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The Psychology of Color [Infographic]

The Psychology of Color [Infographic]

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Absolutely Lovely Watercolor Walls - Goedeker's Home Life If you haven't heard of watercolor walls yet, consider this your lucky day! They are like nothing I've ever seen before, and the moment I discovered their beauty, I knew I had to share! A wall painted with watercolors gives a room an entirely different feel. The color options are endless, and even typical, "boring" colors are eye-catching. For example, look at the two walls below. Photoshop? NO. These Are Real Animals Katerina Plotnikova did something extremely amazing! She used no photoshop! All poses and animals are real! The Ultimate Collection of Free Photoshop Patterns Photoshop patterns offer a quick way to enhance your project with a cohesive look. Here are a collection of absolutely beautiful photoshop patterns. Whether you use patterns to fill the entire background of your site or just a specific area of your design, you will definitely find these useful. Download these free Photoshop patterns to make an amazing poster printing design.

Ferrari Millenio by Marko Petrovic The Ferrari Millenio, as the name might allude, is a futuristic super-car concept that features a complex combination of materials and technologies that we can hope will become a serious reality before the end of the next millenium. The two-seater includes a buckypaper reinforced body that is stronger than steel and lighter than carbon fiber as well as dual electric engines that can be recharged via solar panels or through an inductive power transfer system. Designer: Marko Petrovic Beautiful Ribbon House Architecture agency FAK3 has been asked to transform an old house and its garden which gives a view to the South China sea. The goal was to create a minimalist house which heart would be under the shape of a ribbon, dancing on 4 floors. So they used the stairs to create that beautiful result.

RSS Buttons for Your Blog from TopRank Online Marketing Blog A while back Thomas aka Twistermc, whipped up a handy tool for creating RSS subscription buttons to place on blogs. This makes it easy for the reader to subscribe to the blog using their favoriate RSS reader or aggregator. (See the buttons down the left side of this blog) This particular tool has been very popular and is the source for many, many links to Online Marketing Blog and to the blog marketing tools page over at TopRank.

Let the Light in: 7 Rejuvenating Apartment Renovations in Barcelona Barcelona is lauded for its vibrant, creative approach to urbanism and as a result, often acts as a city-building model around the world. In many instances, the city is discussed as not only being functional, but also as one that holistically considers the citizen as a stakeholder in its planning processes. In some neighborhoods, streets are tightly packed, where shops, markets and services are all easily within walking distance.

♣ ♦ The playing cards series by Anthony Taysub ♠ ♥ Anthony Taysub is an illustrator and Graphic Designer base on Bangkok, Thailand. #illustration#art#drawing#card#playing Steel rebar forms storage system at Toronto kitchen showroom Canadian studio DesignAgency has used steel reinforcing bars to create a shelving system within a kitchen appliance showroom in Toronto (+ slideshow). Aiming to create a space that doesn't "look or feel like a traditional appliance store", the studio worked with Appliance Love to develop an innovative way to present the brand's products within an old warehouse. The designers kept the original concrete flooring and large windows, but added a bright red frame to the entrance of the store to increase visibility from the street.

Hug Chair by Ilian Milinov A Chair for Clingy Lovers If you’ve ever had someone sit in your lap, you know that 15 minutes is about the max your legs can handle. It’s really not fair. The Hug chair brings simple design and human gesture together for that extra time you want to sit with your significant other. Twist Bike by Jose Hurtado Minimal Twist on the Hubless If you can look past the hubless wheels, you’ll appreciate the fine symmetry behind this design- the Twist Bike. The unique gearing system allows each component to be easily removed for storage, repair, or transporting. The design is also capable of linking with other Twists to create a tandem network of bikes. Designer: Jose Hurtado