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TaskRabbit connects you to safe and reliable help in your neighborhood. How It Works. Critical Skills You Should Learn That Pay Dividends Forever | Dr. Travis Bradberry. Cover-letters-are-dead-do-this-instead?communityid=371&entityEmailTypeCode=newsletter&email=jschicker517@outlook. If you’re looking for a new job, don’t worry about writing a stellar cover letter. Nearly two-thirds of recruiters say it’s not an important factor when they review applications, according to a survey of 1,400 recruiters by Jobvite, a recruiting software provider.

In fact, the cover letter is quickly becoming a dinosaur when it comes to hiring, says Jobvite chief people officer Rachel Bitte, and its demise is due to three things: speed, technology, and volume. "Most companies today recruit online and receive applications through software systems that often don’t include a section for a cover letter," she says. "Some industries, particularly those in Silicon Valley, receive a large amount of applications. "Recruiters who get cover letters say they ignore them. Unfortunately, the cover letter used to be the perfect place to personalize your pitch and highlight information that doesn’t shine on a bulleted job history. 1. One way to provide more details is to include a summary. 2. 3. 4.

10 awesome free career self-assessment tools on the Internet. Knowing whether you're a "mediator," "defender" or an ISTJ can help you find the right job for you. Seriously. Before you set foot in that interview room, you need to have your spiel down pat. But do you know yourself well enough to even have a spiel? Understanding yourself is critical when choosing or changing your career, says Phoenix-based HR consultant Lisa Phalen. Don’t worry: You don’t need to go on some soul-searching walkabout to understand your strengths, interests, emotional intelligence, values, personality traits, and motivations more fully.

These tools “offer insight that the individual might not have had prior to taking the assessment,” Phalen says. Myers-Briggs One of the most well-known assessments, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator results in a four-letter “type”—INFP or ESFJ, for example. You’ll have to pay $50 to take the real test, but there are plenty of imitators on the Internet. Keirsey Temperament Sorter Big Five 16personalities iSeek “Clusters” MyNextMove. My Next Move. Avoiding Scams in Your Job Search. Online job sites make it easier than ever to connect with potential opportunities—but they also make it easier than ever to run afoul of scammers and con artists, posting illegitimate job listings with the intention of accessing your personal information. For jobseekers, vigilance is imperative. This doesn’t mean you should avoid using online job sites, but it does mean you should be aware of some of the common indicators of phony job postings.

Many of these are matters of common sense—but nevertheless, it may be helpful to have a quick refresher. Make note of the email address listed with the post. It should match the company domain. Frankly, most reputable companies have their own domains and email addresses, so be skeptical of any posting that has you communicating with a Hotmail or a Yahoo address. Read the job posting carefully, and note any errors. Avoid any requests for personal information. Be skeptical of vague posts. Always look at the company website. Compare with other offers. 7 Ways To Find Career Satisfaction After 50.

(This article is part of Live Career’s Job Action Day, Nov. 2, an annual movement that looks to empower workers and job seekers through insights from movers and shakers in the career world. This year’s theme is Act II: Finding Career Satisfaction After 50.) How can you find career satisfaction after 50? I travel around the country speaking about exactly that and have written motivational books on the subject, including Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness and Getting the Job You Want after 50. Here are seven ways I think can help you find career satisfaction after 50: 1. Focus on your “inner job.” 2. (More: The 2 Keys to a Successful Midlife Career Transition) 3.

A 58-year-old producer at 60 Minutes told me that while he loves producing great pieces for a primetime network news show, he’s well aware that his field is in flux. It’s mentally engaging and gets him out of his comfort zone. (More: 7 Tips for Women Who Want to Start a Business) 4. 5. 6. 7. Little wonder, I say. Cover Letters Are Dead -- Send A Pain Letter, Instead. Human beings are creatures of habit. If we’ve seen something once, we can’t focus on it intently again. We think we already know all about it, so we don’t pay attention. That’s why busy humans ignore glorious sunsets and other amazing sights and experiences every day.

The cover letter format is over – it’s done. When I was an HR person I could clearly see that the cover letter tradition had to go. They’d read the first letter and the second one, and then skim through the rest of the letters in the pile. Dear Hiring Executive, I was intrigued to see your advertisement for a [fill in the job title] at [fill in the company name].

No one can read that boring dreck for long! You can send a letter to your department manager – the person who will be your boss in your new job — directly at his or her desk. Top 10 Skills You Need at Work That Have Nothing to Do with Your Job. Hiring managers make the difficult decision of who the best candidate is for the job based not just on the specific job requirements but also basic “soft skills” every worker should have, like communication and teamwork. Here are the top 10 additional job skills everyone needs. 10. Writing Skills If you’re not a writer or an editor, you might think your writing ability has nothing to do with your job. Yet 51% of employers say that communication skills (like writing) are a requirement for their employees. 9. This goes hand-in-hand with writing skills as part of the good communication requirement just about every employer has. 8.

Self-confidence might seem like something you either have or you don’t, but it’s actually something you can practice and develop. 7. This is one of the cornerstones of productivity, so it’s no surprise it’s an essential skill at work. 6. 5. 4. We all have to make decisions at work, evaluate ideas and brainstorm new ones. 3. Top 10 Qualities of Extremely Successful People. Occupational Outlook Handbook. O*NET OnLine. Texas Workforce Commission. UNT Career site. LinkedIn. CareerBuilder. Riley Guide.