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The World in Action

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Stop the Net Grab Stop the Net Grab To voting members of the World Conference on International Telecommunications: I strongly oppose any attempt to undermine the fundamental freedoms of citizens online. I urge you to use your voting power to reject the proposal that would change forever the rules that govern the internet. I value my access to the internet as information source, a vital mode of communication... I value my access to the internet as information source, a vital mode of communication and a source of connection and global exchange.

WCER: About WCER The Wisconsin Center for Education Research is one of the oldest, largest, and most productive university-based education research centers in the world. Under the direction of Robert Mathieu, WCER provides a dynamic environment where some of the country's leading scholars conduct basic and applied education research. The WCER portfolio includes research centers and projects that investigate a variety of topics in education. A place for research WCER is home to some 425 faculty, staff, and graduate students who are engaged in more than 100 research projects spanning the full range of education research – including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), English language learning and assessment, social studies and literacy, the learning sciences, education policy, school finance and human resource management, teacher professional development, and value-added modeling.

How YOU can donate to the Westboro Baptist Church - Debate Just kidding. Below are a few questions I’ve attempted to answer about the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). This isn’t formal research, just a few points that I believe need to be brought to attention. What is this ‘Westboro Baptist Church’ you speak of? COWSPIRACY - Response to Criticism of Cowspiracy Facts Cowspiracy co-director Keegan Kuhn responds to criticisms given to the film. "The experts interviewed in the film seem to be vegan and have little knowledge or understanding of agriculture or the environment, especially with regards to raising cattle. The film is not unbiased." Dr. Richard Oppenlander has been studying and researching agriculture for close to 40 years.

75% of Air and Rain Samples Contain Monsanto's Round Up A new study proves just how invasive Monsanto’s best selling chemicals are, revealing how herbicide toxins are appearing in 75% of rain and air samples. Take a deep breath. Thanks to the massive use of herbicides across the planet, you likely just inhaled a dose of Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide, Round Up – at least according to the latest US Geological Survey published in the journal Enviromental Toxicology and Chemistry. The chemical ingredient used in Round Up, known as glyphosate, as well as other ‘inert’ toxic chemicals, were found in over 75% of the air and rain samples tested from Mississippi in 2007 – a large river that cuts through the middle of the US, and is the basin in which hundreds of farms’ runoff drains. An evaluation of numerous pesticides currently used were measured through water and air samples collected from 1995 to 2007 during growing season along the Mississippi Delta agricultural region. If 75% of samples containing Round Up isn’t shocking enough, there’s more:

Trans-Pacific Partnership undermines health system - Opinion The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a deal that is being secretly negotiated by the White House, with the help of more than 600 corporate advisers and Pacific Rim nations, including Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. While the TPP is being called a trade agreement, the US already has trade agreements covering 90 percent of the GDP of the countries involved in the talks. Instead, the TPP is a major power grab by large corporations. The text of the TPP includes 29 chapters, only five of which are about trade.

Man Installs a Charity Fridge Outside His Home 10.9K 213ShareNew In all my enthusiasm for stories about refrigerators, somehow I missed this very sweet one from Saudi Arabia. Last May, just before the holy month of Ramadan, a gentleman in Ha’il, a city in the northwestern part of the country, was contemplating how he could do more for those in need. That’s when he hit upon a simple idea: Why not put a refrigerator on the street for the hungry and homeless to access? Shaikh Mohammad Al Araifi According to the BBC, the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, hoped that he could restore people's dignity by sparing them from having to beg for food. Karl Rove Loses Election After Being Checkmated By Cyber Sleuths? Crossposted from Occupy For Accountability Last month, we offered a million dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who rigged a federal election on November 6th. We urged computer experts to contact us with information about any election manipulation of the tabulation results.

Everyone should read what the Pope has to say about climate change Pope Francis is in Africa for his first visit to the continent as pontiff. His trip, to Kenya, Uganda and Central African Republic, overlaps with next week's Paris climate change meeting (COP21). Speaking at the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi, Francis said: In a few days, an important meeting on climate change will be held in Paris ... Boycott, ban, criminalize Roundup Jon RappoportActivist Post Glyphosate is the primary active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup. There is no official figure for the amount of glyphosate used every year in the world.

European Commission preparing for EU-US trade talks: 119 meetings with industry lobbyists Negotiations on an EU-US ‘free trade’ agreement (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, TTIP) started in July this year amid strong controversy and public concern about the impacts such an agreement could have on environmental regulations, food standards, data protection and other issues. The European Commission, which represents the EU in the negotiations, has reacted with a propaganda offensive that includes a Q&A website full of misleading claims about the TTIP talks and a ‘@EU_TTIP_team’ that counters critical messages on twitter. In mid-July, the Commission made a huge deal out of the civil society dialogue it had organised in Brussels on the TTIP talks, posting dozens of tweets about the event, praising the “interesting discussion” on issues such as “the environment, transparency, development” with “as many questions from NGOs [...] than there were from Industry”. A disturbing business bias Industry-dominated advisory group in the making?

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