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The End » Updates Tuesdays!

The End » Updates Tuesdays!
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Adventures In Gay adventuresingay: See the full video here: MY COMING OUT STORY So just to clarify the above gif set (as per some questions and comments I received) In reference to the images above, the implication was not to suggest that one group of individuals is any better or worse than any other, nor even different. However, we are each born into this world with inherent properties out of our control, properties to which the world around us does behave and react differently towards in accordance with a larger social and economic construct. In the context of my coming out video, the phrase “being gay isn’t normal, it’s special” came in the run of a larger dialogue specifically in reference to my sexuality and it’s influence on my artistic career and endeavors. The two most important aspects of being an artist are; Honesty and a unique point of view. "It’s not normal… it’s special. At a time where simply being gay is a crime in many countries, our insight and our voices are more valuable than ever.

Strawberry Death Cake Well managed to get this done for halloween. Everything is a mess but I’ll try and see if I can get the comic going. Not really new sketches but something I did a long time back but didn’t finish. Just some character sketching I did. Sexy Rambo With the release of the Expendables 2 movie, I’m reminded that the type of action movies I enjoyed as a kid are all but mostly gone. TF2 female medic Friday’s I’ll try and post some art and other stuff that’s on my mind, like tv shows, games and science!! I’m having a lot of fun with Team Fortress 2. Home :: Ianua Rainbow in the Dark by Comfort Love and Adam Withers Rainbow in the Dark news and more from Comfort and Adam's Blog # Rainbow: Reviews and Where to Buy! Wed, 19 Mar 2014 19:32:43 GMT Rainbow in the Dark: The Complete Saga is available at... If you dig the book please leave your a review! ...or you can read one of the many other reviews we've gotten for Rainbow in the Dark from... Newsarama, Den of Geek, We Are Geeking Out, Fanboy Nation,with a review and a lengthy interview. Thanks! Rainbow: Vault of Midnight GR store signing - tomorrow! Wed, 26 Feb 2014 17:13:49 GMT Fellow Grand Rapididians! Don't forget - tomorrow, February 27th, we are doing our very first store signing at Vault of Midnight - as well as doing our 'Let's Make a Character' presentation at Kendall College of Art and Design. So if you’re in the area it sure would mean a lot to see you there. Today we're on our way to early to see our very good friends Chris and Jennifer's today. Wish us luck on our first store signing! Comfort & AdamComments Wed, 19 Feb 2014 19:32:24 GMT Big news!

Gaysome! webcomic - Humor gay en español. BOYS To wet your appetite with the bonus story found in our new EC book, here's a sample page of the 8 page print-exclusive bonus story. We're pretty happy with the story, so we hope you'll like it! Also, the crossover between Magick Chicks and Eerie Cuties is in full swing. Annnnd, if you're an artist/creator who'd be interested in contributing a guest comic for either Eerie Cuties or Magick Chicks, we're looking for comics or illustrations that we could run during the Xmas & New Year holidays. Also, the book is at the printer and we should have it in hand at the end of the month and we'll start shipping as soon as we get it. Pre-orders will last till the end of October for the collector's edition, and we'll take it from there on if we'll continue to take orders for the collector's edition after that. Thanks again for all your support. EDIT: Found another link that previews some of our pages (along with some others.) NOVEMBER 18, 2010 We received the books last Friday (they look great!)

Maker :: You think you hear voices. Now you're sure you're going crazy. ==> Flipside octopus pie » Archive » #479 – octopus pie theater presents: eve fails at watching porn (again) Here’s a new comic for a new week. I’m very tired from back-to-back weekends of Comic Con and signing mountains of books, but it is a good tired. I think it might be a good idea to get on a reliable weekly schedule for the time being. More on that soon. New Yorkers: I’m doing a book release party for Listen At Home With Octopus Pie at the end of August!

Romantically Apocalyptic - 55 Gaia | Fantasy Webcomic Comic Graphic Novel | It’s finally time to present the submissions placed between the positions 13 and 25 of the Sandra and Woo and Gaia artwork contest. There are some great works of art to be seen here, partially thanks to the extension of the submission period. I would like to thank all artists who have submitted a drawing or other piece of art. Please show your support by visiting the artists’ websites and writing a comment in the comment section of this blog post! Michael Masukawa (website) This submission by Michael is not actually in the top 25. [Artist’s comment: I felt bad for poor Shadow and Sid, so I made a comic book cover for the greatest story never told!] Place 25 goes to Marcus Sandra, Woo and Larisa as fearless space adventurers who are somehow able to breath in space. Place 24 goes to Gatekid3 The swamp monster and its minions won’t stand a chance against Cloud and his team of heroic fighters! Place 23 goes to Erin Roosa [Artist’s comment: Your contest may have saved a life. “Finding Woo”

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