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AUgemented Reality

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Design of New AR Glasses in Cool Industry Class. In the Cool Industry class of the postgraduate course Industrial Design, with teachers Alfred van Elk and Niels Mulder, new concepts and products were developed for AR Glasses / Goggles.

Design of New AR Glasses in Cool Industry Class

If possible, one of these AR glasses (eyewear) will be prototyped and used for real mobile AR. We will add a computer – as small as possible – and one or two cameras and we will use markerless AR. It will probably only function indoors for now; due to the effect the changing weather conditions have on the light intensity. Tim Huiskens, Wouter Sieuwerts, Lilian van Daal, Yasine Salihine and Tim Keijzers presented their concepts and products to a very interested audience at their final presentation on February 9, 2011. 3DVIS. Course taught in University of Hawaii at Manoa: ICS 481 Introduction to Computer Graphics (Fall 2003) This course covers the fundamentals of computer graphics including graphics hardware, and basic mathematical tools and computational techniques for representing, manipulating, and displaying two- and three-dimensional geometrical objects.


A background in basic data structures, programming in C++, analytic geometry, vector calculus, and linear algebra is necessary. ICS 681 Topics in Computer Graphics. WIMECK.COM - News. Free and Proper AR (augmented reality) tutorial: Hold your model in your hand! ;D. Hardware Hacking with Jeri Ellsworth, Hardware Hacking with Jeri Ellsworth jeriellsworth on USTREAM. Éducatifs. Georg Klein's Publications. Home. Using SLAM-based Augmented Reality to visualize 3D geometry. I first became aware of the work being done by 13th Lab a couple of years ago, but just last week someone pinged me about it again and re-triggered my interest (thanks, Jim :-). 13th Lab is a small Swedish company that has created some really interesting Augmented Reality technology.

Using SLAM-based Augmented Reality to visualize 3D geometry

Many AR systems make use of fiduciary markers (which often look like sections of QR codes) to make it easier to determine where the 3D content should be positioned and visualized in the 2D image of the scene being fed from your device’s camera. Ideally, though, you want a markerless AR system. 13th Lab have created just that, making use of a technique borrowed from the world of robotics called simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). Rescape: Turn your world into a game by 13th Lab. “Is Rescape about to change gaming forever?

Rescape: Turn your world into a game by 13th Lab

[…] This is the coolest thing that you'll see today.“ - TechDigest "[Rescape] scans the room then recreates a digital version that superimposes enemies and fantastical environments over the real life furniture, bringing Call of Duty out of the screen and and into the living room" - Financial Times “Virtual reality headsets are fun, but how about turning the real world into a game?” Connecting Worlds. (11) TOTAL-AR / Connecting Worlds. AR-Rift: Stereo camera for the Rift & immersive AR showcase. Seriously great work here!

AR-Rift: Stereo camera for the Rift & immersive AR showcase

Watching your video in fullscreen and duplicating to Rift, it looks good, but everything looks smaller than it should. But while watching with immersion there were moments where I started to lose track of which objects were real, and which were augmentations. Consider it an accomplishment. Hopefully at some point soon the community will have access to software demos like this one (preferably open source) to let us connect to a stereo camera feed, calibrate the Rift display, [apply custom video filters,] create/dock objects (browsers, models), apply physics to them, and jump into other VR demos. Interfaces tangibles: D. Arenou présente Immersive Rail Shooter. Comment se sont passées les rencontres au sein du groupe Interfaces tangibles ?

Interfaces tangibles: D. Arenou présente Immersive Rail Shooter

Que t’ont apporté les échanges avec Thierry Lehmann, Thierry Mellerin et tes camarades ? Le groupe Interfaces tangibles s’est formé en fin de second semestre de 4e année, lors du projet court. Ce fut pour moi l’occasion de me familiariser aux problématiques liées à ce programme. Ce moment nous a aussi permis de créer une dynamique de groupe assez forte. Nous nous sommes retrouvés en septembre pour démarrer les projets de fin d’études. Au-delà du travail réalisé, il régnait définitivement une bonne ambiance au sein du groupe et j’espère pouvoir garder contact avec le maximum de camarades. Tu as choisi de travailler sur le jeu vidéo. Le jeu vidéo, une passion ? Mon jeu préféré… Difficile de n’en choisir qu’un seul, car je suis adepte de cet univers depuis bientôt vingt ans.

Augmented Reality News by AR23D Studio. 1.

Augmented Reality News by AR23D Studio

Pocket Tutor for iOS – the New Way to Learn Math Pocket Tutor: Math was designed to help children learn math in a new way. Point your iPhone’s camera at the math problem, and the app will recognize the problem and show you, if your answer is right or wrong. This is the best and the fastest way to check yourself, it’s almost like having a math tutor with you all the time. You can also use “show correct answers” option, if you can’t solve a problem, or if you’re just too lazy. To start using app just print the worksheets provided with the app. The app currently supports only addition and subtraction, but more advanced math is to come in the near future.

URL: 2. Did you know one in eight boys are color blind, while only one in thirty girls are color blind? Enliven – Color Blind Aid is a free Android app developed by Deadly Apps. Designers can simulate color deficiencies to see what a color deficient person would see when looking at interior designs, website designs, or game designs.