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tinc Windows vs Linux Server On April 14th, 2006, Richard Stiennon wrote an article in ZDNet entitled Why Windows is less secure than Linux. Stiennon starts by saying: "Many millions of words have been written and said on this topic. I have a couple of pictures. The basic argument goes like this. In its long evolution, Windows has grown so complicated that it is harder to secure. In his post, Stiennon explains that both images (shown here) represent a map of system calls that occur when a web server serves a single HTML page with a picture. The resulting images were generated by Sana Security.

How to Subnet a Network : A properly designed subnet can do wonders for the security and performance of a network. The main idea in subnetting is to divide a network into smaller pieces, which we call subnets. Actually implementing a subnet is typically more difficult than simply using the default subnet mask of This usually means that temporary or smaller networks do not need to be subnetted. Security sees benefit since the IP addresses of the host computers on each subnet are masked by the network address- which means they are invisible to the outside world. We call this network address translation, or NAT. A Basic Review on Subnetting If you’re a little rusty on the basics of subnetting, don’t worry. The current version of internet protocol, or IP, is IP version 4. Each IP address is usually represented in decimal form, as seen above as “”. The IP version 6 protocol was created for when the transition is needed. Classes One final note before we move on. Subnet Masks 1. Alright Already!