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Demonizing Wolves. September 19, 2015 Here we go again, a wolf supposedly killed a cow in Washington state, on federal land and it makes headlines but what the media never reports is how well-behaved wolves are and what a non-threat they are to ranching or farming.

Demonizing Wolves

In 2010, 51,200 cows died in Oregon from non-predation causes. (NASS 2010). That’s right, FIFTY ONE THOUSAND! This should be front page news, right? Oregon had 1,300,000 cattle at the beginning of 2011. Digestive problems Respiratory problems Metabolic problems Mastitis Lameness/injury Other diseases Weather related Calving problems Poisoning Theft (NASS 2010) National Agricultural Statistics Service Meanwhile in 2009 “federal agents associated with the USDA’s Wildlife Services program killed 114,522 mammalian carnivores (including 480 wolves; 82,097 coyotes; and 477 domestic dogs)…… It spent $121 million that year.”

Dog behavior

Reader Comment: Killing Wolves, Without Reason. It is known, and not refuted by anyone from the governor through the state Legislature, that the latest bill to slaughter 60 percent of the wolves is bought but not paid for by the National Rifle Association.

Reader Comment: Killing Wolves, Without Reason

The people of this state are paying $400,000 to kill the wolves in the Frank Church Wilderness Area. The bill was drafted by the NRA, and not for the good of all the people or national/state forest lands where wolves and other predator and non-predator animals are being at this moment shot, trapped and snared in the cruelest of ways. Huge, ongoing efforts have been and are being made to inform people in this state that it is at this moment proven in the Wood River Valley and other areas of the state that predators can be and are being manage — something that other state Fish and Game organizations model. But not here. Mr. Thanks to Rep. What your readers were not told is that poachers (killing illegally) take down wolves and other wildlife. Hunting today is indiscriminate. Bold Visions Conservation Blog. Why the states have wolf management wrong - National wildlife conservation. In this Powell Tribune post, Wolf hunt ends with 24 taken, written by Gib Mathers, the big, glaring error in state wolf management is revealed.

The states, eager for revenue (gotten through the selling of hunting and trapping licenses), have gotten basic principles of wolf 'management' all wrong. With wolves, 'management' is not as simple as removing individual bucks from a breeding population of deer - Wolves live in FAMILIES. Everything they do revolves around the well-being of their families - Including teaching their pups (who stay 'children', to be taught and protected, for three years), just as we teach our own children. Wolves pass down learned information (for instance, to stay away from livestock) to their family, to their impressionable pups, in essence passing down a unique 'culture' of conduct and survival tools specific to each pack.

That includes respect for Man and his livestock. Wolves LEARN. Wolves just want to eat. The House Committee on Natural Resources - Democrats - Ranking Member Peter DeFazio. For Immediate Release: July 8, 2014 Contact: Jen Gilbreath (Resources), 202-225-4081 DeFazio Calls on Interior to Protect Gray Wolves In or Near National Parks Yellowstone gray wolves have been killed by hunters just outside of park boundaries Washington, D.C. – Today, Ranking Member of the House Natural Resources Committee Peter DeFazio (D-OR) sent a letter urging Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell to create critical buffer zones to protect endangered gray wolves in or around our National Parks.

The House Committee on Natural Resources - Democrats - Ranking Member Peter DeFazio

In 2011, Congress legislated a U.S. Activist campaigns for anti-wolf hunt measures. LANSING, Mich.

Activist campaigns for anti-wolf hunt measures

(AP) — The president of the Humane Society of the United States is visiting Michigan to support ballot initiatives designed to stop wolf hunting. Wayne Pacelle is joining other activists Tuesday at the state Capitol in Lansing to ask that voters be allowed to decide the wolf hunting issue in the election this November. Pacelle also plans to meet volunteers and potential voters in the Kalamazoo area.

Hunting opponents have gathered enough petition signatures to force two statewide referendums on whether to repeal laws that could allow wolf hunting. But hunting supporters have collected their own signatures in favor of letting the appointed Natural Resources Commission make the decision. Oliver Starr's Speak for Wolves talk. Scientists use CSI-ish tests to count Alaska packs. Thanks for a great event! Dear Wolf Advocate, In late June, approximately 150 people attended Speak for Wolves: Yellowstone 2014 in Gardiner, Montana.

Thanks for a great event!

The event showcased prominent speakers, children's activities, live music, food/drink, wildlife documentaries and panel discussions. The event made the front page of the local Livingston Enterprise (see attached picture), was covered by Reuter's and was picked up by the New York Times! Friday night was kicked off by local resident and cinema photographer Bob Landis, who screened his newest film SheWolf, which has appeared on the National Geographic Channel. Another Wolf/Coyote Killing Contest Being Planned for January in Salmon, Idaho. The BLM has issued a “scoping letter” asking people to provide comments on the scope of what the BLM should consider in an Environmental Assessment they intend to conduct on the impacts of a proposed “predator derby” on the BLM lands surrounding the Salmon, Idaho area during the weekend of January 2-4, 2015.

Another Wolf/Coyote Killing Contest Being Planned for January in Salmon, Idaho

The 15-day public comment period started on August 4th and will extend to August 18, 2014.