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Akiyoshi's illusion pages

Akiyoshi's illusion pages
Akiyoshi's illusion pages Akiyoshi KITAOKA, Professor, Department of Psychology, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan studying visual perception, visual illusion, optical illusion, trompe l'oeil, 3D, etc. Visiome, ICP 2016, ICP 2016 facebook, ICP 2016 illusion works Since May 18, 2002; Updated January 21, 2017 Japanese, Serb, Portuguese, Chinese Warning: This page contains some works of "anomalous motion illusion", which might make sensitive observers dizzy or sick. Latest works (Jan 21, 2017) --- Newest page (Dec 11, 2016) --- Updated page (Jan 20, 2016) --- Illusion catalogue (June 3, 2014)Page list of this site --- Books (June 18, 2014) --- Papers (January 3, 2016) --- Illusion news (Apr 24, 2016) --- Photos (Nov 1, 2014) "Rotating snakes" Circular snakes appear to rotate 'spontaneously'. Copyright A.Kitaoka 2003 (September 2, 2003) Explanation of the elemental illusion (optimized Fraser-Wilcox illusion) (PDF) How this work was created (PDF) (Trick Eyes Graphics p.78) Gray-scale version (jpg)

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NOOK Book (eBook), Paperback, Hardcover Infinity Gauntlet Add to List + Overview Art of the Menu About Art of the Menu, is a division of UnderConsideration, cataloguing the underrated creativity of menus from around the world. Art of the Menu uses Typekit to render Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson and Adelle by Type Together. Art of the Menu is run with Six Apart’s MovableType 6.3.2 Strawberries Look Red Without Red Pixels: Color Constancy Optical illusions come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of stupidity. There was the blurry ham picture that made Reddit scratch its head. (Really.) And the one that turned out to just be a cigar shoved in a brick wall. (Also, really.) Page 5 - Fallout: New Vegas character build guide Hardcore Survivalist This is a build meant to ease the burden of playing on Hardcore mode. There is an achievement / trophy wrapped up in completing it so this should help out.

Crazy4Cult Art Immortalizes Cult Movies inShare0 Billy Perkins' mushroom-cloud-layin' M.F. pays tribute to Pulp Fiction and makes an eye-grabbing cover for the Crazy4Cult: Cult Movie Art book. Shepard Fairey's Obey Billboard echoes sci-fi flick They Live's theme. Cassini’s Grand Finale: A Dive Between Saturn and Its Rings - When Cassini was launched in 1997, President Bill Clinton was being investigated for making fund-raising calls from the White House and the internet was in its infancy. Cassini, which arrived at Saturn in July 2004, has been a worthy successor to Voyager, no slouch in racking up some 4 billion space miles, circling Saturn and swinging on Titan’s gravity again and again to launch itself on a new course toward one or another strange moon. OPEN Graphic Saturn’s little corner of the universe proved to be weirder and more diverse and promising than anyone could have predicted: the six-sided storm that hugs the planet’s North Pole; the mysterious plume-squirting moon Enceladus; and the bedazzling rings, spidery threads of ice, rock and dust — cosmic detritus shed over the ages by comets and meteorite collisions, woven by gravity into warps, braids, knots, walls, as iridescent and changeable as an oil slick. Others are not so sure.

Tyranny of Dragons: Online Comic #1 First in our series of online comic panels, coinciding with the Tyranny of Dragons storyline. The biggest and most exciting year for Dungeons & Dragons hits a pivotal moment as the Tyranny of Dragons storyline kicks off. This rich new narrative challenges players to rise up against hoards of evil dragons, including Tiamat, the most fearsome dragon in D&D’s history! For years, the evil Cult of the Dragon has devoted itself to creating undead dragons in a vain attempt to fulfill an ancient prophecy. However, the cultists were misguided.

Danny Haas Crafts Magnificent 'Star Wars' and Superhero Prints [Art Until the day comes when Shepard Fairey starts making Star Wars posters, Danny Haas’ Darth Vader and Boba Fett prints will have to tide you over. He’s got some pretty rad designs, though, and his Yoda, Luke and Han prints would all be transferable to t-shirts in a perfect world. Haas takes a handful of different approaches to his work, which he shares on his own website and sells through his Society6 page. A few of his other pieces are available on shirts and iPhone covers there, including a Fairey-ish series of secret identity hero works featuring Superman, Batman and Iron Man. All this set seems to be missing is a Composite Superman iPhone skin and a Lando Calrissian print (and it should go without saying that a Lando T-shirt done in Haas’ style would blow up multiple Death Stars with its awesomeness). Check out our favorite Haas products that do exist and sound off with your own requests after the jump.

Inoculating – Against Misinformation – Science-Based Medicine This is perhaps the most “meta” post I have written for SBM. One core approach of scientific skepticism, of which SBM is part, is to use metacognition – thinking about thinking – to explore information and our understanding of that information. Sometimes, however, we need to think about how we think about thinking. Specifically, one of our goals is to directly counter misinformation about science and medicine, misinformation that is often the product of marketing campaigns funded by multi-billion dollar industries. We definitely perceive this as a David and Goliath situation, and probably spend too much time debating about whether or not we are having a significant effect.

Crushing Krisis › Collecting Uncanny X-Men #1 – 141 comic books as graphic novels The definitive, chronological, and up-to-date guide on collecting X-Men comic books via omnibuses, hardcovers, and trade paperback graphic novels. A part of Crushing Krisis’s Collecting X-Men: A Definitive Guide. Last updated September 2014. The X-Men #1 – 66 & 67-93: The Initial Run (1963-1970) information is beautiful Been getting a ton of requests for ‘how to’s and guides for creating decent visualizations and information designs. Made me think: maybe I could do some workshops in this area. I like developing ideas and working with people.

Two (now retracted) studies purporting to show that vaccinated children are sicker than unvaccinated children show nothing of the sort – Science-Based Medicine [Ed. Note: Jann Bellamy will not be posting this week, as she has a personal family matter to deal with. She should return in two weeks. Fortunately I can fill in and tell a story that should also be told on SBM.] There is a kind of study that often draws my attention because it just keeps showing up again and again and again.

Winter of The Iron Dwarf - Page 104 - Table Titans NameNewt Readerman ClassNetromancer RaceHuman Level1 Mobile users, scroll the comic to read it! Images by Circos in Publications: Newspapers, Magazines, Books and Journals Report on Business makes the connection between companies and perks in their January 2011 issue. Is your resume ready? What about your visualization? Stephens report on a phenomenon by which a cell accumulates a large number of rearrangements in a single catastrophic event. This phenomenon, which they call , can be seen in at least 2%–3% of all cancers and in about 25% of bone cancers.