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- - - : : devient : : - - Alexandre DUBOSC © Food Art | Blog nov. 13 Exposition de mes "Court-Mandises" aux "Galeries Lafayette" Par Alexandre DUBOSC le mardi 13 novembre 2018, 19:30 - Expos Très heureux d'exposer mes sculptures "gâteaux" & film d'animations de l'ensemble de mes "Court-Mandises" ( films ) dans la vitrine des Galeries Lafayette de Nantes du 13 novembre 2018 au 3 janvier 2019. ( 2- 20 Rue de la Marne - Nantes )==) VENEZ voir les "Gâteaux" originaux des films bande de "Courtmands" ;) ))) Quelques photos de l'exposition ICI (((Merci à Fanny & Tony pour leur soutien & aux Galeries Lafayette pour leur accueil. nov. 7 "Gâteaux" animés & "Court-Mandises" au Lieu Unique & Cinématographe ( Nantes ) Par Alexandre DUBOSC le mercredi 7 novembre 2018, 14:16 - Expos Merci à la Plateforme pour cette invitation ;) Merci aussi au "L.U." & au "Cinématographe" pour leur soutien oct. 8 "Gâteau Gato" en compétition au 16 eme Festival Multivision de St Petersbourg ( RUSSIE ) Par Alexandre DUBOSC le lundi 8 octobre 2018, 12:01 - Prix-Selections août 8 août 7 mai 4

Animator: Job description An animator produces multiple images called frames, which when sequenced together create an illusion of movement known as animation. The images can be made up of digital or hand-drawn pictures, models or puppets. Animators tend to work in 2D animation, 3D model-making animation, stop frame or computer-generated animation. Computer-generated animation features strongly in motion pictures (to create special effects or an animated film in its own right), as well as in aspects of television, the internet and the computer games industry. The basic skill of animation still relies heavily on artistic ability, but there is an increasing need for animators to be familiar with technical computer packages. Typical work activities Producing animation involves a number of stages including generating ideas, building models and rigging lighting. Computer animation uses software known as CGI (computer-generated imagery). Tasks typically involve:

CATSUKA SEL NEF Animation - Nouvelles écritures pour le film d'animation Animator: job description Animators are artists who use sequential images of drawings, puppets and models to produce films for commercials, computer games, pop music videos and websites. What does an animator do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills Animators create films for production companies, major animation studios and computer games companies. Typical responsibilities of the job include: working creatively to produce original and aesthetically pleasing designs/solutions using specialist computer generation software such as Maya, Flash and After Effects presenting designs to customers for evaluation promoting and running the business negotiating contracts liaising and working effectively with other design and production staff Typical employers of animators Web design companies Computer games companies Film studios Marketing companies When making job applications, you will need a ‘showreel' of animated work that demonstrates your abilities to potential employers. Key skills for animators

Cartoon Classics Directory and Animation DataBase Catsuka Animator Job Information Page Content Animator Hours35-40 per weekStarting salary£12,000 + per year Animators bring drawings or computer generated characters to life on screen. If you want to use your imagination, and have creative skills like drawing or modelling, this job could be perfect for you. To create an image that communicates with your audience, you’ll need patience and the ability to concentrate so that your work is accurate and has detail. Artistic talent is highly valued within the animation industry and you can still become an animator based on self-taught skills and experience. WorkDesc The work As an animator, your work could be used in animated films or television cartoons. 2D hand-drawn or traditional2D computer-generated3D computer-generated imagery (CGI)stop-frame, stop-motion or model animation. Producing an animation involves many stages and processes. Working on a smaller project might mean that you are involved with several of these jobs, especially during the production stage. HoursDesc Hours

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