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Shitty Boyfriends of Western Literature: The Card Game. 11 Literary Pick Up Lines for the Chronically Dateless. The Magic Of Candy Making. 'You're getting on my biscuits': can you translate these world idioms? – quiz. Where to Go Monster-Hunting in Britain. When Will Climate Change Make the Earth Too Hot For Humans? To read an annotated version of this article, complete with interviews with scientists and links to further reading, click here.

When Will Climate Change Make the Earth Too Hot For Humans?

Peering beyond scientific reticence. It is, I promise, worse than you think. If your anxiety about global warming is dominated by fears of sea-level rise, you are barely scratching the surface of what terrors are possible, even within the lifetime of a teenager today. And yet the swelling seas — and the cities they will drown — have so dominated the picture of global warming, and so overwhelmed our capacity for climate panic, that they have occluded our perception of other threats, many much closer at hand.

Rising oceans are bad, in fact very bad; but fleeing the coastline will not be enough. Indeed, absent a significant adjustment to how billions of humans conduct their lives, parts of the Earth will likely become close to uninhabitable, and other parts horrifically inhospitable, as soon as the end of this century. The bahraining of New York. Protect Your Library the Medieval Way, With Horrifying Book Curses. In the Middle Ages, creating a book could take years.

Protect Your Library the Medieval Way, With Horrifying Book Curses

D’où viennent les superstitions ? Tu ne l’as peut-être pas remarqué, mais aujourd’hui, nous sommes le vendredi 13 janvier.

D’où viennent les superstitions ?

Chez les superstitieux•ses, c’est souvent synonyme d’une mauvaise journée, ou en tout cas, un jour redouté. Pour la Française des Jeux, ça indique une grosse cagnotte. Mais d’où vient cette superstition, et toutes les autres très populaires qui font carrément partie de nos habitudes du quotidien ? Je reviens avec vous sur plusieurs de ces croyances, et les différentes explications et origines que l’on peut leur attribuer… Même si c’est difficile de savoir précisément d’où elles viennent ! Le vendredi 13, une journée pourrie ? Commençons par le plus logique de cette liste puisque nous sommes aujourd’hui un fameux vendredi 13. Tout d’abord, une des superstitions qui a le plus la dent dure, c’est la vision du chiffre 13 comme un porte-malheur. 20+ Rare Historic Photos That You Probably Haven’t Seen Before. Il y a 3,4 milliards d'années, quand les méga-tsunamis déferlaient sur Mars.

What Cringing at Your Own Voice Reveals About You. So you hate the sound of your own voice.

What Cringing at Your Own Voice Reveals About You

What happens to the unprotected human body in space? The 10 Most Badass Goddesses Of World Mythology. 6 Weird Dating Traditions In History That Might Actually Make You Grateful For Tinder. We hear a lot about the so-called "golden age" of dating — the early '50s and '60s, where men brought flowers, opened doors, and generally behaved as if their date was a piece of fine china without any agency — and how modern casual attitudes have made the process both less formal and less magical.

6 Weird Dating Traditions In History That Might Actually Make You Grateful For Tinder

Why Do Flammable and Inflammable Mean the Same Thing? 1449 412Share949 Understand the wrong definition of inflammable and you might end up with more than an embarrassing situation while talking to your English professor.

Why Do Flammable and Inflammable Mean the Same Thing?

Inflammable and flammable are two words that are frequently misinterpreted. Some people mistake the words as having opposite meanings. In reality, flammable and inflammable mean exactly the same thing—capable of burning. Inflammable is derived from the word inflame (sometimes spelled enflame), and precedes the invention of the word flammable. Rosetta, plus de 10 ans de conquête spatiale. Ce 12 novembre 2014, à 17h02 (heure de Paris) l'humanité a vécu une grande première: rentrer en contact direct avec une comète.

Rosetta, plus de 10 ans de conquête spatiale

La sonde Philae, larguée par Rosetta, un engin lancé il y a plus de 10 ans dans l'espace par une fusée Ariane 5, a en effet réussi à se poser à la surface de la comète 67P/Tchourioumov-Guérassimenko («Tchouri» pour les intimes). L'enjeu? Tout simplement la vie sur Terre! De nombreux chercheurs pensent en effet que les collisions entre comètes et planètes ont pu contribuer à l'apparition de composés organiques eux-mêmes à l'origine de la vie. L'analyse directe de la composition de Tchouri permettra peut-être de confirmer cette théorie. 15 Maniacs and What They're Obsessed With. 1.

15 Maniacs and What They're Obsessed With

Clinomaniacs must fight the excessive desire to stay in bed. Especially on Mondays. 2. People who can never make up their minds might be aboulomanics. Exploding Head Syndrome. Exploding head syndrome (EHS) is a disorder characterized by the perception of loud noises (e.g. a bomb explosion, gunshot or cymbal crash) when going to sleep or awakening.

Exploding Head Syndrome

Contrary to the name, ENS is not associated with pain. However the noise attacks can elicit a great deal of fear, confusion and distress in sufferers. Reports of tachycardia and palpitations are also common. Despite the distressing nature of EHS, relatively little is known about the prevalence and underlying cause of the condition. Some scientists have estimated that EHS may affect 10% of the population. How Laser Tattoo Removal Works - Smarter Every Day 123.