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Untitled. Habits for Success, Habits for Happiness Habits for Success, Habits for Happiness is a framework for overhauling your habits and establishing (and keeping) new and good ones.


In six weeks, you will become a new version of yourself—one who is equipped to take on all the challenges you currently face, and any new ones that come your way. You’ll learn from some of the smartest, most effective men and women in history: Deadpool Knife Block: 9 Steps (with Pictures) While I was trying to figure out how to design the body of the bust I stumbled over an awesome project: Scan The World Here is what they say about themselves:

Deadpool Knife Block: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

BPMN Tutorial - BPMN 2.0 Tutorial for Beginners - Learn BPMN. When naming tasks, we try to adhere to the object-orientated design principle of using the [verb] + [object] pattern.

BPMN Tutorial - BPMN 2.0 Tutorial for Beginners - Learn BPMN

We would say "acquire groceries," for example, not "first take care of shopping for groceries. " Events refer to something that has already happened regardless of the process (if they are catching events) or as a result of the process (if they are throwing events). For this reason, we use the [object] and make the [verb] passive in voice, so we write "hunger noticed. " BPMN does not require you to model start and end events for a process - you can leave them out - but if you model a start event, you must model an end event for each path. The same is true for end events, which require start events. SPT v1n3n4 - Collingridge and the Control of Educational Computer Technology. During the past fifteen years, David Collingridge has made important contributions to the understanding of technology and the prospects for its effective control.

SPT v1n3n4 - Collingridge and the Control of Educational Computer Technology

Though philosophically sophisticated, his views have been given more attention by social and political scientists than by philosophers. Make your own: Fancy Feast Alcohol Backpacking Stove - Andrew Skurka. The Matrix. Mindflash Training Management System. Go at Sensei's Library. What is Go?

Go at Sensei's Library

Go is an ancient game which, from its forgotten origins in China, spread first to the rest of East Asia, and then to the entire world. How ancient? Butler. Shipping Container Homes: Off-the-grid container home by WolfPack Rentals. Shipping Container Homes: 24ft Prefab Container Home by HyBrid Architecture. Built in a single 24ft container, this prefab shipping container home is designed as a remote retreat or self contained backyard cottage.

Shipping Container Homes: 24ft Prefab Container Home by HyBrid Architecture

Expansive openings allow the space to fully embrace its surroundings. Unit's area is 192 sq ft with a bathroom, galley kitchen, built in storage, room for beds and flex space. In this version of the HyBrid prefab containers range, a pull out couch turns into a bed and a fold down wall unit becomes even more sleeping space. Our Development Process - Art & Logic: Custom Software Development. Pomodoro Method Style Time Management Tool & Timer. When Will Climate Change Make the Earth Too Hot For Humans? To read an annotated version of this article, complete with interviews with scientists and links to further reading, click here.

When Will Climate Change Make the Earth Too Hot For Humans?

Peering beyond scientific reticence. John Perkins: Economic Hit Man. Book summary: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Author: John Perkins Buy This Book About John Perkins: Author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

John Perkins: Economic Hit Man

Resources - Eventbrite US Blog. Hallmarks of a good technical leader. I recently sat down with Camille Fournier, the head of Platform Engineering at Two Sigma, to talk about what constitutes great technical leadership and how organizations can foster it.

Hallmarks of a good technical leader

Here are some highlights from our chat. How do you define technical leadership (as opposed to leadership in general)? Technical leaders don’t just generically inspire people to do things, but are capable of communicating with technical stakeholders and engineers in language that they understand. Technical leadership is about understanding the technical context under which decisions are being made, and asking questions to help make sure the right decisions are being made given the technical concerns. What are some particular challenges for engineers when they become managers? Building Teams For Rapid Innovation. It’s no surprise that effective innovation can be challenging for established organizations.

Building Teams For Rapid Innovation

The conventional wisdom—as articulated in classic tomes of business wisdom like The Innovator’s Dilemma—suggests that powerful organizational incentives lead large enterprises to prioritize incremental growth in mature business lines, instead of investing in disruptive technologies that may pay off years down the line but are barely a blip on today’s P&L. Executives today are well aware of the risk of being left behind. Innovation cycles are shorter than ever, propelled in part by Silicon Valley and its army of startups and technologists with their crosshairs on every industry under the sun. Lee Camp: How to Write Propaganda for the NY Times - As Demonstrated in an Article About Me. By Lee Camp, the creator, host, and head writer of the comedy news show “Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp” that airs every Friday on RT America and at He’s a former comedy writer for the Onion and the Huffington Post and has been a touring stand-up comedian for 18 years.

This past Thursday the New York Times vomited up a hit piece on little ol’ me – a guy who has been doing stand-up comedy for nearly 20 years and thought maybe that comedy could be used to inform and inspire audiences, rather than just make fun of the differences between men and women. John Coltrane Draws a Picture Illustrating the Mathematics of Music. Physicist and saxophonist Stephon Alexander has argued in his many public lectures and his book The Jazz of Physics that Albert Einstein and John Coltrane had quite a lot in common. Alexander in particular draws our attention to the so-called “Coltrane circle,” which resembles what any musician will recognize as the “Circle of Fifths,” but incorporates Coltrane’s own innovations. Coltrane gave the drawing to saxophonist and professor Yusef Lateef in 1967, who included it in his seminal text, Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns. Where Lateef, as he writes in his autobiography, sees Coltrane's music as a "spiritual journey" that "embraced the concerns of a rich tradition of autophysiopsychic music," Alexander sees “the same geometric principle that motivated Einstein’s" quantum theory.

Neither description seems out of place. SAGE Journals: Your gateway to world-class journal research. Space_3276808. 2. Act normal If you are a high-risk source, avoid saying anything or doing anything after submitting which might promote suspicion. Alan Watts: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle. U.S. Army War College Strategic Cyberspace Operations Guide. 1. This publication provides a guide for U.S. Army War College students to understand design, planning, and execution of cyberspace operations at combatant commands (CCMDs), joint task forces (JTFs), and joint functional component commands. It combines existing U.S. Government Unclassified and “Releasable to the Public” documents into a single guide. Funnels for Startups: A Primer. Chicago Isn’t Just Segregated, It Basically Invented Modern Segregation. Published Friday at 11:11 a.m. The significance of the Metropolitan Planning Council/Urban Institute report I wrote about yesterday is that it puts new numbers to an old truth: that Chicago is one of the most segregated cities in the country, if not the most.