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Effects on Nature

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Humans exploiting and destroying nature on unprecedented scale – report. Posted on: September 11, 2020 at 6:45 pm Advertisement Over the last several years, we have witnessed a number of disastrous environmental events, and from what it looks like, it has a lot to do with humans destroying nature.

Humans exploiting and destroying nature on unprecedented scale – report

The devastating fires in Australia, California, and Brazil have wiped out millions of acres of forest. Extreme weather like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes have destroyed people’s homes and taken countless lives. These events, along with many others, are stark examples of how the earth’s climate is changing, and how it is affecting us. Mother Elephant And Her Calf Attacked With Firebombs As Deforestation Drives Them Into The Paths Of Humans. Due to the deforestation across India, numerous elephants can be seen wandering in the villages and communities.

Mother Elephant And Her Calf Attacked With Firebombs As Deforestation Drives Them Into The Paths Of Humans

Numerous animals across India have been forced to encroach on human habitats in search of food and shelter, and end up wandering through villages or across crop fields, desperately trying to find a new home. However, people often take extreme measures in order to prevent these animals from damaging their property. Amazon rainforest ‘being destroyed at a record rate in coronavirus lockdown as illegal loggers exploit crisis’ 3.4.20 a tribute to protectors at Crackley Woods. Bomullsodlingar fick en av världens största sjöar att försvinna. 3,000 Dolphins Found Dead on the Coast of Peru. Along just one stretch of coastline in Peru, more than 3,000 dead dolphins have washed ashore in just the last 3 months, and the disturbing trend may only be escalating.

3,000 Dolphins Found Dead on the Coast of Peru

With the latest discovery of 481 lifeless dolphins there in recent days, residents have begun to demand an explanation for the mysterious mass deaths -- and as far as enlisted experts can tell, offshore oil exploration in the region is the most likely culprit. According to a report from Peru 21, local fishermen in Lambayeque, north Peru, were first to notice the inexplicable rise in dead dolphin appearing on shore -- averaging roughly 30 per day.

The Rapid Decline Of The Natural World Is A Crisis Even Bigger Than Climate Change. Nature is in freefall and the planet’s support systems are so stretched that we face widespread species extinctions and mass human migration unless urgent action is taken.

The Rapid Decline Of The Natural World Is A Crisis Even Bigger Than Climate Change

That’s the warning hundreds of scientists are preparing to give, and it’s stark. Chimps Have Their Own Cultures, And Humans Are Destroying Them. 9 Tons of Pangolin Scales Are Seized in Hong Kong. Amazing Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist Because We've Destroyed Them. The Amazon is approaching a point of no return - but it's not too late.

The world’s forests are shrinking.

The Amazon is approaching a point of no return - but it's not too late

For years, they’ve withstood a multitude of human impact. But according to a new study published in the journal Science Advances, they may be reaching a crisis point. If deforestation goes beyond 20 percent of its original spread, the Amazon Rainforest will have reached the “point of no return”. Palm oil boycott could actually increase deforestation – sustainable products are the solution. Palm oil can be found in food and cosmetics everywhere: in fact, half of the world’s population uses palm oil in food.

Palm oil boycott could actually increase deforestation – sustainable products are the solution

But public awareness about the loss of wildlife through deforestation caused by palm oil crops is growing, and there’s mounting pressure on retailers to reduce their sales of palm oil products, or boycott them altogether. Top 10 Most Polluted Rivers in the World Ravaging our Oceans Today! Advertisement Killing the sources of life: The 10 Most Polluted Rivers in the World.

Top 10 Most Polluted Rivers in the World Ravaging our Oceans Today!

Hundreds of birds dead during 5G experiment in The Hague, The Netherlands. About a week ago at The Hague, many birds died spontaneously, falling dead in a park.

Hundreds of birds dead during 5G experiment in The Hague, The Netherlands

You likely haven’t heard a lot about this because it seems keeping it quiet was the plan all along. However, when about 150 more suddenly died- bringing the death toll to 297- some started to take notice. And if you are looking around that park you might have seen what is on the corner of the roof across the street from where they died: a new 5G mast, where they had done a test, in connection with the Dutch railway station, to see how large the range was and whether no harmful equipment would occur on and around the station. And harm happened, indeed. Immediately afterward, birds fell dead from the trees. Again, almost at the exact same time that those animals died, near the station, Holland Spoor was tested with a 5G transmitter mast.

“If they all got heart-failure with an healthy body, no signs of any virus, no bacterial infection, healthy blood, no poisons found etc. etc. This is how long everyday plastic items last in the ocean. Depending on how thirsty you are, it might take you less than five minutes to swig back the contents of a plastic bottle.

This is how long everyday plastic items last in the ocean

But it takes the ocean 450 years to break down the plastic. This is the estimate from the US’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Woods Hole Sea Grant, which compiled data showing the length of time for man-made marine debris to biodegrade in the sea. As the chart below shows, fishing line is the worst offender, taking up to 600 years to biodegrade, while disposable diapers will take as long as plastic bottles – 450 years – to break down. Plastic shopping bags will take up to 20 years to break down, while styrofoam takeaway coffee cups take 50 years, and cigarette butts take 10. Some plastic products take hundreds of years to break down. Image: Statista. Tis the season to be (almost) jolly . . . but not for Iceland.

Their Christmas advert has been deemed too political - and so will not be shown on TV. The Seafloor Is Literally Dissolving. In the latest “oh my god, what are we doing to our planet” news, a recent lab-based study has shown human industrial activity is leading to ocean acidification that’s so severe it could be dissolving the seafloor in some parts of the ocean. The ocean really is our savior. It is the world’s biggest carbon sink, absorbing colossal amounts of carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere. FN: Bevara biologisk mångfald annars dör vi också ut. China is Turning the Rainforest into Cheap Furniture for the U.S. U.S. consumers have long f, but little have we known the high price the global community has paid for it. Recent reports of Brazil’s new president’s plans to open up the Amazon rain forest to agriculture and mining have the world worried about the effects of deforestation on global climate change.

The entire planet is dependent on these two major rainforests for sinking carbon dioxide and keeping global warming from spiraling out of control. In addition to potential climate catastrophe, China’s illegal deforestation of the Congo Basin is robbing local Africans of resources vital to their survival. And because Chinese loggers want only round logs (raw timber), they’re not even providing any local employment (via sawmilling or woodworking) to those whose land is being raped.

This ensures China maximizes profits while local countries stay poor. Many developed nations – such as the U.S., Australia, and E.U. – are enacting laws to ban illegal timber imports. Share: Polska śmietnikiem nie tylko Europy,... - Odzyskamy Polskę. Are we witnessing the extinction of bees ? – Mind Foster. It’s official. As tragically revealing as the move might be, the rusty patched bumble bee has now joined the grizzly bear, gray wolf, northern spotted owl, and some 700 others on the endangered species list — the first bee ever to garner those protections in the continental United States. Once abundant in the grasslands and prairies in 31 states in the East and Midwest, the rusty patched bumble bee’s population has been decimated by as much as 95 percent by some estimates, and now exists only in isolated pockets in 12 states and the province of Ontario, Canada. 37 Million Bees Found Dead After Planting Large GMO Corn Field – DailyNativeNews. Millions of bees dropped dead after GMO corn was planted few weeks ago in Ontario, Canada.

The local bee keeper, Dave Schuit who produces honey in Elmwood lost about 37 million bees which are about 600 hives. “Once the corn started to get planted our bees died by the millions,” Schuit said. While many bee keepers blame neonicotinoids, or “neonics.” for colony collapse of bees and many countries in EU have banned neonicotinoid class of pesticides, the US Department of Agriculture fails to ban insecticides known as neonicotinoids, manufactured by Bayer CropScience Inc. Two of Bayer’s best-selling pesticides, Imidacloprid and Clothianidin, are known to get into pollen and nectar, and can damage beneficial insects such as bees. Our Planet - Our dependency on meat is killing the ocean.

Man finds fish growing with plastic Powerade wrapper around it. A man has shared a bizarre picture of a fish growing around a plastic wrapper, in a reminder of the damage people are doing to our oceans and rivers. Heart-Wrenching Video Shows Starving Polar Bear on Iceless Land. How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts? BBC News - 10,000 years ago fairy tale forests covered... A Bird’s Eye View of the Industrial Scars We Have Left on Our Planet. Industrial Scars is the work of environmentalist and photographer, J Henry Fair, who brings our attention to the tragic effects created by the human impact on our planet. Nypost. Unbelievable Photos Show Factory Farms Destroying The American Countryside. Mapping Environmental Justice.

NASA Released Shocking Photos Of Planet Earth Revealing The Heartless Damage We've Caused! Fukushima: The Extinction-Level Event That No One Is Talking About [Video] - ORGANIC AND HEALTHY. Study Finds that Ocean Could Suffocate by 2030. The Great Barrier Reef: a catastrophe laid bare. Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire Pacific Ocean - And It's Going to Get Worse. Earth Just Experienced The Hottest June Ever Recorded. Officials: Fukushima Has Now Contaminated 1/3 Of The Worlds Oceans – Awareness Act. The Killer Seas Begin — Mass Marine Death off Chile as Ocean Acidification Begins to Take Down Florida’s Reef. Stanford Biologist Warns: Early Signs of Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction in Progress. Top Climate Scientist Warns Against Injecting Stratospheric Particles Into The Atmosphere.

Just what is going on in this climate of ours? It Looks Like The Ocean Is Trying To Tell Us Something. Monsanto's Roundup Causing Evolution of "Super-Weeds" That Grow 3 Inches a Day. Scientists Warn We Are Approaching The Next Mass Extinction. Facebook. Science or Art? Beautiful Illustrations of Animals From 170 Years Ago - Wired Science. Maps From Space Show World's Disappearing Forests. Routery WiFi niekorzystne dla naszego zdrowia? - Onet Technowinki. Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse'? Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Soon. Land Mammals. The Giant Methane Monster That Can Wipe Out the Human Race.