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Atmospheric circulation incl animations

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*****Sea breeze: from cool to warm #RobertAyton. Ocean currents… (‘Perpetual Ocean’ by NASA) *****Fohn winds / Foen winds:Antarctica's troublesome 'hairdryer winds' Image copyright BAS It's an ill wind that blows no good - at least not for the ice shelves on the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula.

*****Fohn winds / Foen winds:Antarctica's troublesome 'hairdryer winds'

A new study has found an atmospheric melting phenomenon in the region to be far more prevalent than anyone had realised. This is the foehn winds that drop over the big mountains of the peninsula, raising the temperature of the air on the leeward side well above freezing. "The best way to consider these winds is how they translate to german now, which is 'hairdryer' ('Foen')," explained Jenny Turton from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

"So, they're warm and they're dry and they're downslope. Blog. A few weeks ago I set on trying out new WebGL 2.0 features with Blog

WebGL 2.0 brings plenty of new goodies to be used for game development, creative coding and data visualization like instancing, floating-point textures, transform feedback, multiple render targets, and more. With this in mind, and inspired by the work of Cameron Beccario, Viegas and Wattenberg, and NASA, I created a WebGL 2.0 wind map demo using □ This stunning #satellite image shows dust that has spread from W Africa to the two closest islands (Fuerteventura and Lanzarote) □ *****Atmospheric pressure: The fascinating and terrible things that would happen to you if you tried to fly on Jupiter — and other planets. Saharan dust causing hazy conditions. Reports of haziness over the weekend are the result of high winds which carry over mineral dust from the Saharan Desert, bringing with it hazy visibility and for some, respiratory problems.

Saharan dust causing hazy conditions

Meteorologist Jean-Marc Rampersad said to LoopTT that, although it is difficult to predict how long these conditions will last, if strong winds continue, chances are likely that the present hazy conditions will persist for up to 48 hours. *****Coriolis Force: Water vapour satellite imagery □️ is essential in forecasting how #cloud and #rain develops, and sometimes it can look absolutely amazing! □Here is a stunning satellite image from yesterday of a low pressure system, but can you guess #WhereOnEarthIsThis? □ The effect of differential heating of the land and ocean - western coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, from 30000 ft. Amazing tropical storm project by Mrs Smith's year 10s! @BrightonHillSch #geographyteacher #creativity.

The double-headed cloud structure of #StormDoris is a classic sign of a rapidly deepening depression. Watching a bubble freeze ❄️ *****Diff gas densities: Soap bubbles float on top of sulfur hexafluoride gas, which is denser than air. #AtmosphericRiver sweeping over the US west coast. Stretches all the way from Hawaii. Amazing sight as trains creep along the track at Dawlish through crashing waves @itvwestcountry. This is how the Magnus Effect works. ***Wind impact: Anyone else had a day like this today? Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (1818) by Caspar David Friedrich (German, b.1774 d.1840) Atmospheric circulation lesson! □□#geographyteacher. *****Pressure: 8,145m deepest fish 8,800m pressure equivalent to 40 jumbo jets on your head #challengerdeep. *****Pressure: An interactive journey to the bottom of the sea. Paper plates make good Earths □#atmospheric #circulation. The Pineapple Express hoses California with Pacific moisture. This atmospheric river draws moist air from as far as Hawaii. @NASA_Rain.

A day of contrasts over the #UK. Cold, crisp and dry with wintry sunshine in the far S+E of the UK and cloudier and milder elsewhere @NASA. Cold, dense air pouring through gaps in the Dinaric Alps causes the brutal Bora wind. Scientists say the global ocean circulation may be more vulnerable to shutdown than we thought. The Gulf Stream carries warm water from the eastern coastline of the United States to regions of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Scientists say the global ocean circulation may be more vulnerable to shutdown than we thought

(NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center) Intense future climate change could have a far different impact on the world than current models predict, suggests a thought-provoking new study just out in the journal Science Advances. If atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations were to double in the future, it finds, a major ocean current — one that helps regulate climate and weather patterns all over the world — could collapse. And that could paint a very different picture of the future than what we’ve assumed so far. The Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, or AMOC, is often described as a large oceanic conveyor belt. One year time lapse of total precipitable water (2016) ***Animation: 2016 visualised using precipitable water. Featuring hurricanes, monsoons, tropical convection and much more.

*****Pressure: 8,145m deepest fish 8,800m pressure equivalent to 40 jumbo jets on your head #challengerdeep. Big N Pacific ridge v common during La Niña. Forces arctic cold down the Rockies. Air pressure tricks: 1970 Christmas Day science time in 'It's A Terrible Waste of an Egg', as Dudley Foster showed us a trick with a boiled egg. WeatherCast - Weather Word Wednesday and today's word is... Foehn effect. When air passes over mountains, the valleys on the downwind side (or 'lee' side) commonly experience strong and gusty downslope winds accompanied by abrupt warming and drying.

Foehn effect

These are known as foehn winds, and their warming and drying effect - the foehn effect - can be striking and far-reaching. What is the foehn effect? Foehn winds (sometimes written "Föhn") are common in mountainous regions, regularly impacting the lives of their residents and influencing weather conditions for hundreds of kilometres downwind. Atmospheric circulation lesson! □□#geographyteacher. How jet stream could make UK-US return flights longer. Foehn effect. Pattern flip ahead as successive cold blasts from the Arctic move progressively east and milder temperatures spread across most of Europe. Antarctica is glowing electric blue due to the start of noctilucent, or night-shining, cloud season @NASAEarth. AirVisual - Earth. Spiral storms on #Mars form due to temperature & atmospheric pressure gradients generally in spring & summer.

Geography – Wild Weather with Richard Hammond. Global Wind Patterns. Dust Over the Arabian Sea. *Cold air sinks: Morning mist rolls over cliffs at West Bay. Flights probe jet stream role in floods. A major international effort is under way to research one of the greatest unknowns in weather forecasting - the influence of the jet stream.

Flights probe jet stream role in floods

For the first time, a fleet of drones and planes is being deployed from the United States, Iceland and Britain to investigate the flow of air crossing the Atlantic. Jet streams are powerful currents of high-altitude wind that govern the patterns of weather down on the surface. The one over the Atlantic has frequently driven storms over Britain, most recently last winter, causing devastating floods. Early results indicate that the jet stream is narrower, stronger and more sharply defined than predicted by computer models - which could have implications for weather forecasts. Although forecasting has improved massively in recent years, a particular kind of disturbance in the jet stream over America is blamed for about 100 late or inaccurate forecasts of extreme rainfall over Europe in the past decade.

Pioneering flight. Dust carried from Sahara Desert to Brazil by wind (GIF) Scientists begin to unravel summer jet stream mystery. As the UK's official weather service the Met Office works closely with the media to ensure that the country is aware of, and can cope during, times of extreme weather.

Scientists begin to unravel summer jet stream mystery

The Met Office Press Office provides journalists with accurate and reliable weather and climate information and resources for stories on TV and radio, in print, and online. Welcome to the Press Office, the Met Office's dedicated resource for journalists. Atmosphere is dynamic - like a liquid: The Golden Gate Bridge lost in the fog this evening! Timelapse showing you why the coast will stay comfy tomorrow. Ventusky - Wind, Rain and Temperature Maps.

Windyty, wind map & forecast. A global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions. Air circulation and climate animation.