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It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah - Reehoe, ZackaryAnderson. Show Chapter. Show Chapter. White Rabbit - Chapter 4 - BlueEyedBetaMeow. Chapter Text "That's good, try it again," came the calming voice of the older man standing before him, holding his wrist delicately in his own hand.

White Rabbit - Chapter 4 - BlueEyedBetaMeow

A stagnant huff of air left Stiles' lungs and the tip of his nose twitched as he nodded, curling his right hand back up toward himself into a tight fist. He felt the sinew and tendons in his forearm stretch uncomfortably under the ace bandage wrapped snug around the joint as his fingers shook in effort, just the tips humming with the fire of pins-and-needles sleepiness that had slowly been receding since the accident three weeks ago. He closed his honey hued eyes, tried not to kick anxiously with his feet as he sat on the cold metal slab of an exam table, and concentrated.

He stilled for a minute, chewing on the inside of his lip, willing it to happen again, for him to be able to call on them again, for this to work. Show Chapter. The Pack's Human - Scotty1609. A/N: YAAY!

The Pack's Human - Scotty1609

My first Teen Wolf FanFiction! Please read and enjoy! And also... Anything to Save Stiles - PenPatronous. Anything to Save Stiles PenPatronus Scott had no destination in mind when he left Stiles in the MRI machine.

Anything to Save Stiles - PenPatronous

In a tiny conscious corner of his mind he registered doors, hallways, stairs and faceless people walking past him. Stiles Stilinski: Agent of SHIELD - laniew1 - Marvel Avengers Movies Universe, Mortal Kombat (1995), Teen Wolf (TV), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own] Adult Wolf - Chapter 1 - KouriArashi. Chapter Text Sheriff Tom Stilinski has seen some shit.

Adult Wolf - Chapter 1 - KouriArashi

It’s not exactly news that Beacon Hills is a weird place to live. The murder rate is only slightly higher than the national average, but the rate of disappearances is three times higher. In terms of demographics, it seems like your typical northern California town, but the population fluctuates wildly. In some years, people move out in droves. Teen Wolf Coda - calrissian18. Spiritflesh - 1001cranes. A Steak to Two Wolves - Mandibles. Pack Initiation - orphan_account.

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Pack Initiation - orphan_account

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Apologies [Series]

Experiments in Pattern Recognition - tabris. One // Scott When Scott comes out of the shower, he's still cursing his enhanced werewolf nose because three very thorough scrubbings should really have been enough to get smell of the compost bin he'd fallen into off.

Experiments in Pattern Recognition - tabris

But apparently that's just something he's going to have to deal with. It can't be too bad, at least, because neither Allison nor Stiles notice as he makes his way down the hall to stop in the doorway to the McCall's living room. Allison, exhausted after two nights of no sleep (night one because of a French exam that's half her semester grade; night two helping Scott hunt down supernatural beings that apparently aren't important enough for Derek to bother with), has clearly given up on waiting for Scott or even waiting to get to a bed. Instead, she's slumped over Stiles where he's sitting on the floor in front of the couch, legs splayed out in front of him with her head on his thigh. "Fucking lawn gnomes, for real, how is this my life now? " Details in the Fabric - Loz - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Stiles peels up the hem of his t-shirt and tosses the damp tangle of material to the floor.

Details in the Fabric - Loz - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

It’s the middle of a summer that isn’t as mild as Scott’s used to and he’d shrugged when Stiles asked if he could borrow a shirt, thinking he wouldn’t mind. There’s an itch in his blood as he watches the flex of Stiles’ broad shoulders and dip of his lower back, the stretch of his sweaty skin and the curve of his muscles.

You’re My Best Friend - Mochi_Jupe_Jaune - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own] Who Could Ever Love a Beast? - Chapter 1 - winglesswarrior. Chapter Text “You could leave every now and then,” Isaac suggested, voice tentative from the shadows though all Derek did in response was grunt.

Who Could Ever Love a Beast? - Chapter 1 - winglesswarrior

“Or you could just grunt as if that’s an actual form of communication. That works too.” Isaac rolled his eyes and moved back towards Erica and Boyd. We Should Become More Adventurous - Chapter 1 - skoosiepants. Chapter Text Stiles blearily stumbles up the steps to his apartment building, almost tripping over the huddled mass of I’m-totally-not-an-orphan-waif Alex, dark hoodie pulled up over her head, too long sleeves covering pale fingers.

We Should Become More Adventurous - Chapter 1 - skoosiepants

It’s not even dark yet, sun still a bright ball of cheeriness burning at Stiles’ soul, but Stiles has been up since two am, since he had to talk Lydia down from a near-rage blackout over something Stiles doesn’t even remember now, but probably had to do with Erica, her arch nemesis in Accounting. After an hour of Lydia yelling and Stiles uh-huhing, being his totally agreeable and calming self, he hadn’t been able to flip off his brain switch and actually go back to sleep. So now he’s running on fumes and all the coffee Lydia had helpfully poured down his throat, and he’s not sure what to do with the big-eyed, broody preteen currently boring holes of anger and betrayal deep into his soul. “What, what?” “I’m grounded,” she says. “Oh,” Stiles says. Fun. “Uh.” Jealousy it’s A Thing - Carerra_os. Old Wounds Reopened - Ebyru. Derek assumes Dr.

Old Wounds Reopened - Ebyru

Deaton meant Scott when he said there was one person Derek could trust. How wrong Derek was. Stiles punches Scott so hard he nearly breaks his fist on Scott’s jaw. He’s angry, ready to bubble over like a volcano, and Derek isn’t around to do the dirty work for Stiles. “How could you do this to him? Scott rubs his jaw, preparing for another swing, but Stiles just walks away. “I’m going to tell Derek the truth!” Did you steal him? - quigui. Stiles does not have a thing for babies. Or single dads. Or dads in general. But he's pretty sure he's about to get an anime-style nosebleed from the sight of the stranger across the frozen pizzas aisle, the stranger with a baby carrier strapped on, and a kid doing his best starfish impression.

Granted, he probably would have gotten a similar response from the whole setup sans baby. But something about the jiggling arms and legs, stuffed into way too much clothing, drew his attention, and he was extremely pleased to find that it came attached to someone that might actually break the scale. Safe Mind - LadyDrace. It's pitch dark in the preserve. Even the flashlights don't help much, but Stiles isn't about to admit defeat.

He can help, and he's damn well going to. He pauses every few minutes and balances the small, drop-shaped crystal vertically on his palm, holding up the light to see it. ”Show me,” he whispers, and the pointed end of the crystal swivels gently like a compass needle. It's not completely accurate, but it's better than fumbling around aimlessly, and it's helped Scott and Isaac pick up the scent again after losing it a few times. Derek's been missing for two weeks. John looks at the crystal over Stiles' shoulder, and informs Parrish via radio that they're off by a few degrees. ”We've got something, over,” Parrish says, and John immediately turns left to join the other half of their search party, Stiles hot on his heels.

They're close enough to hear some snarling and scuffling in the underbrush when the radio pipes up again. ”Crap. What We Do in the Night - ADevilsHunger (Dream_tempo) Prince Among Wolves - tylerfucklin (zimothy) When the Wolf Bites(When the Bee Stings) - Chapter 1 - ChloeWeird. Chapter Text The problem with a job like law enforcement is that the concept of "weekends" becomes essentially meaningless. While folks who work a 9 to 5 might be thanking their chosen deity for the arrival of Friday afternoon at this very minute, Sheriff Stilinski's work day stretched ahead of him into the wee hours of Saturday morning, with only a 4 hour break until he'd be covering Sunday's callouts.

And when he stopped to pick up his weekly allotted greasy breakfast sandwich, Marge at the drive through window was going to make a joke about pesky Monday mornings, and he'll have to smile and hum in commiseration while he waits for his change so he can start his luxurious two and a half day weekend. Then again, the Sheriff conceded as he stretched out the paperwork induced knots in his back, he also wouldn’t feel the satisfaction of a job well-performed against the poor odds of a surprisingly high crime rate, or the pride in his team of highly trained individuals. He sighed. Penises. Wet Dream in Skinny Jeans - AlwaysArthurDent. Show Chapter. Show Chapter.

You left, I didn't, I get the loft.... - Chapter 1 - LilFelber. Chapter Text Derek had left. After Mexico, after the change... He had left. No goodbye, no telling the pack he was leaving, just an empty apartment when Stiles dropped by one day. Paint My Spirit Gold - Red_City. There was a gift.There was a curse. There is a power in the house of Hale, given to the firstborn son of every generation - the ability to turn everything he touches to gold. Though the original intent of the power was thought of as a gift, in reality, it is a dreaded curse that causes the bearer a life of fear, isolation, and danger.

Thus, Prince Derek is born. ---[Excerpt from Chapter 22]He didn’t think much of his hands, or any part of his body, really - but Stiles gaze had lingered enough to make Derek wonder what Stiles’ thought. Now, Stiles honey eyes were fixated on Derek’s hands, running over them like they were something precious rather than tools of death. Show Chapter. Show Chapter. Thought we built a dynasty - Chapter 1 - choncena. Starting Over - ANE925. Show Chapter. Stiles doesn't understand what he could have done to deserve this. Not only has the entire student body been out to get him since he first stepped foot into Beacon Hills High, but now he has to endure the constant bullying without his best friend Scott by his side.

All in all school is survivable, even with all the harassment. That is until he finds out that Derek Hale, basketball superstar and Stiles' most persistent bully, is apparently his soulmate. End of the Road and Back - UnstableIntention (BeneficialAddiction) Open The Door Because I'm Coming In - Carerra_os. Useless, But Not For Long - queenitsy. The Doghouse Screw - ahab2692. It Creeps Up On You - 37Cats. It fills my head up and gets louder - addandsubtract. Metamorphosis - ahab2692. Seven Years Coming - Mandibles. Not So Bad - scottmcniceass. “No way,” Stiles shook his head fiercely. “Come on, anything but that.” Tiny Vessels - lurrel. 1AM - BansheeLydia. Douchebag Rabies - lalazee. Brave - Mandibles. His jaw is tight. The muscles shift when he swallows, then they go stiff again and stay that way. Different Forms, Similar Minds - Ebyru. What the Water Gave Me - setos_puppy. Like In His Japanese Animes - Mandibles. Show Chapter.