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Diy: bath/body

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Hair Story: Getting the Right Cut - makeup reviews. Now that I shared how I take care of my hair, I’ll show you how to get the cut.

Hair Story: Getting the Right Cut - makeup reviews

The short style I’ve been wearing for years always had stylists eager to start snipping. But the problem with short hair is how high-maintenance it is. Mine needs to be trimmed every four weeks to keep its shape and I can wait a maximum of six weeks before it looks sloppy and overgrown. My favorite cut ever cost me $50 (not including tip) and at eight hair-cuts a year I decided to save over $400 and the crazy frustration of working an appointment into my schedule by learning to cut it myself. On very rare occasion, I recruit Mr. The pictures here aren’t the best quality, but I’ve been wanting to do this post for a long time so I’m giving you the best that I have. The basics of my hair: Fine. Description of my cut: Long on top. 126 Dress Cut Sew instructions original. Untitled. T-SHIRT INTO SUMMER TOP DIY. With summer right around the corner and temperatures already into the 80’s in many parts of the country, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about easy summer clothes.


This is a fast and easy way to transform a basic t-shirt into a cute summer top. To see step by step instructions and pictures click here. 1 Mens T-shirtElasticSafety PinPinsScissorsSewing NeedleThreadMeasuring tape Step 1Measure your elastic around your chest just under your arms. Pull it a bit snug, the smaller chested you are the tighter youll want your elastic to be.

Step 2 Pin a straight line across the top of the tee where the shoulders are. Step 3 Pin your sleeves flat against the front of your tee. Step 4 Sew the arm holes shut. Step 5 Cut 2 small pieces of your elastic. Recycled Ruffle Skirt DIY. What do you get when you take 3 mens shirts, cut them apart and sew them all together?

Recycled Ruffle Skirt DIY

Answer: an awesome ruffle skirt! If your draping and piecing and fudging it skills are ready for the challenge, lets go! DIY Chemise. This simple DIY Chemise is made from a pillowcase and a ribbon.

DIY Chemise

This pillowcase was one of my favorites, and Ive been reluctant to part with it ever since it no longer fits my bedroom décor. Now I can still enjoy the beautiful mix of rust and dusty purple as a comfortable, vintage looking DIY chemise. One of my favorite things about DIY is taking something ordinary and utilitarian and turning it into something extraordinary and unexpected. 1 PillowcaseAbout 1.5yards of 1” ribbonPinsScissorsSafety pinTape measureSewing machine Step 1 Take your pillowcase and your scissors and cut off the top seam on your pillowcase.

Step 2 Measure up from the bottom (open) hem of your pillowcase along the sides and mark or pin where you will want the bottom of the armhole to be. Step 3 Mark the center top of your pillowcase. How To Get Marilyn Monroe's Iconic Hairstyle Without Tracking Down A 1950s Hairdresser. Bridal Hair Styles, Up-Do, Wedding Hair, Curls, Vintage Hair Style.

Fashion — Bridal Beauty: 1930s Curls Tutorial mimi & taylor Hair & makeup team mimi & taylor show us how to get a sweet 1930s-inspired up-do, ideal for a vintage-inspired wedding.

Bridal Hair Styles, Up-Do, Wedding Hair, Curls, Vintage Hair Style

Curling Iron – Hot Tools 1 ½” Curling Iron (available here)Velcro Rollers – Hair Tools Jumbo Velcro Rollers (available here)Jumbo Bobby Pins – Luxor Professional Jumbo Bobby Pins (available here)Mousse - Kerastase Resistance Volumactive Mousse (available here)Hair Spray – Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray (available here) DIY Pin Up Girl Bandana Headband! No Sew! - Fabulessly Frugal. I know almost all of you have experienced that point in time where you hair is growing out after a cut and you just can’t seem to do anything with it.

DIY Pin Up Girl Bandana Headband! No Sew! - Fabulessly Frugal

That’s the stage my hair is in. It’s too short to put in a ponytail and it’s too long to stay gelled into place. So, I’ve started wearing headbands. Blog Archive » The 1940’s Victory rolls hairstyle. The 1940’s Victory roll hairstyle is often said to acquire its name from the fighter plane maneuvers of World War II.

Blog Archive » The 1940’s Victory rolls hairstyle

The planes created an exhaust roll that remained in the sky after leaving the area and inspired many patriotic civilians to adopt the name in honour of the soldiers returning home.Victory rolls became popular in the 1940’s among every day women as well as the silver screen starlets of the time. Although victory rolls are perceived as glamorous, they also served a practical purpose.Victory rolls became useful during wartime when women were shipped off into the workforce and were required to keep their hair off of their faces. This style proved useful for this very reason, while still maintaining a very feminine appearance. How-to Hairstyles: Pretty Punk UpDo. Learn how to create a Vintage Inspired Hairstyle. Aubrey Marie Beauty - Tutorial: Brigitte Bardot. Learn how to create a Vintage Inspired Hairstyle. The Ultrachic Half Up Ponytail Everyone is Raving About. Hello, again!

The Ultrachic Half Up Ponytail Everyone is Raving About

This is Ariba from MillennialMama and I am back with a fun twist on the half up ponytail for you to try. This ‘do is ideal for those days I want to wear my hair down and still add a bit of interest. The “V” shape parting adds just the right amount of edge to this playful hairstyle. The elastic in the pony is seamlessly concealed with the help of a strong hold hairspray. 6 Ways to Wake Up With Perfect Curls. It’s steadily getting warmer out and suddenly, going out with a wet head doesn’t seem like the world’s worst plan, so we’re looking for ways to wake up and start the day with our best (head) forward.

6 Ways to Wake Up With Perfect Curls

Here are six ways to do just that! 1. Many women complain of not having uniform curls. “To enhance the natural texture of your hair, you can apply mousse such as Jonathan Product Infinite Volume Thickening Foam ($24.00 at to your hair at night. The Pretty Ponytail Tutorial You Must Try Today. Hi!

The Pretty Ponytail Tutorial You Must Try Today

This is Kate from The Small Things Blog and today I’m going to show you how to create a quick and pretty ponytail. I hope you enjoy this quick (but fancy) style! What You Need: 1. Two clear rubber bands 2. 6 Faux Hairstyles to Shake Things Up. There comes a time in every woman’s life when she just wants to throw up her hands and try something completely different with her hair. Maybe it’s fringe on a typically bare forehead, or an otherwise reserved woman who wants to channel her inner feistiness with, say, a mohawk. Or maybe it’s someone who wants to create the illusion of shorter — or longer — hair. Whatever the case may be, you can totally fake it when it comes to your coiffure, and the bloggers below not only prove it, but show you how.

Peep these faux hairstyles and get inspired for a change! Faux Hawk Oh, child. 6 Hat Hairstyles That Will Make You Fabulous. Braidhawk Tutorial: Do You Dare To Try This Braidhawk? The Easiest French Knotted Bun Tutorial Ever. This is knot your average hairstyle, ladies. Why settle for a simple top knot when you can pair it with a gorgeous braid? And why settle for a simple French braid when you can do French knots instead?

This is Roxie from and I am here to share how to create a beautifully unique hairstyle that is the perfect alternative your go-to tried and trued styles. Side Bun: 3 Ways To Get The Gorgeous Side Bun Hairstyle. Hi beauties! It’s Carina from and I’m here to share my favorite three ways to style a side bun. Each style can be dressed up or dressed down and are the perfect way to keep your hair pulled up in a stylish way. Check out the easy-to-follow written tutorials for each look below, and follow along with the video to see the looks! 1. Classic Side Bun. 5 Easy Dutch Braid Hairstyles: Grab Your Clogs!

The Dutch are known for lots of things: fabulous cheeses, wooden shoes, colorful tulips, towering windmills and, my favorite, split dinner bills. They’ve also inspired many a fashion ensemble and hairstyle. 12 Ways To Style Hair With A Scarf - 12 Incredibly Chic Scarf Styles. 24 Pin Up Hairstyles That Scream "Retro Chic" The Freckled Fox: WEDDING HAIR WEEK: Wrapped Chignon. Hey guys! This wedding week has been a bit different from my usual weeks where it's been so mixed in with other posts here on the blog, but I hope that you don't mind and that you've been enjoying the tutorials that I've been posting! The Freckled Fox: Festival Hair Week: Easy Headscarf Roll. The Freckled Fox: Holiday Hair Week: The Double Gibson. The Freckled Fox: Summers End Hair Week: The Triple Headband Updo. The Freckled Fox: Hair Tutorial: the Easy Headband Tuck. The Freckled Fox: Modern Pin-up Week: #5 - Upright Pin Curls. Morning everyone! Its been a crazy week around here off line, and such a fun one for me on the blog!

The Freckled Fox: Sweetheart Hair Week: Tutorial #6 - Candyman Curls. The Freckled Fox: Sweetheart Hair Week: Tutorial #4 - Bumper Bangs. Hey guys:) Today's tutorial was fun for me because it has several components going on at once what with the Side Victory Rolls, the Back-over Roll, and of course, the Bumper Bangs! Hairstyle tutorials Archives-2. Headwrap DIY. Yoga Braids on my Magic Carpet Yoga Mat. Foil Setting Texture Trick! Raspberries and Vintage Denim. 3 DIY Hairstyles for Crimped Hair. Asymmetrical Shlob. 5 DIY haircuts to try today! Tourmaline Twists and Mineral Power! Ceremonial Head Wrap Tutorial.

Blonderella, Glam Cinderella by Tanya Ramirez. Vintage hair accessories Archives. The Freckled Fox: Hair Tutorial. Twila Jean - Vintage Blog: 30s Style Hair - You Can Do It! Voluminous Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial Video. Bridal Hair Styles, Up-Do, Wedding Hair, Curls, Vintage Hair Style. Voluminous Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial Video. How to Do a Beehive. Coiffure pin up comment faire ? How to Style a Pageboy like Dita Von Teese (with a dent in the back!) Va-Voom Vintage with Brittany. How to Style a Pageboy like Dita Von Teese (with a dent in the back!) How to Style a Pageboy like Dita Von Teese (with a dent in the back!) Makeover Monday – Vintage Head Scarf Tutorial. Getwiththe40s.tumblr. Just in Time for July 4thBroke and Chic. Just in Time for July 4thBroke and Chic. Paradise mango DIY body scrub. Honey Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe.

Honey Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe.