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Give 'em Something to Talk About - ChellsBells (crash1212)

Give 'em Something to Talk About - ChellsBells (crash1212)
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Walk the Earth - deathlys (orphan_account) - The Avengers It's Tony who finds out first, and it's Pepper who informs him. She sends him an email, the subject line only saying have you seen this? and the email itself containing nothing but two links. One is a news article from the Huffington Post about a mysterious hero, dubbed "Spider-man," who essentially has been rushing around saving peoples lives. The second link is to a blog that rants about the mystery surrounding this character, his disguise and anonymity, and who it could possibly be behind the mask. The Pack's Human - Scotty1609 A/N: YAAY! My first Teen Wolf FanFiction! Please read and enjoy! And also... I don't own Teen Wolf... duh. SUMMARY: "I'm fine.

Accidental Meeting - ShadowintheKnight This is my first story on here so I hope it is received well : ) Enjoy! : ) Disclaimer: I do not own either the Avengers or Spiderman. Paint My Spirit Gold - Red_City There was a gift.There was a curse. There is a power in the house of Hale, given to the firstborn son of every generation - the ability to turn everything he touches to gold. Though the original intent of the power was thought of as a gift, in reality, it is a dreaded curse that causes the bearer a life of fear, isolation, and danger. Spiders Can Also Cry - darkvoice Soooooo, this is my second fanfiction. I plan to make it into a series. I have been planning on doing a Spider-Man xover with Avenger for a while but I just love the idea. Chapter 1: Meeting Peter Parker, better known as the amazing Spider-Man swung through the city of New York. It was pretty calm tonight, tonight Peter only had to deal with two robbers and one bank robberies.

You left, I didn't, I get the loft.... - Chapter 1 - LilFelber Chapter Text Derek had left. After Mexico, after the change... He had left. No goodbye, no telling the pack he was leaving, just an empty apartment when Stiles dropped by one day. Ragnarok - helloitea [Abandoned :( ] A/N: Hey guys! This is my first Avengers fic and I came up with it while I was on holidays so it probably needs a little fine tuning. This is the prologue and when I say prologue it's really just to fill in some of the gaps that'll come up later on. It won't really make much sense until later. I shall endeavour to have the first chapter up today which I have already started writing.

Starting Over - ANE925 Chapter Text They had been doing good. So good. In Which Tony Stark Gets a Kid - intergalacticju - Multifandom Tony Stark doesn’t hate children. There’s this misconception floating around with all the other untrue things about Stark International’s golden boy, and the ones involving him and kids are mostly false. He can attest to the idea that allowing him to spawn a child would be a bad one- disastrous is probably the better word to use in this situation- but he cannot deny the internal warmth that spreads beneath his cold mechanical heart when children approach him with fliers and toys in hand, some in half or full costume, and delight in their eyes at meeting a superhero. Children don’t have the same judgement adults do. They see the world through wonderment, and even if they knew about Tony’s past misadventures it doesn’t mean anything to them. They just like the parts where he flies around and blows bad guys up, and that’s certainly something he can get behind.

End of the Road and Back - UnstableIntention (BeneficialAddiction) Chapter Text This was wrong. This was very, very wrong. Just Another Day in NYC - Corpium - Multifandom "Come on," Peter says plaintively as he ducks a swipe from the Lizard's tail. "What is this, deja vu?" He throws a punch, spying from the corner of his eye the restaurant's giant kitchen freezer door conveniently standing wide open. He webs the Lizard in the face and ducks again, weaving around so that he's between the Lizard and the freezer door. "I feel like we just went through this. Can't I catch a break?" Did you steal him? - quigui Stiles does not have a thing for babies. Or single dads. Or dads in general. But he's pretty sure he's about to get an anime-style nosebleed from the sight of the stranger across the frozen pizzas aisle, the stranger with a baby carrier strapped on, and a kid doing his best starfish impression. Granted, he probably would have gotten a similar response from the whole setup sans baby. But something about the jiggling arms and legs, stuffed into way too much clothing, drew his attention, and he was extremely pleased to find that it came attached to someone that might actually break the scale.

An Important Wait - leavesofmirkwood Peter had been on edge all day, waiting for the moment that was coming closer and closer. His ears were practically ringing with anticipation. The moment that could change his life. A job interview.