Player for Android, invites you to a Customized, Professional level music listening experience.➜ Search & Listen to Music FREE online via cloud based streaming services on the go.➜ FlipBeats treats you with Most Advanced "Audio Configuration" available on an Android Music Player through a Unique, Intuitive & Customizable Flip UI. Download FlipBeats Free Music App and get a 20 days BONUS to experience PRO Features for Free. ➜ For latest updates and other Apps for Android, visit us on Clowdy - Connecting Creatives – Android-appar på Google Play. Clowdy's mission is to connect the creative industries so they are recognised, discovered and can build their portfolio in a simple way. It’s FREE for creatives and consumers. Clowdy solves two main issues for creatives: - Creatives don't have a resume like most because their history is about their art, not where they worked. - Many people collaborate on a project but few are recognised.

Usually, its only the musicians or director that get the end credit and not the session players, vocalists, editors, producers and whole host of people who work on a project. **************************WHY USE CLOWDY:**************************- Discover and download free music from emerging talent and play on the go. Bandcamp. Lettrs. Lettrs is the authentic social platform that allows you to express yourself in more meaningful and genuine ways through the use of letter writing elements such as fonts, themes, stamps, and signatures. Compose original messages to global penpals & translate in 80 different languages.

With over 1.7 million downloads, lettrs was rated one of the best apps of 2014. Checklist: ToDo & Tasks Lists. Checklist est une application de gestion de tâches gratuite, grâce à laquelle vous pourrez organiser votre vie seul ou avec vos amis ou vos collègues, via vos dispositifs mobiles. 8tracks playlist radio. 8tracks is the best playlist radio app for people who care about music to make & discover refreshingly human playlists. Klout. Klout helps people be known for what they love. Zambah - New Music Discovery. The Zambah app is home to a community of creatives and true music lovers looking to experience great music in a fun and seamless way. Zambah’s free & unlimited streaming access allows you to discover a world of new music for you to collect and share with your friends. Key Features. Zambah - New Music Discovery.