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Spark Bonds - Carerra_os - Teen Wolf (TV) Ennis and Kali come upon Erica and Boyd by chance, they are both clearly injured their healing slowed from whatever ordeal they had been through.

Spark Bonds - Carerra_os - Teen Wolf (TV)

They appear to be looking for something but when pressed for information they become defensive and cagey against the two strange alphas questioning them. Boyd and Erica are easily subdued and brought back to the alpha pack's current hideout an old bank. The alpha pack had no intention of taking two of the Hale betas nor did they intend to announce themselves so soon but they were going to take someone at some point to test and assess the Hale Alpha.

They wont harm them but they don't tell Erica or Boyd that, they just shove them into the bank volt for the time being with no information. The two beta wolves huddle together Boyd curling around Erica as if he could really protect her form the alphas if they decided to hurt them. Deucalion is pleased to see the two at least start to relax around them. "Did you two bring anything to eat? " Rewriting the future - Synesthetic. Faeted - Decemberangel. The Omega - bbf200313. A Poorly-Executed Kidnapping: Extended Edition - HakeberHooligan. Sing to Me, Oh so Sweetly - lavenderlotion. The Angelicus Betrayal - TheSchimmer. I'm Only Heard During the Silence Between My Screams - Irukashi_Narukib. A Safe Space - MusicLover19. Camera Obscura - Guede - Teen Wolf. Sleepless Submission - Chapter 1 - Bam4Me - Teen Wolf.

Chapter Text Stiles was spastic, he was hyperactive and couldn’t keep himself on track, he had insomnia and drank about three to seven mugs of coffee a day on top of his Adderall just to calm down and focus on things.

Sleepless Submission - Chapter 1 - Bam4Me - Teen Wolf

Hell, last week he had to drink an entire pot of coffee just to get to sleep, and his roommate had given him a look like he was murdering a kitten right in front of him. Stiles’s roommate was a weakling. But still, he was jumpy and couldn’t focus on anything to save his damn life, and he needed some type of control. Of course, this meant he went online to look for solutions that didn’t involve more coffee, because as much as he loved it, he was peeing far too often and when he wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, nine times out of ten he didn’t go back to bed for at least another hour, and that was only when he forced himself to lie there until his eyes could close again. The internet… wasn’t helpful. You know who was helpful though? “Hey, Malia, wake up.” Never meant to be Alpha - AngelSweeney13. We Found Each Other, Now Hold On Tight. - ambersagen. On Edge - Bunnywest.

Reluctant Hero - Niecy8. Hunting Pains - Ragga. Cinderstiles - willwork4dean. White Rabbit - Chapter 4 - BlueEyedBetaMeow. Chapter Text "That's good, try it again," came the calming voice of the older man standing before him, holding his wrist delicately in his own hand.

White Rabbit - Chapter 4 - BlueEyedBetaMeow

A stagnant huff of air left Stiles' lungs and the tip of his nose twitched as he nodded, curling his right hand back up toward himself into a tight fist. He felt the sinew and tendons in his forearm stretch uncomfortably under the ace bandage wrapped snug around the joint as his fingers shook in effort, just the tips humming with the fire of pins-and-needles sleepiness that had slowly been receding since the accident three weeks ago. He closed his honey hued eyes, tried not to kick anxiously with his feet as he sat on the cold metal slab of an exam table, and concentrated.

He stilled for a minute, chewing on the inside of his lip, willing it to happen again, for him to be able to call on them again, for this to work. Show Chapter. Show Chapter. Show Chapter. Show Chapter. Show Chapter. Three's A Crowd (So Follow The Sound) - Chapter 4 - naijagirl101. Chapter Text Stiles is a worrier.

Three's A Crowd (So Follow The Sound) - Chapter 4 - naijagirl101

He knows it, his father and friends know it, everybody knows it. He figures that even if he hadn’t watched his Mom die young, he’d probably have always become the kind of person who needed to fight anxiety with research. After all, it’s helped him survive Mom’s loss, take care of his family and friends...and honestly, if there’s any time to worry, that time Is most definitely right now...regardless of how Dad is looking at him from the front door, over the top of what looks like five different dishes in tupperware.

“Son, don’t you think you’re overreacting?” “Dad...the better question is why aren’t you overreacting?” Show Chapter. Show Chapter. All My Stars Aligned - Green. Show Chapter. Teen Wolf Tumblr Prompts - Akira_of_the_Twilight. Peter turned toward where Chris should be, but Chris wasn’t there.Surprise sent Stiles’ heart jumping.

Teen Wolf Tumblr Prompts - Akira_of_the_Twilight

Show Chapter. Peter is the Wolf - Mutakan. Show Chapter. If you love me right (we fuck for life) - BansheeLydia. Show Chapter. The Pack's Human - Scotty1609. A/N: YAAY!

The Pack's Human - Scotty1609

My first Teen Wolf FanFiction! Please read and enjoy! And also... I don't own Teen Wolf... duh. SUMMARY: "I'm fine. Anything to Save Stiles - PenPatronous. Anything to Save Stiles PenPatronus Scott had no destination in mind when he left Stiles in the MRI machine.

Anything to Save Stiles - PenPatronous

In a tiny conscious corner of his mind he registered doors, hallways, stairs and faceless people walking past him. Fire With Fire - Udunie. Stiles Stilinski: Agent of SHIELD - laniew1 - Marvel Avengers Movies Universe, Mortal Kombat (1995), Teen Wolf (TV), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own] Adult Wolf - Chapter 1 - KouriArashi. Chapter Text Sheriff Tom Stilinski has seen some shit.

Adult Wolf - Chapter 1 - KouriArashi

It’s not exactly news that Beacon Hills is a weird place to live. The murder rate is only slightly higher than the national average, but the rate of disappearances is three times higher. In terms of demographics, it seems like your typical northern California town, but the population fluctuates wildly. In some years, people move out in droves. So when Tom gets a call about a jogger who found half a body out on the preserve, it doesn’t exactly shock him. Dream A Little Dream Of Me - veritas_st. Time Traveling TW Fics [Series] - Whispering_Sumire. "Ah!

Time Traveling TW Fics [Series] - Whispering_Sumire

" Stiles cuts him off, scooting closer to the wooden bars that seemingly make up his prison, "No! You're both here for a reason, okay? Don't be a speciest bigot, Chris, you're the best of a bad lot, I expect you to act like it," Chris is shocked to actually feel chastened, he puts his gun back in his waistband, "And Peter, you are smart enough to ask questions first. Sane enough, too, might I add. ""Well, then," Peter says, still glaring, and Chris wonders how this boy all dolled up in a dress, knows all this about them. Teen Wolf Coda - calrissian18. Spiritflesh - 1001cranes. A Steak to Two Wolves - Mandibles. Pack Initiation - orphan_account.

Apologies [Series]

A Series of Incestuous Events - abapical. Bonds - Bontaque. Those Really Specific Spells - Udunie. This handmade heaven (it's paradise) - sirius_bucky_solo. Peter could smell Stiles as soon as the rumbling of his Jeep ceased outside the building.

this handmade heaven (it's paradise) - sirius_bucky_solo

Hm, he didn’t think Derek had organised a meeting for the loft today. There was a rich aroma of coffee surrounding the boy, far stronger than the usual hints of it within his complex scent. A few minutes later, Peter heard footsteps outside the door before they stumbled to a stop - Stiles mumbling something that sounded vaguely mystical that caused the door to swing open before him. Clever little spark. It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah - Reehoe, ZackaryAnderson. Tumblr Fics - 42hrb - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater, Teen Wolf (TV) Concupiscent - merrythoughts, ReallyMissCoffee.

Mage - Bunnywest

Bigfoot Told Me You Were Coming - twothumbsandnostakeincanon (somanyofthekids) Hands Like Ours - sarahandthegraveyardshift. Call Me When You Need - GreenEpoch. Stiles didn’t mind his part time job as a waiter while he was away at college, it helped pay the bills and it also helped his fund other, less official educational endeavours. He’d managed to collect a pretty decent amount of spell books and old grimoires to help him with his studies, and with his spark being nurtured instead of ignored he was well on his way to becoming a powerful mage. Unfortunately, the long late hours on top of school and his magic studies left him exhausted most days, and today was no different. He’d just finished serving a family with two screaming children throwing food at each other, the mother rudely demanding he clean up their mess immediately.

He hated nights like this, where he’d been working for a few hours and the customers just kept getting worse and worse. He went back behind the counter to put their money into the register, glad they were gone, when he heard the bell on the door ring. “Welcome to the Ram, what can I get for you tonight?” Protective Custody - Niecy8. Living on borrowed time (but we live it so well) - cywscross. Chapter Text The creepiest thing about zombies, Stiles decides, is the uncanny way they track those that they were closest to when they were still alive.

Two weeks after Scott let Gerard go and convinced Chris Argent to put him in a nursing home instead of putting him down, Stiles woke up to his mother’s rotting corpse feasting on his father downstairs. He barely got out alive after killing – re-killing? – them both. Under the crush of his bat, the sundress she was buried in was dirty and torn, her face – once beautiful even as her cheeks turned gaunt and her eyes lost their luster - was lifeless but disturbingly hungry, and she stunk of death and decay and the faintest traces of her favourite perfume that she insisted on wearing even after she fell sick. It wasn’t that hard to notice the pattern. The rest of Beacon Hills followed, dying or running or cowering in fear or going insane as their world was reduced to a wasteland filled with the walking dead. But in the end, only he showed up. Blame Scotty! - brandileeder.

Daddies' Boy - Udunie. Misadventures in Teleportation - TriscuitsandSoup. The day had been surprisingly peaceful so it was only natural that trouble would fall quite literally into Christopher Argent's lap. Trouble, in the form of a brown-eyed boy who talked too fast and knew too much. Sticky Buns DenaCeleste. Finding a Home Together - Slayer_of_Destiny. In Liquid Form - Twisted_Mind. Majestic Plural - Udunie. How Renting Led to Dating - Akira_of_the_Twilight. Chris had been eating his lunch as he went over the finance books to make sure they were balanced for the month and that he’d be able pay his personal bills when realization dawned on him. He was dating Stiles Stilinski and Peter Hale. Chris stopped scrawling in his books and gaped as his brain turned over this realization.

He had been dating Stiles Stilinski and Peter Hale for months now and he hadn’t noticed. Chris scanned over the renter’s application, noting the meticulous and sharp handwriting. Chest Candy - Aminias. Of Soulmates and Sparks - covarla. Mediator - vivoegoincrastinum. Allison sighs, tipping her chair back so it can lean on two legs while she watches her father snipe back and forth with Peter over the large kitchen table. It was unfortunate that the Argent clan needed to make an official alliance declaration with the Hale pack, though only because the treaty that was in the making had to be seen to by her father and the man who'd raised himself from the dead. Evidently, Peter had been the one to help with treaties and negotiations before the fire. This had led to Derek assigning him to do the job but she was beginning to wonder if he'd put any thought into that decision.

It was going on the fifth hour and the pair had done little more than argue back and forth. Derek, at Peter's insistence, had built a new Hale house. A warm hand found it's way onto her thigh and she glanced over to Scott, seeing a cautious smile on his face. Stiles lets out an irritated groan that grabs everyone's attention, “Look, you're both being stupid and stubborn about this. Stetopher's Life Together. - fandomismyship. The Trouble with Threesomes and Supernatural Soul Mates - Akira_of_the_Twilight. Peter looked at Stiles from the corner of his blue eyes and smirked. Stiles swore he saw a flash of red Peter’s eyes, but it might of have been his brain’s lack of oxygen making him hallucinate. “I’m looking for my soul mate. Christopher Argent. The Three Sassketeers - Chef_Geekier. Countin' verse - evanelric.

Peter totters into view as if he were drunk, a pair of sweatpants barely pulled over his hips. Stiles knows, though, that Peter physically cannot consume enough alcohol fast enough to get drunk, and that there are very few things that can make Peter stagger around like someone’s tossing his inner ears around in a dice cup. Wolfsbane is out, unless a hunter was hiding in the dirty laundry piled on the bathroom floor, which leaves only one alternative. The Matchmaker - Green. The front of Stiles's shop is small, but then again, he doesn't need much room.

Blowing Off Stress - Triangulum. Hunger & Release - Twisted_Mind. The first time they acted on what they’d been dancing around since the parking garage, Stiles felt three undeniable truths settle in his bones: that this was going to be messy as hell, that it was inevitable, and that it was going to happen again. Wolf Run - TriscuitsandSoup. It's just after midnight when they drive by the house.

The lights are off but a soft blue glowing eliminates from one of the windows. The police cruiser is missing from the driveway. The Hours - Triangulum. Fathers of the Bride - DarkJediQueen. Pieces - CinnamonLily. Call Me Mary Poppins - Triangulum. Secret Santa Time-Loop Fic - charlottecjhlvr. Main Content. The Sphinx of Beacon Hills - Guede. Lucky - Udunie. Stiles should have called himself lucky that he only had two Alphas.

Silver Fox Sorrows - lavenderlotion. Fairy Godfather - Merwin_Me. Uniting the Families [Series] - skargasm. Firebreak - Whreflections. Teumessian - BlanketFortAvenger. Chapter Text The wolf lies on the forest floor, smirking up at the awakening stars. Amongst roots and dying leaves, peering up through the trees at the glimpse of evening sky.

He’d chosen there, because of the dappled shade earlier in the day. Had been lying there since the afternoon, and would lie there much longer still, should he need to. When fates collide - finnickyfox. “Hi, I’m Stiles. Sariel - AFanGirl. The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades - Bittah_Wizard. Because Running From Your Problems is Healthy - SomeonesFallenAngel. Memento Mori - HDHale. The Deadfalls - TriDom. A Magical Fox, A Hunter And A Werewolf - Mcrtomboy. Safe With Me - NothingxRemains. There Are Three Sides To Me - Chapter 1 - Mysenia. Well, This is Awkward - thesherlockianwhjustcant.