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Creating the Next Generation of Cars with Customers. DARE+ — Only the brave playbook. Meetings Are A Skill You Can Master, And Steve Jobs Taught Me How. This is our second excerpt from Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success by Ken Segall, a close collaborator with Jobs for over a decade.

Meetings Are A Skill You Can Master, And Steve Jobs Taught Me How

To read the first, on how the iMac was almost called the MacMan, go here. Apple encourages big thinking but small everything else. That is, if you feel the urge to speak or act in a manner reminiscent of anything you learned in a big company, it’s best that you do that in the privacy of your own home. Meeting size is a good example. Once Chiat/Day was installed as Apple’s agency of record and we’d settled into our work, we would meet with Steve Jobs every other Monday. Typically there would be no formal agenda. One particular day, there appeared in our midst a woman from Apple with whom I was unfamiliar. Lorrie was a bit stunned to be called out like that, but she calmly explained that she’d been asked to attend because she was involved with some of the marketing projects we’d be discussing. 1.

I’m exaggerating, of course. Mon, 03/05/2012. Sensemaking in a changing world. Yves Behar. Home. Feel, Act, Make sense. Steve Clayton: How To Design Technology So It Becomes Natural [Video] In preparation for the release of our upcoming Future of Retail report, PSFK reached out to Bonobos, an Internet-launched clothing company focused on delivering proper fitting clothes based on a consumer’s personal style.

Steve Clayton: How To Design Technology So It Becomes Natural [Video]

Recently, Bonobos extended offline, launching stores called Guideshops, to bring personalized, one-to-one service to those interested in experiencing the brand in-person. Through personalized 45 minute one-on-one appointments, Bonobos intends to provide a better and more differentiated experience in-person. We spoke to Andy Dunn, CEO & Founder of Bonobos, to get his thoughts. Introduce us to Bonobos, specifically the Guideshop program. Can you tell us about the concept? We are focusing on what got our business going: great clothes and great service.

Are there any notable figures or statistics around customer engagement and usage? The engagement has been incredible. As an e-tailer, what prompted you to consider going offline? Thanks Andy! Project Film. Clay Shirky: What I Learned About Creativity By Watching Creatives. transformations of leadership.pdf.

Le Memé. An educational institution in Austin, Texas, teaching Interaction Design and Social Entrepreneurship. Coda: Inner Circle Part 1 Saturday, April 19th, 2014 | Posted by anna.krachey I’ve always been interested in childbirth- fascinated, because it’s amazing. And then petrified, because everything I’ve ever seen or heard about it is so scary; why is that? It’s a process our bodies are designed for. When my team was looking for topics to research, we came across an article in the NYT detailing some pretty staggering statistics on birth in the US. 0 Comments AC4D featured in the Austin Phoenix Saturday, April 19th, 2014 | Posted by AC4D Austin Center for Design was featured in the Austin Phoenix, in an article titled “Design a Meaningful Career at AC4D:” The Austin Center for Design is a unique program. 0 Comments.

Startups, This Is How Design Works – by Wells Riley. These 5 Brands Are Making A Splash Without TV Ads. Kevin Allocca: Why videos go viral. Social investments - Nokia - Around the world, billions of people live in remote or under-resourced communities without access to adequate education, healthcare or even up-to-date news – let alone banking or financial services.

Social investments - Nokia -

We believe that affordable mobile technology has the potential to transform the delivery of these services, improve their quality and make them available to many more people. And that can promote social and economic change on a huge scale. With over a billion people using our mobile phones, we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to make a real difference in their lives.

A key pillar of our strategy is to bring access to the internet and information to a billion people who currently don’t have it. By extending the power of mobile technology, we’re helping to address global sustainability challenges like education, health, livelihoods, and accessibility. We believe everyone should have the right to learn and to develop themselves. A global challenge How we can help. Vesa Riste's Portfolio. Jeff Kirsch. Institute For The Future.