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Create your own reality / Law of attraction

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We really do create our own realites.. Like attracts like.. Abundance attracts more abundance.. Love attracts love.. Fear attracts fear.. Focus on love and be happy..

Scientific Proof Thoughts & Intentions Can Alter The Physical World Around Us. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan has given the world a good deal of evidence of the magic of positive thinking. He became famous when his water molecule experiments featured in the 2004 film, What The Bleep Do We Know? His experiments demonstrate that human thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality, such as the molecular structure of water. Given that humans are comprised of at least 60% water,his discovery has far reaching implications… can anyone really afford to have negative thoughts or intentions? The rice experiment is another famous Emoto demonstration of the power of negative thinking (and conversely, the power of positive thinking.) He then instructed school children to say the labels on the jars out loud everyday when they passed them by.

Thanks to Karma Jello 147 Days of The Rice Experiment Documented – Last Day Credits: Altering Perspectives Related: How Changing Within Manifests In The External Environment. By Vasilia Niles,Guest writer, We often hear from various self-help gurus and spiritual books that if you want to change you life, you have to first change within. I will not lie when I first heard this sort of thing I was baffled to say the least. How is me changing going to stop someone from trying to manipulate me or bring about more income? It just didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t until a few car accidents and lost jobs later along of course with a lot of meditation and introspection that it hit me. The way you respond to a crisis, financial hardships or the way you view yourself does carry a certain energy that makes people respect you or blow up on you and that makes a crisis turn into into a complete disaster or alternatively wither away and become a distant memory.

This is both on a practical and spiritual level. Years ago, when my boyfriend took his car to the mechanic due to engine malfunction, the mechanic told him the problem would cost $286 to fix. Choose Your Thoughts Wisely NOW | Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft. Thoughts are manifestations. Think them often enough and they become events. Think them often enough and they becomes beliefs. What you believe becomes your reality. I suggest you choose your thoughts very wisely NOW. Compassion is in order NOW. Fear is the opposite of Love. The only thing that is true whether you believe it or not is that you are a magician. You spin reality outward into form through the frequencies of your thoughts.

You are that finely tuned because that is how powerful your frequencies are. THAT is what I would choose to believe if I were you. Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material in free publications only, and only if it is not altered it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include the author’s name and this copyright notice link: Like this: Like Loading... Thought To Action | The Creator Writings. 10 Things Successful Manifestors Do Differently | Sarah Prout. This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on manifesting your desires…. Part 1 – How to Manifest Anything You Want with the Law of Vibration Part 2 – The Alignment Process – How to Activate The Law of Attraction Part 3 – [You Are Here] 10 Things Successful Manifestors Do Differently.

Being an avid student of metaphysics for nearly the last 20 years, I have witnessed and observed many of the traits and processes that successful manifestors do differently to people that just manifest by default. If you’re a power manifestor then life is in flow and you’re always in a state of being happy with reality no matter what shows up. This gives you a wonderful sense of inner calm and peace. If you’re a person that just manifests by default, then you are a slave to your emotions. You are in a constant reactive mode and living in a fortress where your intentions find it hard to break through your walls. 1. 2. Even and especially if it defies all logic. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Did you enjoy these? Understanding the Vibrational Mechanics of Manifestation.

By Mirko Popovich May 15, 2015 “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nicola Tesla I've always been fascinated with the concept that "thoughts become reality" because many times during my life I've experienced the veracity of such captivating phenomenon, but for a long time I struggled to figure out how this works. How do the multitude of things, events, conditions, circumstances and experiences that comprise our lives become a reality for us? The great thinker and inventor Nicola Tesla paved my way to understanding this process when he said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

He helped me realize life has properties clearly aligned with the marvelous structure of the Cosmos, and I like this because I always prefer discernment, knowledge and understanding to faith. The Manifestation Process: This grouping of frequencies is called frequency signature. The Dynamics of Intention and Manifestation.

“Intent is not a thought, or an object, or a wish. Intent is what can make a man succeed when his thoughts tell him that he is defeated. It operates in spite of the warrior’s indulgence. Intent is what makes him invulnerable. Intent is what sends a shaman through a wall, through space, to infinity.” Carlos Casteneda Intention, Attention and the Will: The concept of intention is pretty much like religion – often discussed and debated, seldom practiced or understood. One very common misconception is that intention is focused attention or thinking about something.

In other words, intention comes from your higher multidimensional consciousness that is free from the subordinate thoughts and beliefs of your normal waking consciousness. Another misconception is that intention is the same thing as will. Calling for Attention before the Intention: This is where focusing your attention comes in. Understanding the Symbology and Rituals behind manifestation Incubating the Intention?

Creating Your Own Reality, How’s that Working for You? | Deus Nexus. Reposted from: Waking Times | by Ellyn Dye There’s been a lot of buzz in the past few years about the Law of Attraction and the idea that we create our own reality. But is that true? Do we really create our own reality? And if so, why would we create some of the things we’ve created in our lives and in the world? Are we masochistic or just nuts? The idea was popularized in the late 1970s, in the Seth Material, a group of channeled books by Jane Roberts. So, do we really create our own reality? We are, in fact, divine, powerful creator beings, and yes, we are creating our lives in many ways, on many levels, in every moment.

Most of the time, we are creating unconsciously, from deep beliefs, assumptions, and expectations that we may not even know we have (OUCH!) But it doesn’t work that way. Otherwise, we’d miss all the fun, right? This is not an easy process, but it is THE process (as long as the majority of us believe it is!) So How Does it Really Work? And how do we treat ourselves? 5 Secrets To The Law Of Attraction | Spirit Science and Metaphysics. Artwork by Cameron Gray. By Andrea Schulman| Although the Law of Attraction is a very simple process, many of us still struggle to manifest the things we really want. This is because we’ve often adopted behaviors and beliefs over the years that are not harmonious with conscious creation.

To help make things easier, here are a few quick secrets to the Law of Attraction many people either don’t know, or forget to keep in mind on a regular basis. See if you can use these secrets to your advantage. If you can fully internalize these ideas and act in alignment with them, you will start to manifest more of what you want and less of what you don’t. 1) Positive language Phrase your language in the positive.

It’s easy to rephrase a sentence so that it is just as equally true and valid, but now with a positive twist. To use the Law of Attraction to see manifestations in your life, you need to be positively aligned with the results you wish to see. 2) Don’t Work Too Hard 3) Dream Big. 10 Things you Can't do with the Law of Attraction - Today Is That Day. For the record, I am a total believer in the Law of Attraction. You can call it universal consciousness, the power of intention, conscious creation – whatever. No matter what you call it, or how you define it, the simple truth remains that human beings have the ability to manipulate their lives in order to get exactly what they want, and that thought fills me with joy on a regular basis.

However, the problems start when people start thinking along the lines of “Well, if I have unlimited power, then I can manipulate other people as well”. Ummm…no, it doesn’t work that way. That’s not the Law of Attraction – that’s anarchy! So, in doing my part to educate the masses (which actually means I’m educating myself, for you Ho’oponopono fans), I have put together this list of 10 Things you Can’t do with the Law of Attraction. You can’t manufacture Money Law of Attraction Equivalent: What you can do is visualize being rich or abundant, and then pay attention to what starts happening in your life. Top Ten Powerful Law of Attraction Tips: Simple Secrets to Attract What You Want - By Michael Alperstein. I have gathered some of the most potent tips to create your reality that I know of. The Secret and the Law of Attraction teach us to visualize and feel our goals. This is a start, but if we really want to manifest more of our desires, more wealth, better and more conscious relationships, and all the goals in our heart that make us want to celebrate life, we need to relinquish EVERYTHING which does not serve us and step into a realm of true magic where our attraction power is natural and effortless.

I’ve gathered ten of the best tips I know to support this inner power. Let’s explore them now: 1. Change comes with flow and contentment. Your only job is to be in the Flow of Life by consciously experiencing your joy and your clarity about your deepest mission and Higher Vision. This will activate the Law of Attraction and Universal Flow, and it will improve the circumstances of your life immensely. 2. Try this: Make an intention right now to do something very simple and easy. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Proof That Consciousness Creates Reality: Welcome To The Matrix. By Steven Bancarz| Does consciousness create the material world? Before we answer this question, it’s important to first go into what the material world is actually composed of at a fundamental level. “Reality” is not simply made of tiny physical pieces, like a bunch of marbles or tiny little bowling balls. Molecules are made out of atoms, and atoms are made out of subatomic particles such as protons and electrons which are 99.99999% empty space and electrical spin. These are then made out of quarks, which then are a part of a Superstring field which consists of vibrating strings that give rise to fundamental particles based on the nature of their vibration.

We interact with a world of physical objects, but this is only due to the way our brains translate sensory data. This is important to understand, because if we think of the world of quantum physics as being a world of bowling balls and and marbles, then the idea of consciousness creating reality doesn’t really make sense. How Negative Energy Affects Your Life and How to Clear It. You know that like attracts like, right? So here’s the deal: Positive people are drawn to positive energy; negative people are drawn to negative energy. We tend to perceive negative energy as something other people have. Sure, sometimes we feel negative – as in, “go away and leave me alone, world!” But did you know that negativity can be so ingrained in you that it goes unnoticed? That’s because negativity sometimes wears a disguise called ‘reality’. It’s easy to rationalize that you’re ‘just being realistic’ in not daring to act on a dream – and believe it!

You may assume that positive people are not being realistic – that they’re being naive, that they are in denial with their heads stuck in the sand, that they put on fake smiles in the face of difficulty and so forth. Consider this: since when does ‘being realistic’ necessarily mean that things will go wrong and that you have to accept that as the truth? That doesn’t mean that being realistic is automatically negative. Do you complain? Law of Attraction |Deliberate Attraction| Conscious Creation| Universal Laws| Near Death Experience.

Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton - Power of the Mind. Dr. Bruce Lipton is a developmental biologist, who is best known for promoting the idea that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person's beliefs. His books include 'The Biology Of Belief' and 'Spontaneous Evolution'. Dr. Wayne Dyer is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. “You can live a life of fear or live a life of love. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” — Dr. Related Posts. The Dynamics of Intention and Manifestation. How to Manifest Your Reality. The first portion of this article was originally published on: Positively Positive “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy.

This is physics.” -Bashar We are always manifesting. Each thought we have creates an energy flow within and around our physical being. The opposite experience occurs when you think high-level thoughts like, “I rock!” Your thoughts and energy create your reality. Manifesting Mishaps Manifestation has become a buzzword lately. A Course in Miracles teaches that on some level, you’ve asked for everything that happens in your life. Many people, when trying to manifest, focus too much on the outside form rather than the internal condition. The Five Principles for Manifesting Your Desires Below are my five key principles for genuine manifesting. Principle One: Clear Space Principle Two: Get Clear Now let’s put these steps together. 10 Keys To Speed Up Your Manifesting Process. Every moment we are conscious, we are creating. Whether we accept it or not, we are always co-creating with the Universe. Our beliefs, attitudes, the actions we take, the lens through which we look at life—it is all part of the creation process.

The movie The Secret made the word “manifesting” popular. Many people have achieved magnificent results by visualizing and using some of the techniques discussed in the movie. Here we go! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Giving ourselves and others compliments is a sure way to increase our vibration. What if it is a rough day and everything seems to be going wrong? 6. 7. 8. Remember that the small apartment, the dysfunctional relationship or the physical ailment that might be active in your life right now have helped you give birth to new desires. 9. 10.

We all deserve to feel good and manifest good things that make our path easier, smoother and more enjoyable. Happy manifesting! This article was originally published by About the author: Comments: 3 Tips to Manifest Your Desires. Top Ten Powerful Law of Attraction Tips: Simple Secrets to Attract What You Want - By Michael Alperstein. What Really Is the Law of Attraction? Manifest-ology: The 7 Steps to Manifestation! (Which One Are You Missing?) 175 Free PDF Books: Law of Attraction and Metaphysical Works. 10 Ways to Raise Your Vibrations. Manifesting Miracles with 'White Magic'... Authentically! Message from Archangel Zadkiel: “Focus Your Thoughts” – Transmitted by Linda Robinson – June 2015 | franheal. Scientific Proof Thoughts & Intentions Create Physical Reality and How Advertisers Exploit This. Higher Density Blog.

Wes Annac – True Abundance – 9-4-15 | Higher Density Blog. Welcome to Brenda's Blog | Helping others access and implement new creative skills. 50 Life Secrets and Tips. Proof That Our Thoughts Effect Physical Matter. The Universal Law Of Harmony. The Complete Guide Book To the “Law Of Attraction”! (Good Stuff!) | Inspirational Videos. Shifting Your Vibration to Manifest Your Desires. Intentional Manifesting, Authentic Choice and Truly Letting Go. 10 Things you Can't do with the Law of Attraction - Today Is That Day. Reevaluate Your Life In 10 Minutes | Mindzette - Life Hacking. Law of Attraction Magazine. Entering a New Creation Stage | Welcome to Brenda's Blog.