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Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. The worst case scenario for sea level rise in the United States is more than just a dim possibility.


It's becoming more likely. An annual "report card" for the US coastline shows sea levels are speeding up in most places measured. "Acceleration can be a game changer in terms of impacts and planning, so we really need to pay heed to these patterns," says John Boon at William and Mary's Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS). Untitled. Sign up to receive our latest reporting on climate change, energy and environmental justice, sent directly to your inbox.


Subscribe here. The jet stream—a powerful river of wind high in the atmosphere—shapes the Northern Hemisphere’s weather, including bitter cold snaps. Because it plays a key role in weather extremes, climate scientists are striving to understand its changing dynamics. Untitled. Impacts of climate change: regional, national or global? Climate change has finally caught up to this Alaska village. The melting Arctic is now open for business.

Suez Canal (1,501 ships in Sept. 2018) Testing alternate routes Last September the Danish Venta Maersk became the first container ship to complete the Northern Sea Route, traveling from East Asia to northern Europe.

The melting Arctic is now open for business

Chad Frischmann: 100 solutions to reverse global warming. Incredible Timelapse Shows Storm Dumping Tonnes Of Water In Alpine Lake. Permafrost is supposed to stay frozen.... - Greenpeace International. 'White Easter': Why does this freezing weather keep coming back to the UK? Britain has been gripped by exceptionally cold weather over the past several weeks, with heavy snow and ice causing chaos and travel disruption across the country.

'White Easter': Why does this freezing weather keep coming back to the UK?

Sub-zero temperatures at the beginning of the month set a record for the UK's coldest March day, as the mercury failed to rise above -5.2C in Tredegar, Wales. And despite the arrival of the spring and the current mild weather, there are signs Britain may face another icy blast in the run-up to the bank holiday with some forecasters warnings of a 'White Easter'. Although the upcoming Arctic chill may not be as intense as the past two severe wintry spells, there is still a risk of snow as temperatures look set to drop up to 5C below normal. Hotter, Drier, Hungrier: How Global Warming Punishes the World’s Poorest. In The Gambia, building resilience to a changing climate. UN Environment will implement the largest natural resource development project in the history of The Gambia to help the West African nation tackle climate change impacts and restore degraded forests, farmland and coastal zones.

In The Gambia, building resilience to a changing climate

Funded by a $20.5 million Green Climate Fund (GCF) grant and $5 million from the Government of the Gambia, the "Large-scale Ecosystem-based Adaptation Project in The Gambia" (EbA) was launched in January in the capital Banjul. “This project is the single-largest natural resource development project ever launched in the history of the development of this country and funded by the GCF”, Lamin Dibba, The Gambia's Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources, told fellow ministers, representatives from the UN and GCF and other stakeholders present at the launch.

The six-year project should directly benefit up to 11,550 Gambian households and potentially reach a further 46,200 households indirectly. Everything you need to know about the Cape Town drought. Could Cape Town be the first major city in the modern era to run out of drinking water?

Everything you need to know about the Cape Town drought

After three years of drought in the Western Cape province, that’s the fear for nearly four million citizens — and South Africa’s tourism industry. These are the key questions and answers for prospective visitors. What’s happening? Rainfall in Western Cape, where Cape Town is located, dwindled dramatically in the three years to 2017. Piotr Wolski, a researcher with the University of Cape Town’s Climate System Analysis Group, describes the spell as “very rare and severe”. "My findings are that this kind of drought occurs once in 311 years," Dr Wolski wrote. Course: Before the Flood. A Thermometer Just Broke At -62°C (-80°F) In The World’s Coldest Village, And The Photos Are Breathtaking. Welcome to Oymyakon, a village where students are expected to attend class till temperatures reach minus -52°C (-62°F).

A Thermometer Just Broke At -62°C (-80°F) In The World’s Coldest Village, And The Photos Are Breathtaking

The remote Siberian village is considered to be the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world, and it has just plummeted into a -62°C (-80°F) winter, making our daily complaints about the weather sound rather silly. Show Full Text We already introduced you this place when a photographer Amos Chapple traveled there to brave the freeze. The three-degree world: cities that will be drowned by global warming. When UN climate negotiators meet for summit talks this month, there will be a new figure on the table: 3C.

The three-degree world: cities that will be drowned by global warming

Until now, global efforts such as the Paris climate agreement have tried to limit global warming to 2C above pre-industrial levels. However, with latest projections pointing to an increase of 3.2C by 2100, these goals seem to be slipping out of reach. Global temperature change compared to pre-industrial levels “[We] still find ourselves in a situation where we are not doing nearly enough to save hundreds of millions of people from a miserable future,” said Erik Solheim, the UN environment chief, ahead of the upcoming Bonn conference. What's the weather like? What's Really Warming the World? Climate deniers blame natural factors; NASA data proves otherwise.

Climate scientists tend not to report climate results in whole temperatures. UN Environment - Temperature anomalies arranged by country... A global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions. Date | 2017-09-09 11:00 Local ⇄ UTC Data | Wind @ Surface Scale | Source | GFS / NCEP / US National Weather Service Control | Now « – ‹ – › – » ⊕Grid▷HD.

a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions

Agenda / Climate Change. Weather Infographics. Agenda / Environment. US report confirms 2016 as warmest year on record. Image copyright Getty Images A report compiled by a US government agency has confirmed that 2016 was the warmest year on record and the third year in a row of record global warmth.

US report confirms 2016 as warmest year on record

The heat was the result of long-term global warming and a strong El Niño weather phenomenon, the report said. Global surface and sea temperatures, sea levels and greenhouse gases levels were all at record highs, it added. The report comes after President Donald Trump announced plans for the US to quit the 2015 Paris climate accord. Mr Trump has previously dismissed climate change as "a hoax". Melting Glaciers Reveal Missing People and a Whole Lot More. [DIGEST: National Geographic, NPR, HuffPo, BBC, USA Today] As glaciers melt around the world, secrets and mysteries that remained frozen in time have been uncovered and solved.

In some cases, this involves the gruesome discovery of well-preserved human bodies revealed by the receding ice. The fate of Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin, a Swiss couple who disappeared 75 years ago, was revealed this month when the Tsanfleuron Glacier in the Swiss Alps receded enough to reveal their long-frozen bodies. It was back in August of 1942 when the couple, a shoemaker and schoolteacher, went out to tend livestock and never came back. A worker found the bodies, along with a water bottle, clothing, a pocket watch, a book, and boots, near a ski lift at an Alps resort. Extreme weather 'could kill up to 100,000 a year' in Europe by 2100. Image copyright AFP Extreme weather could kill up to 152,000 people yearly in Europe by 2100 if nothing is done to curb the effects of climate change, scientists say. The number is 50 times more deaths than reported now, the study in The Lancet Planetary Health journal said.

Heat waves would cause 99% of all weather-related deaths, it added, with southern Europe being worst affected. All hell breaks loose as the tundra thaws. Strange things have been happening in the frozen tundra of northern Siberia. Last August a boy died of anthrax in the remote Yamal Peninsula, and 20 other infected people were treated and survived. Anthrax hadn’t been seen in the region for 75 years, and it’s thought the recent outbreak followed an intense heatwave in Siberia, temperatures reaching over 30C that melted the frozen permafrost.

Asian cities set to benefit most from green growth as US retreats. Asian cities will gain by about $1.5 trillion (£1.1tn) a year by 2030 if predictions on green and sustainable growth are proved correct, with tens of millions of new jobs created, and cities across the region seeing improvements in their liveability and environment. But achieving those goals, and the attendant growth, would be dependent on governments and businesses investing in sustainable cities, and targeting green growth above high-carbon infrastructure. The report, from the non-profit Business and Sustainable Development Commission (BDSC), found that Asian cities would be among the biggest beneficiaries of the move to achieve the global sustainable development goals. It points to improved air and water, better-designed buildings and public spaces, investment in low-carbon transport, and better use of physical resources, with less waste.

What's Really Warming the World? Climate deniers blame natural factors; NASA data proves otherwise. TED - Climate change is like a dangerous game of Tetris.... Life on Earth is getting a major redistribution, and the consequences are serious. Comments. What the World Will Look Like 4°C Warmer. Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts.

The Young Geographer Magazine by Royal Scottish Geographical Society. Government 'tried to bury' its own alarming report on climate change. The Government has been accused of trying to bury a major report about the potential dangers of global warming to Britain – including the doubling of the deaths during heatwaves, a “significant risk” to supplies of food and the prospect of infrastructure damage from flooding. The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment Report, which by law has to be produced every five years, was published with little fanfare on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (Defra) website on 18 January. But, despite its undoubted importance, Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom made no speech and did not issue her own statement, and even the Defra Twitter account was silent. No mainstream media organisation covered the report. What the World Would Look Like if All the Ice Melted.

This story appears in the September 2013 issue of National Geographic magazine. SEPA makes real-time rainfall data available online. Real-time Scottish rainfall data is now available on SEPA’s website. The site provides rainfall information for over 270 locations across Scotland. This may be helpful for a wide range of uses such as flood forecasting, farming, angling and canoeing. Science Experiment For Kids. Windyty, wind map & forecast. Dead Sea drying: A new low-point for Earth. What will Earth look like if all its land ice melts? Here's your answer. Huffingtonpost. Amid Climate-Fueled Food Crisis, Filipino Forces Open Fire on Starving Farmers. Police and army forces shot at about 6,000 starving farmers and Lumad Indigenous people demonstrating for drought relief in the Philippines on Friday, ultimately killing 10. Observers characterized the security forces' action as "a strafing.

" "The government's response to hunger is violence," said Zeph Repollo, Southeast Asia campaign coordinator for, in an email to Common Dreams. Scientists say Antarctic melting could double sea level rise. Here’s what that looks like. According to a new study, high levels of greenhouse gas emissions could cause oceans to rise by close to two meters in total (over six feet) by the end of the century, and more than 13 meters (42 feet) from Antarctica alone by 2500.

Carbon emissions boosted 2014 January storm risk 'by 43%' IPCC updates for geography teachers - Metlink Teaching Weather and Climate. Colourful nacreous clouds spark aurora borealis reports. Animation: 100 years of global warming in less than a minute. Hunger threatens millions as El Niño causes drought and floods. Huffingtonpost. Researchers: Tibetan Glacial Melt Threatens Billions.

December weather: Why is it so mild? Current El Nino climate event 'among the strongest' The Paris climate accord has been approved! Now here's what that actually means for you. Historic Climate Change Agreement Adopted In Paris. The Economist. Rare, Mesmerizing Rainbow Portal Cloud Appears in Australian Sky. GaugeMap. Untitled. Met Office confirms El Nino could cause harsh winter in Europe.

Scotland's Marine Atlas: Information for The National Marine Plan. Rural Women Worldwide Are on the Frontlines of Climate Change  Global warming: Sea levels are rising rapidly. Explicit cookie consent. Can pollution affect clouds and weather patterns? - BBC News. BBC Four - Climate Change by Numbers. Meet Malcolm, the man defending his town from the rising seas. Takepart. Instant vapor. Climate Change Takes A Village <br><small>As The Planet Warms, A Remote Alaskan Town Shows Just How Unprepared We Are</small>

What makes different years warmer or colder? - BBC News. Climate change may be shrinking goats ... and could lead to less bacon. A global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions. Greenland’s dark snow may start global warming ‘feedback loop’ - Environment. Just what is going on in this climate of ours? The West’s devastating drought is literally lifting mountains. Weather And Climate-Related Disasters Have Cost The Planet $2.4 Trillion, WMO Report Finds. European forests absorbing less C02 - time for a rethink? - Comments. Rising Seas - Interactive: If All The Ice Melted. Explicit cookie consent. Explicit cookie consent. Rain and rainfall in the UK.