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Health (mind and body)

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CGI Animated Short Film HD: "Print Your Guy Short Film" by Cornillon Quentin. THINK POSITIVE. The creative life is simple: get up, get dressed, get on with it.Chuck Sandy.


Creativity is the new Holy Grail of today’s life. The quest for creativity seems to have reached the proportion of global mass hysteria: schools are blamed for “killing it” and called for “teaching it as a matter of urgency” (Do it now, do it fast); CEOs are setting it as a number one priority for their employees; academia, educators, psychology gurus (and just random people who “are creative and they know it”) are offering “new and creative” ways to “awaken”, “unleash,” “unblock”, “unlock” or “set it free” at home, at school, or at work to secure global peace and happiness (and return on investment). Can we really teach creativity? Exercise_1_benefits. Smile! It's The International Day Of Happiness And First Day Of Spring! Kids News Article.

We are often so busy focusing on what we lack in our lives, that we forget to be happy about all the things we have - like good health and loving friends and family.

Smile! It's The International Day Of Happiness And First Day Of Spring! Kids News Article

Today is a great day to change that mindset. That's because it is not just the first day of spring (at least for those that live in the northern hemisphere) but also the International Day of Happiness. This all-important tradition was started by the United Nations (UN) in 2012 to remind us that "the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal. " The ironic part is that the idea of establishing this "holiday" came from the tiny South Asian country of Bhutan. Sleep (web quest) I'm Not Crazy, But I Did Just Live by Candlelight for 2 Weeks in the Name of Good Health. I was so excited about the idea of living without artificial light.

I'm Not Crazy, But I Did Just Live by Candlelight for 2 Weeks in the Name of Good Health

Ever since I read this illuminating article on the science of sleep, going to bed at sunset and rising with the sun had turned into a health goal I wanted to try out—when I had the time and motivation. Like the Paleo diet, or going gluten free. I’m not crazy. There’s a wealth of data to suggest the merits of an artificial-light-free lifestyle. Too much exposure to artificial light can increase the risk of breast cancer, along with diabetes and heart disease . As it turns out, the eight-hour sleep shift is just a modern invention. In a recent study, eight people (admittedly a small sample) were sent on a weeklong camping trip without any lights or devices, and they came back as morning people.

Clearly, someone needs to try this out. The Experiment: Rules, Goals, and Parameters Dubbed the No Artificial Light Experiment (NALE?) Dubai's 2nd "Weight For Gold" Contest Includes Kids! Concerned about the city's growing obesity rates, in July 2013, the Dubai Municipality came up with an innovative plan to incentivize residents to lose weight.

Dubai's 2nd "Weight For Gold" Contest Includes Kids!

Called 'Your Weight In Gold', it promised to reward contestants with the precious metal if they shed weight, during a specified two-month period. The challenge was so successful that the officials not only decided to offer it again, but also make it a family affair. Similar to last year, "Your Child in Gold" was launched in July 2014, just prior to the holy month of Ramadan, during which many residents refrain from eating or drinking during daylight hours. The timing helps even those that do not observe the ritual given that consuming food in public, is frowned upon during this time. While last year's contest offered tiered incentives to individuals to encourage the maximum weight loss, this year the rewards were aligned in favor of families that lost weight as a unit. Nutrition For Kids: Exercise. Food groups game. Does Your Sleeping Position Reveal Your Personality?

Though you may not know (or fess up) to the fact that you are a worrywart or stubborn as a mule, the position in which you spend the night sleeping, reveals it all - At least that's the conclusion reached by England's leading body language expert, Robert Phipps.

Does Your Sleeping Position Reveal Your Personality?

For his analysis, Robert picked the four most popular sleeping positions - Fetal, Log, Yearner and Freefaller. Curious to hear what he thinks each one unveils about the sleeper's personality? Read on . . . Curled Up Or Fetal Position If you are one of those people that sleeps curled up with head down and knees pulled up, then you are stressed out. Soldier or Log Position For those of you that sleep with all your body parts fully extended and stretched in a straight line, the doctor has some bad news - You are stubborn.

Yearner Position Sleep with your arms outstretched? Freefaller Position This is not the first time a study of this nature has been conducted., SnacktownSmackdown. Dealing With Feelings. Skip Navigation KidsHealth from Nemours for Parents for Kids for Teens What Other Kids Are Reading Confused, sad, mad, glad?

Dealing With Feelings

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