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Requiescat - chains_archivist

Requiescat - chains_archivist
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Submit to Fate - The_Pied_Piper :Within the Starship Hangar of the Palace of Nabu, tPM: The moment he entered the hangar, he knew. The sense, so base and primal within him, had been ignited only a few weeks prior. It had rocked the Zabrak to his core- confounded the dark teachings of the Sith within him. What he once forsook as a possibility now thrummed just as strongly within him as the force. And he would not, could not ignore it. Whatever happened, it was by the will of the force. He lifted his head slowly, ignoring the weak citizen guard that surrounded the small ruler who had been his initial target. The younger, though… The blue eyes widened as the menace of Darth Maul’s presence hit him. His mate had been found. He sent out another wave into the force, a challenge. “We’ll handle this.” He had to rid himself of the Master. His chosen was… not eager for battle, but his actions spoke of rash and quick decisions, quickly trying to fight his way to victory. Fine, there’s more than one way to separate you. “Fool.”

One Time He Didn't - ithinkthereforeisherlock Chapter Text Sherlock is four and a half years old and entering Year One at school. He looks down at his timetable, trying to figure out the layout of the school, when a group of three older boys stops in front of him. “Are you just starting?” asks one of them. Sherlock nods. Sherlock smiles back at him. “Do you want a chocolate? “Why yes,” says James. “Go on, then,” says the center one. Sherlock looks up trustingly and reaches his hand forward to take the piece of chocolate. The other boy quickly moves his hand away, bringing his other one up to slap Sherlock hard across the face. The sheer shock of it – the sheer, unexpected, cruel shock of it – momentarily stuns Sherlock, and he staggers back as his curls fall forward. Before he knows it, hot tears are streaking across his cheeks, and he wipes at them angrily, shaking his head and trying to regain his composure. That is the first time Sherlock cries in front of another human being. He decides it will also be the last.

Reylo: The 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Fan-Fiction Ship Between Rey and Kylo Ren Is Popular and Controversial - The Atlantic Until very recently, the 27-year-old New Yorker who goes by the online alias Ricca was not a Star Wars fan. She’d seen the prequels at some point long ago; she didn’t sit down and watch the original trilogy until last year, when, she said, “it was no longer appropriate not to have seen them as part of the culture we exist in.” But seeing The Force Awakens in December profoundly changed her relationship to the franchise created by George Lucas nearly four decades earlier. “I started writing fan fiction pretty much as soon as I left the theater,” she said, explaining the origins of Interstellar Transmissions, a 55-chapter saga that’s the length of an average Harry Potter novel and now stands as the most popular Star Wars-inspired story on the fan-fiction site Archive of Our Own. Among the many readers was a 25-year-old named Rosie. Which might, for some people, seem surprising. But there’s another narrative to be told about grassroots, independent Star Wars fandom. But why ship at all?

[Podfic] Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life - RsCreighton - Marvel Cinematic Universe Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life Author: An Errant Tumbleweed Reader: RsCreighton Fandom: MCU Pairing:Bucky/Steve Rating:Teen and Up Warnings: N/A Summary:A long time ago, a great man made a promise to him: one day, you will no longer have to fight. Streaming Audio Click Here for Mobile Streaming Equilibrium : Balance in the Force - glacis Equilibrium : Balance in the Force. Phantom Menace alternate universe branching off from The Climactic Battle (the only one worth watching, where the Sith revealed himself to the Jedi. This is quite a bit more revealing). Note : training or life bonds don't exist in this universe, one of my nods to canon, which for me consists of only the four movies, no accompanying novels. I do create some aspects of the Force not shown on screen, since the only canonical manifestations of Force we've seen are telekinesis, hypnosis, limited empathy and precognition (mainly from Yoda), and spectral communication (including mind-speaking from ghosts, not living persons). Balance requires some extra effort. Obi Wan Kenobi ran as fast as he could, not daring to augment too strongly with the Force, knowing he would need every ounce of Force-strength he could gather to defeat their enemy. Qui Gon was a master warrior as well as a Master Jedi, but Obi Wan could see that he was tiring. It worked. Knight? fin

Storytelling - amyisabella They've lived together for a grand total of three days when Sherlock flounces onto the sofa beside John and demands to know everything about him, from what his favourite food was as a child, to what his favourite season is now. "What?" says John, who is still a little bit taken aback by Sherlock's entire being. Sherlock rolls his eyes, as if giving an explanation for the random questioning would be the most boring and pointless thing in the entire world. John blinks and then puts down the newspaper he was reading. "Blue," Sherlock interrupts, dismissing John with a wave of his hand. John nods slowly, still more than a little confused. "Red." "How did you know that? "Autumn," Sherlock chimes in unison, and John shoots him a look as he continues to talk. "-though I can hardly see how that's relevant to anything, and are you going to do that every time?" Sherlock only smirks in response and leans forward, twisting his body to face John completely. "What else? "Give me that!" "In what?" "Bad."

Your Son is Gone - NoneKnowme - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) At the first look, Kylo knew it was him. It was this awful feeling that told him in whispers, this swell in his chest screaming crimson murder repeatedly as he grabbed the pillar next to him for aided support, tongue hushed in speechless shock. He could only stare as the figure brushed oblivious by his presence, the leather in his mask the only thing muting the uneven breaths that not even his lungs could control. How could it not be his? Restrained, his lips parted to noiselessly mouth at nothing, feeling the humidity of his mask bring jittery sweat down the back of his neck. No. His legs drove forward without warning, abruptly marching ahead advancing to the bridge right above where he knew death awaited to those who fell. His wordless vocal chords suddenly found grip. The figure in black stopped. He said nothing, letting go of the bridge. His father seemed to be taken aback by his brashness, but made no indication of backing off. There was only silence. “Take off that mask.” “No.”

(Freedom's) Just Another Word - Carmarthen Juvenilia (Carmarthen) Obi-Wan frowned at his starship's screen. The droid fighters had taken out one of his rear thrusters, as well as most of his shields. The hyperdrive wasn't in great shape either after all those jumps. He'd followed the signal of the tracking beacon on the Sith Lord's ship from Naboo to Tarsis IV, the droid fighters hot on his tail. Unfortunately, he didn't have much choice. Obi-Wan punched in some landing coordinates close to the weak tracking beacon signal, and R4 whistled frantically. The landing was rougher than he expected; his ship wouldn't be taking off again any time soon and he was covered with bruises from rattling around in the pilot's chair. He spared a moment to grab some emergency rations and a luma before setting out for the valley floor. As it turned out, he needn't have worried on the first count; the Sith Lord lay slumped against the boarding ramp of his ship. At Obi-Wan's approach the man stirred slightly, reaching for his lightsabre. "Where is the boy you took?"

Signs and Signals - cold_feets Upon arrival at 221B Baker Street, he makes a comment about the state of the flat, and Sherlock gets to tidying before he's barely finished his sentence, straightening papers and shifting piles. He doesn't think anything of it at the time, but later--after dead bodies become recreation, after "a bit not good," after John watches, panicking, as Sherlock inspects a single pill in his palm--he remembers: Sherlock, caught off guard, wanting to impress him, wanting to fix it so he'll stay. And it works. He is "friend" when they meet Sebastian. After they escape Moriarty, shaken but unscathed, in the early morning hours just on the edge of dawn when John is finally able to drag his exhausted body upstairs and collapse into bed, there is the sound of feet on the stairs, the tired creak of old door hinges, the dip of the mattress. It's a bit strange, but then, so is everything about them. After Switzerland, John moves through life on autopilot. "I thought you were--we all thought you--" "No.

how rare and beautiful it is to even exist - ashintuku - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) She was very young when she was left in the care of Unkar Plutt. Too young to know any better, really: to know that her family wasn't just leaving for a few hours, or a day, or a week. That her family was just leaving, and the last she would ever see of them was the glow of the ship's vents before it left the atmosphere and her life for good. Unkar Plutt was not kind; was not good or gentle or fair. He dragged her to his ramshackle trading post, set her down at a table of dirty, sand-worn parts, and told her to scrub if she wanted to eat that night. It was not, by any definition, an auspicious beginning. The only thing that brought her comfort were the galaxies that spread out along her skin like gentle kisses; starbursts and solar flares and clusters of stars, wrapped around her like promises. Unkar Plutt said they were skin blemishes, nothing more, and set her to work until she was old enough to run through the sand dunes of wicked Jakku and bring scavenged pieces of her own. "Okay."

Breaking the Chains, Forging the Links Chapter 1: Down, a star wars fanfic Disclaimer: I do not own any of the original Star Wars characters. I do own the OCs, though. I do not make a £ from this. After reading "Lockdown" and watching the two final seasons of Clone Wars, this almost started to write itself on its own. It's hard to read/watch anything involving Darth Maul without feeling even a bit of pity towards him.Child soldier? Flame all you want, I'm fireproof. It had all happened in an instant. Trapped behind the energy barrier, Obi-Wan yelled in impotent fury. On the other side of the barrier, the Sith was smiling in satisfaction, baring pointy-looking teeth. "I'll kill you!" "You might try..." replied the Sith, with a broader smile. As if by magic, the energy barrier suddenly disappeared with a whirring sound.Obi-Wan roared and launched himself at his smiling foe. Obi-Wan awoke to the sound of something shuffling near him. The pit! He should not be able to do this, Obi-Wan thought fuzzily. "What are you doing?" Obi-Wan acquiesced and set to his task.

4 Times Sherlock Kissed John For Science - ckerased Chapter Text "John, could I ask a favor of you?" Sherlock asked, never taking his eyes off the screen of his laptop. John glanced up from the newspaper he was reading to look at Sherlock, quirking an eyebrow in interest. "What could I possibly do as a favor to you, Sherlock?" Sherlock looked up from his laptop then, studying John's facial expression to determine whether he was genuinely considering assisting him. "To start, I need you to listen through my entire explanation without interrupting me. John nodded silently. "Good," Sherlock responded. He cleared his throat, closed his laptop and set it aside before continuing. "Let me give you some background information before I begin." John, who had dropped his newspaper at the word "kissing," was sitting with his mouth slacked in shock. "I, uh. . . Sherlock attempted to contain a smirk at John's reaction. "I need to find out which one is correct, obviously. "You could use anybody!" "That is incorrect. "Perfect blood pressure for your age.

Darling, You're My Angel - AndreaLyn - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015), Star Wars - All Media Types At four thousand years old, Poe’s starting to develop wrinkles. At least, he’s begun to allow his human vessel to. His fellow angels blame it on his humanist leanings, made worse by his preference to live among them in different familial arrangements in the middle of his assignments. He’s not the only one who does it. It’s especially a good idea to keep quiet when they control your work assignments. He stares in the mirror at his wrinkles and sighs, wondering if he’s vain enough to reverse the ageing down to a younger age. Wrinkles can wait, though. “If you’re ready to pay attention?” The unspoken ‘and you’re very easy to fall in love with’ rests between them. “I’m a professional, ma’am,” Poe protests for his honor’s sake. She does fall in love with him, but Poe gently puts her off so she can do what she’s been meant to. Decades later, when she’s older and Poe hasn’t changed, he holds her hand as she moves from one life to the next. “Take some time off,” Leia recommends. “Duty calls?” No.