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What's Really Warming the World? Climate deniers blame natural factors; NASA data proves otherwise. Climate scientists tend not to report climate results in whole temperatures.

What's Really Warming the World? Climate deniers blame natural factors; NASA data proves otherwise

Instead, they talk about how the annual temperature departs from an average, or baseline. TED - Climate change is like a dangerous game of Tetris.... Life on Earth is getting a major redistribution, and the consequences are serious. Last year in Paris, for the very first time, English sparkling wine beat champagne in a blind tasting event.

Life on Earth is getting a major redistribution, and the consequences are serious

Well established French Champagne houses have started buying fields in Britain to grow grapes, and even the royal family is investing in this new venture. Comments. What the World Will Look Like 4°C Warmer. Polynesia is gone – sunk beneath the waves.

What the World Will Look Like 4°C Warmer

Pakistan and South India have been abandoned. And Europe is slowly turning into a desert. Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts. The Young Geographer Magazine by Royal Scottish Geographical Society. Government 'tried to bury' its own alarming report on climate change. The Government has been accused of trying to bury a major report about the potential dangers of global warming to Britain – including the doubling of the deaths during heatwaves, a “significant risk” to supplies of food and the prospect of infrastructure damage from flooding.

Government 'tried to bury' its own alarming report on climate change

The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment Report, which by law has to be produced every five years, was published with little fanfare on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (Defra) website on 18 January. But, despite its undoubted importance, Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom made no speech and did not issue her own statement, and even the Defra Twitter account was silent. What the World Would Look Like if All the Ice Melted.

This story appears in the September 2013 issue of National Geographic magazine.

What the World Would Look Like if All the Ice Melted

The maps here show the world as it is now, with only one difference: All the ice on land has melted and drained into the sea, raising it 216 feet and creating new shorelines for our continents and inland seas. There are more than five million cubic miles of ice on Earth, and some scientists say it would take more than 5,000 years to melt it all. If we continue adding carbon to the atmosphere, we’ll very likely create an ice-free planet, with an average temperature of perhaps 80 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the current 58.

North America The entire Atlantic seaboard would vanish, along with Florida and the Gulf Coast. South America The Amazon Basin in the north and the Paraguay River Basin in the south would become Atlantic inlets, wiping out Buenos Aires, coastal Uruguay, and most of Paraguay. Africa. SEPA makes real-time rainfall data available online. Real-time Scottish rainfall data is now available on SEPA’s website.

SEPA makes real-time rainfall data available online

The site provides rainfall information for over 270 locations across Scotland. This may be helpful for a wide range of uses such as flood forecasting, farming, angling and canoeing. Each gauge is represented by a dot on a map which can be clicked to reveal the gauge name and rainfall amounts in a range of hourly, daily, monthly and annual formats.

Science Experiment For Kids. If you want to teach What Is The Water Cycle in the classroom or in your homeschool, this experiment is one of the best visual demonstrations you can use for that.

Science Experiment For Kids

Water Water covers approximately 70% of the Earth’s surface and makes up about 70% of your mass. This amazing natural resource is essential for life, both animals and plants. Windyty, wind map & forecast. Dead Sea drying: A new low-point for Earth. The Dead Sea, the salty lake located at the lowest point on Earth, is gradually shrinking under the heat of the Middle Eastern sun.

Dead Sea drying: A new low-point for Earth

What will Earth look like if all its land ice melts? Here's your answer. Land ice: We got a lot of it.

What will Earth look like if all its land ice melts? Here's your answer.

Huffingtonpost. Amid Climate-Fueled Food Crisis, Filipino Forces Open Fire on Starving Farmers. Police and army forces shot at about 6,000 starving farmers and Lumad Indigenous people demonstrating for drought relief in the Philippines on Friday, ultimately killing 10.

Amid Climate-Fueled Food Crisis, Filipino Forces Open Fire on Starving Farmers

Observers characterized the security forces' action as "a strafing. " "The government's response to hunger is violence," said Zeph Repollo, Southeast Asia campaign coordinator for, in an email to Common Dreams. Scientists say Antarctic melting could double sea level rise. Here’s what that looks like. According to a new study, high levels of greenhouse gas emissions could cause oceans to rise by close to two meters in total (over six feet) by the end of the century, and more than 13 meters (42 feet) from Antarctica alone by 2500. (Nature, Rob DeConto, David Pollard) In a groundbreaking climate change study, scientists have found that by neglecting to include the melting of Antarctica, we have vastly underestimated the potential for sea level rise over the next 80 years — and beyond.

Carbon emissions boosted 2014 January storm risk 'by 43%' Image copyright Getty Images Severe storms in the south of England in 2013/14 were made more likely by human emissions of carbon dioxide. A new study says that climate change increased the chances of a once-in-a-century wet January in 2014 by 43%. Researchers were also able to estimate the climate impact on rainfall, river flow and properties at risk. Citizen scientists made key contributions to the study using their computers to run simulations of UK weather patterns. The winter of 2013/14 was marked by a near continuous line of severe storms that rolled across southern England and Wales. In Somerset, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and the Thames Valley, the incessant rain lead to significant flooding. Warming suspected. IPCC updates for geography teachers - Metlink Teaching Weather and Climate.

Climate Change Updates Evidence from the 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report: for Geography Teachers Factsheets: Colourful nacreous clouds spark aurora borealis reports. Image copyright Ivon Bartholomew Brightly coloured clouds that form in Earth's lower stratosphere appear to have been mistaken for another phenomenon. Lancaster University's AuroraWatch UK said it had received reports of sights of the aurora borealis. Animation: 100 years of global warming in less than a minute. Hunger threatens millions as El Niño causes drought and floods. Huffingtonpost. Researchers: Tibetan Glacial Melt Threatens Billions. December weather: Why is it so mild?

Current El Nino climate event 'among the strongest' The Paris climate accord has been approved! Now here's what that actually means for you. For the first time in history, representatives of 195 nations agreed to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Historic Climate Change Agreement Adopted In Paris. The Economist. Rare, Mesmerizing Rainbow Portal Cloud Appears in Australian Sky. Reddit user big_mac_heart_attack spotted this rare weather phenomenon over Eastern Victoria, Australia recently and shared the photo on the site. GaugeMap. Untitled. Fuel and fire. Met Office confirms El Nino could cause harsh winter in Europe. Ice cold winter forecast to hit country because of Pacific Ocean changesLast week Australian meteorologists predicted 'moderate to strong' El NinoAnd now the Met Office has backed up these claimsLast time the event happened in 2010 December the weather was the coldest in the UK for 120 years, with temperatures averaging -1C.

Scotland's Marine Atlas: Information for The National Marine Plan. Rural Women Worldwide Are on the Frontlines of Climate Change  This story starts with an epiphany. It happened when a 28-year-old Kenyan woman named Eunice, a community-health worker, went to visit her mother. Global warming: Sea levels are rising rapidly. Explicit cookie consent. Can pollution affect clouds and weather patterns? - BBC News. BBC Four - Climate Change by Numbers. Meet Malcolm, the man defending his town from the rising seas. Takepart. Instant vapor. Climate Change Takes A Village <br><small>As The Planet Warms, A Remote Alaskan Town Shows Just How Unprepared We Are</small>

What makes different years warmer or colder? - BBC News. Climate change may be shrinking goats ... and could lead to less bacon. A global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions. Greenland’s dark snow may start global warming ‘feedback loop’ - Environment. Just what is going on in this climate of ours? The West’s devastating drought is literally lifting mountains. Weather And Climate-Related Disasters Have Cost The Planet $2.4 Trillion, WMO Report Finds. European forests absorbing less C02 - time for a rethink? - Comments. Rising Seas - Interactive: If All The Ice Melted.

Explicit cookie consent. Explicit cookie consent. Rain and rainfall in the UK.