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Top 10 Best USB Bootable Pendrive Software – 2016 These days installation of an operating system has been changed completely. Previously CD’s and DVD’s were used for installation of any operating system. There are many other ways to install an operating system in a computer like, by making a bootable USB FLASH DRIVE or even by flashing your sd card and connect it via card reader. The difference between DVD and USB FLASH DRIVE installation varies with speed. Bootable USB drive will consume bit lesser time to install any operating system when compared to DVD installation.

Want To Be An Entrepreneur? First Read These 3 Decks, Says Guy Kawasaki Many of us aspire to strike it out on our own and start an independent business. What do we really need to know before taking that big leap? Guy Kawasaki certainly knows a thing or two about launching your own business. The author of “The Art of the Start” has founded and funded many companies, and now he’s the chief evangelist at online graphics-design startup Canva. What Do Fairy Tales Teach Our Children? When we debate the healthiness of fairy tales and Disney movies, are we missing the point about what our children really need? A few years ago, the parents of a little girl in my class underwent an unpleasant divorce. I thought the child was handling it relatively well until I read her poem assignment for class.

Javascript Cheat Sheet Basic Objects Math Methods DOM Events Reference card - Opa Documentation Getting started Your first Opa program: Get Opa from its web-page.In a hello.opa file, write: Compile (yes, Opa is a compiled language) with: opa hello.opaRun with: ./hello.jsTest by opening in your browser. TIP: You can also combine steps 3 and 4 with: opa hello.opa -- Understanding and Tuning Spanning Tree Protocol Timers Introduction This document describes the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) timers and the rules to follow in order to tune the timers. Note: This document only discusses how to tune STP timers for regular 802.1D spanning tree. This document does not discuss Rapid STP (RSTP) (IEEE 802.1w) or Multiple Spanning Tree (MST) protocol (IEEE 802.1s). For more information on RSTP and MST, refer to these documents: Prerequisites

Upload Campaign: Secrets to Become a Social Media Master With just about everyone on social media today, how do you stand out from the rest? What’s the best way to gain followers, start a conversation, and streamline it all, whether you’re representing a company or your own personal brand? This month’s upload campaign Social Media Secrets addresses just that: We want to know your tips and tricks for making a splash on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms. (Also check out our other upload campaign this month, All Things Steve Jobs). Below are secrets from social media stars Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick, Hubspot and Simplify360 to get you started. View all Social Media Secrets and share yours, too

Is your job safe from the robot revolution?—Hopes&Fears Consumer Automobiles Since the race to build and deploy self-driving vehicles began among tech companies like Tesla and Google several years ago, competition—and speculation about the wide-ranging cultural shifts such a change to American car culture would require—has been fierce. Depending on who you ask, mass-market self-driving cars could be on the road in just a few years, by 2020. And despite the fact that the transportation agency has yet to administer definite regulations, UC Berkley has tested a bus that steers itself by following a magnetic strip embedded in the road, as Google tests prototypes of its tiny self-piloting automobiles throughout Silicon Valley. Some subway lines in major cities, including New York and Paris, have been selectively automated for years. In most cases, employees are retained to keep an eye on the automatic systems.

How To Contribute How can I help? Thanks for asking. Let's find a place for you! First you should join our communication forums: Subscribe to our mailing lists Join us on IRC: You can talk to us directly in one of the #openstack channels Answer and ask questions on Ask OpenStack Professor Cloud This tool converts SVG into an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript function. It will work with any host, and I hope it helps people to experiment with Canvas. Most vector art packages (Illustrator, Inkscape etc) can export as SVG.

Understanding Spanning-Tree Protocol Topology Changes Introduction When you monitor Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP) operations, you may be concerned when you see topology change counters that increment in the statistics log. Topology changes are normal in STP. But, too many of them can have an impact on network performances. This document explains that the purpose of this topology is to: Change the mechanism in per-VLAN spanning tree (PVST) and PVST+ environments.Determine what triggers a topology change event.Describe issues related to the topology change mechanism.

PowerPoint Shortcuts and Other Hacks You Must Know Everyone wants to learn how to do things better and faster. That’s why we asked you to share your best productivity hacks this month — and we were not disappointed. We saw uploads on tips ranging from how to reach inbox zero to gaining back valuable years lost procrastinating and the best household hacks. View all Productivity Hacks, and share yours too

Mashable is definitely a cool way to discover stuff on the web as well. News always gets peoples attention. by cloudexplorer Jun 28

Guys I like Mashable; I don't get to use it as much as I want to, since i cant be techie this young; i mean, i'm within the generation, but being a student, Macs aren't for compariso - and same goes for all gadget brands. i use what i can. right now i dont own a mac, i am using an HP desktop which is pretty good. i like tech news because it is dynamic; through this i saw the demise of sony ericsson, and the new age looming for nokia; apple is doing so well and so is android, and both are at each other's necks. it is dramatic, i tell you. by absolutalbert Feb 24

@rudolpho Not to gang up on you here, however, this is far from being a tv or cable channel you can simple turn off. It's a technology we are all lucky to be a part of. What you are doing is spam, plain and simple. If I may make a suggestion, build a pearltree of your own. If people want to be enlighten by your pearls, they will pluck them, and may even tell others about how valuable your pearls really are. I notice you haven't even began this process. Your creditability lacks until you accomplish this task. I mean no disrespect. Let me know when it's done. by rayofla Dec 18

This is *not related* to this pearl. This is *unwanted advertisement*, which is called *spam*. by pandark Dec 18

I dont get it? if you dont want to watch a certain tv show you turn it off or change the channel right? No body is forcing you to take my offer!! Some people want to know about opportunities that could possibly change their lives and enjoy getting information regarding the same. So relax.... by rudolpho Dec 18

Congratulation rudolpho, you are the first spammer I see on Pearltrees. Thanks to you, the team will probably build a "report spam" functionality. Now your job is done and you can leave (at least this pearl). by pandark Dec 18

hey guys, couldn't help but respond to your comment. i respect your opinion, but let me just leave you with this video. Then if you still think its spam, well thats cool too. Check it out: by rudolpho Dec 18

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its good. I am trying to figure it out still, as I run a music site and want to share it with people. It's by presuminged Nov 24

I keep getting so many email notifications about people being "like me" with Mashable as a link. :P by raverjono Nov 23

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