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What Is SIBO? Symptoms and Treatments. Top 10 Edible Flowers Plus Over 60 More Flowers You Can Eat. 5 herbs for better sleep - The Green Life. DIY Caledula Tamanu Healing Balm. WTF IS CHLOROPHYLL? JUST YOUR 5 SECOND GREEN JUICE. Nothing like green smoothies, green muffins…& green water.


That’s right- green water is IN. Or to get scientific on you: CHLOROPHYLL WATER IS IN. I feel like every girl should be casually sipping her CHLOROPHYLL water as she runs errands, goes to Pilates, or hustles. Dandelion For Detox, Digestion and Hormone Balance. Home Remedies For Bad Breath : Excellent Tips To Prevent Foul Smell From Mouth... Bad smell from mouth is a common observation and at some point of the day, our mouth smells bad.

Home Remedies For Bad Breath : Excellent Tips To Prevent Foul Smell From Mouth...

Foul smell from mouth mars your confidence level and can put you in an embarrassing position. It really creates a bad impression when you are speaking to others and your mouth smells bad. Hence we bring some effective home remedies for bad breath. Oral health is extremely important as part of hygiene. The main reason behind bad breath is the presence of bacteria in the gums and teeth which contribute to bad smell. There are other reasons too such as smoking, disease of the tooth and gums, eating junk food and medical condition. Cayenne Salve Recipe: DIY Natural Pain Relief -Simple Life Mom. Cayenne Salve has been used for joint and muscle pain for centuries.

Cayenne Salve Recipe: DIY Natural Pain Relief -Simple Life Mom

It’s a remedy that my grandmother had passed down to her, and one I’ve learned over the years as well. This Cayenne Salve Recipe is easy to make and use, and it is very effective. Why Cayenne? Vitamin B12 Benefits For Skin and Hair That You Must be Aware Of! Just as other nutrients, Vitamins also play a vital role in the effective performance of the human body.

Vitamin B12 Benefits For Skin and Hair That You Must be Aware Of!

They hold a very small place in your health chart but are very helpful for a healthy life. The human body is not capable of producing Vitamins and hence, it is obtained from the fruits and vegetables in appropriate quantity. In this article, we will discuss Vitamin B12 benefits for skin and hair. Priory, Vitamin B was identified as a single Vitamin, but with deep research, there are several forms of Vitamin B available. They all exist in our daily meals which we are unknown too. Introduction to Vitamin B12 Cobalamin, popularly known as Vitamin B12, is an important nutrient which is available in the Vitamin B complex. Everyone doesn’t need the equal amount of Vitamin B12. How to Infuse Oil with Calendula Flowers.

Calendula is the ultimate healing flower that is antimicrobial and anti fungal as well as a powerful anti inflammatory!

How to Infuse Oil with Calendula Flowers

It is the perfect oil to use in a healing balm or even in skin care! So, before I share a couple of recipes using Calendula Infused Oil, we must learn how to properly infuse the oil first! There are 2 ways to infuse oil. 6 Natural Cures and Home Remedies That Really Work : Use Aloe Vera for Burns. 9 Nourishing Essential Oils for Hair Health. 15 Home Remedies for Seasonal Allergies and Hay Fever Symptoms. 5 Essential Oils to Help Your Kids Sleep Like a Rock. Herbal Cold and Cough Care - Sore Throat Syrup and Cold and Flu Tea. Herbal Cold and Cough Care - Sore Throat Syrup and Cold and Flu Tea. Inside + Out: 3 Banana Beauty Recipes + Sleep Well Banana Tea.

Globally, we eat about 3.2 billion pounds of bananas every year.

Inside + Out: 3 Banana Beauty Recipes + Sleep Well Banana Tea

This fruit is as delicious as it is popular, and the health benefits are numerous. Bananas are rich in B6, copper, manganese, potassium, vitamin C, and biotin; they can help lower blood pressure, relieve anemia, and provide relief from heartburn. The health benefits from bananas don’t stop there. Did you know banana peels can provide relief from rashes and bug bites when rubbed on the skin? And the meat of the banana also contains nutrients beneficial for skin and hair, specifically vitamins A, B, E, and potassium. Cooling Banana Face Pack 1 chilled ripe banana Bananas are great for dry skin, adding much-needed hydration and evening out skin tone.

Acne-Fighting Banana Treatment 1 ripe banana½ teaspoon turmeric powder Once or twice a week try this acne-blasting treatment. Healing Banana Hair Smoothie 1 ripe banana1 teaspoon coconut oil1 tablespoon honey1 tablespoon olive oil. Inside + Out: Turmeric Face Scrub + Fat-Burning Golden Milk. Turmeric Golden Milk Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Serves: 2 ½ cup water¼ cup turmeric powder2 teaspoons turmeric paste (from above)4 cups non-dairy milk2 teaspoons of a liquid sweetener.

Inside + Out: Turmeric Face Scrub + Fat-Burning Golden Milk

You Probably Have a Parasite—Here’s What to Do About It. We often think of parasites as something to worry about only when we travel, so the Center for Disease Control statistic that more than 60 million Americans are infected with parasites—and most don’t even know it—is jarring, considering both the ick factor and the energy-depleting health consequences.

You Probably Have a Parasite—Here’s What to Do About It

Dr. Linda Lancaster, a Santa Fe-based naturopathic physician and homeopath, says parasites are at the root of many types of illnesses and suspects that infection rates are likely much higher than CDC data suggests. Below, she outlines what you need to know about parasitic infections, and gives us a peek into the unique treatment that she’s famous for: Patient-specific cleanses that use goat milk and herbs to eliminate parasites, which allows patients to skip out on harsh drug regimens. What are the most common types of parasites, and how do most people get them? How To Get a Fresher Face with Frankincense. I have been looking for an easy and natural way to look younger, healthier and more vibrant without spending a ton of money.

How To Get a Fresher Face with Frankincense

That’s when I discovered that frankincense essential oil not only has a gorgeous woody aroma, it has powerful anti-aging and skin rejuvenating effects! Simply adding a few drops of frankincense essential oil to your existing moisturizer, shampoo, body lotion, or virtually any other beauty product, is all you need to reap the countless benefits of this ancient healing oil. For thousands of years, people have used frankincense oil to lift, tone and tighten their skin, prevent wrinkles, reduce dark spots and pore size, heal and prevent acne and slow the signs of aging. Others used it to strengthen and add shine to their hair. It has the power to heal wounds, rash, eczema, burns, cuts and scrapes as well as soothe dry and chapped skin.

Blackstrap Molasses Benefits (+Cooking and Beauty Uses) 5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter + Immunity Soup Recipe. Whether you’re diligent about getting your annual flu shots or choose to tough it out instead, it makes sense to do what you can to boost your immune system naturally when flu season hits.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter + Immunity Soup Recipe

Because even if you do get your flu shot, sometimes the strains the shots protect against aren’t the strains that end up going around, in which case you’ll be glad you had a back-up plan. Of course, it’s not just the flu that you need to protect against this time of year and that’s the other benefit of strengthening your immune system–it’ll help you fight off a whole host of germs. These are some of my favorite natural immunity boosters to help you stay healthy this winter. 1. What I Eat In A Day: David Asprey, Creator Of Bulletproof, Tells All. If you've heard of Bulletproof Coffee (coffee with grass-fed unsalted butter, and Brain Octane oil), you probably know who I am. I lost 100 pounds without counting calories or excessive exercise, and hacked my own biology to become a stronger, healthier person.

In the process, I founded Bulletproof, and now have a cookbook based on my philosophy of eating. 6 Best Natural Remedies For Gingivitis. □ Sore Throat/ Cold Remedy□ - Musely. □Knock Out Remedy For Sore Throat, Cold & Sinus Infection□□□□□ - Musely. 🌟Knock Out Remedy For Sore Throat, Cold & Sinus Infection🌟👊👊👌💯 Miguel Ayala posted in Health & Fitness Public from Gnc Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar $ 4.99 Shop This Plz👍thnx 2.3K 246 Embed Report this tip See all comments Related Tips Six Pack Workout Routine ;) by Maycee S. Tips for Growing and Using Lemon Balm. Refreshing & Memory-Boosting - beautymunsta. Here’s my favorite DIY rosemary sugar scrub recipe! It smells so refreshing, soothes a tired body and refreshes the mind! Sugar scrubs are amazing ways to show your beautiful skin some TLC! The rosemary sugar scrub recipe I’m sharing with you today is one of my first sugar scrub recipes ever and I’m not lying when I say that it is INCREDIBLY luxurious!

I chose rosemary because it has a beautiful fresh scent, stimulates blood circulation in the body, rejuvenates the mind and boosts memory as well! Yes, the scent of rosemary actually has aroma therapeutic properties of increasing mental clarity and improving memory! Beauty benefit of rosemary: stimulates blood circulation thereby reducing puffiness, cellulite and varicose veins.

Summer DIY Deodorant that Doesn’t Melt - beautymunsta. I’ve been DIYing many of my health and beauty products for quite some time now but one thing I kept putting off is deodorant because I really wasn’t sure it would work. So when I came across an easy recipe the other day and after seeing all those scary stuff about toxic ingredients in deodorant causing cancer and all, I decided to give this thang a try! It came out so well and works so effectively that I keep telling my sister (who also uses it) that it’s the best beauty product I’ve ever made! And she couldn’t agree more! I ended up tweaking the original recipe a lot to come up with this recipe so it works perfectly for me. It smells refreshing, absorbs sweat, wards off pesky summer bugs, detoxifies your pits and won’t melt! Benefits of Camel Milk: Help for Diabetes, Allergies & Autoimmunity. DIY Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils - Red and Honey. Store bought hand sanitizers are great at killing germs but are full of chemicals.

Soothing Homemade Throat Spray. A Ginger & Lemon Gut Flush To Help Detox And Increase Digestion. As a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary combines the best of Western medicine with time-tested Ayurvedic practices. This week, we're thrilled to share some of Dr. Chaudhary's favorite ancient techniques to reach optimal health.

If you're inspired to learn more, check out her new course: How to Use Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom to Heal Your Gut & Achieve Long-Lasting Weight Loss. You don’t have to take a week off from work or spend hours in the bathroom to detox your body. 7 Signs You Have Adrenal Fatigue. Terry Wahls, M.D., is a functional medicine doctor, clinical professor, and a survivor of progressive multiple sclerosis who used her own protocol to heal. This week, we're sharing her expertise in a new series on adrenal fatigue and natural techniques to restore energy. To learn more, check out her new mindbodygreen class, How to Heal Adrenal Fatigue: The Food & Habits You Need for Optimal Health & Energy. Self. How to know when a case of the spins might mean something major. Turmeric Tea Recipe. For a while it felt like someone was sticking a hot poker between my shoulder blades, particularly if I moved my neck in certain directions, like left or right.

Fire & Spice - Naturally Soothe and Heal Strep Throat Using Herbs - TheHippyHomemaker. Somehow I had managed to go a whole (nearly by just a few days) 31 years without getting strep throat. My sister contracted it so much as a kid that she almost had to have her tonsils removed, but I never did. Before this bout strep, I thought to myself, “what’s the big deal?

The best times to take vitamins and supplements.