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Eric Kim Street Photography Blog – Street Photography Tips, Inspiration, and Community

Eric Kim Street Photography Blog – Street Photography Tips, Inspiration, and Community
(Editor’s Note: Words and Photographs by Ryan Tacay) In a world of instant-gratification and disposable media, it’s hard to take something like instagram as a serious way to share something artistic and long-lasting. Going past the jokes about it being all about the bathroom selfies, things I ate today, or this afternoon’s sunset, it’s actually one of the best ways to get one’s work out there and seen. For starters, with instagram claiming they have about 300 million active users compared to the 92 million that Flickr has, it’s safe to say that although the images are displayed no larger than a 640×640 pixel square format, there’s a larger audience. Having come from Flickr since 2005, I get more traffic and activity on instagram these days. It has become my preferred method of sharing my street photos.

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10 Things Henri Cartier-Bresson Can Teach You About Street Photography Don’t forget to pre-order the new re-print of “The Decisive Moment” by Henri Cartier-Bresson! I have been doing quite a bit of research into Henri Cartier-Bresson, the godfather of street photography. Although my current approach in street photography is more like Bruce Gilden and less of Henri Cartier-Bresson, HCB influenced much of my earlier work and I still deeply respect his photography and philosophies. I hope you are able to enjoy these things I believe you can learn from Henri Cartier-Bresson about street photography. Studio lighting: 4 seriously simple lighting techniques to try at home Studio lighting can seem daunting if you’ve never tried it before. However, most portrait photography lighting techniques are not nearly as scary as most people think. By using a simple home photo studio kit with just a couple of flash heads and a few basic accessories, you can get great results in no time at all. In fact, it’s arguably easier to use a studio lighting setup than off-camera flash. For this studio lighting tutorial we’re using a two-head Elinchrom D-Lite it 2 Studio 2 Go kit, which costs about £500 ($630), but there are plenty of other options to choose from that will suit any budget. We’ll take you through some of the standard kit you need, and show you four great studio lighting techniques for shooting professional-looking portraits in your home photo studio, with the help of our beautiful model, Jade.

How to Shoot Street Portraits With Permission by Danny Santos Danny Santos shooting Stranger #85 & Stranger #86 , taken by Paulo Legaspi Eric’s Note: I am truly excited to have this guest post by Danny Santos, who is truly passionate about shooting portraits in the streets. I was fascinated and captivated by his work, and I asked him to write a guest post about how he shoots street portraits. Enjoy! FIFTY ONE Fine Art Photography Gallery - Artists Although Edward Steichen exhibited some of Saul Leiter’s color photographs at the Museum of Modern Art in 1953, for forty years afterwards they remained virtually unknown to the art world. Leiter moved to New York in 1946 intending to be a painter and through his friendship with the abstract expressionist Richard Pousette-Dart he quickly recognized the creative potential of photography. Though he continued to paint, exhibiting alongside Philip Guston and Willem de Kooning, Leiter’s camera became — like an extension of his arm and mind — an ever-present interpreter of life in the metropolis. The semi-mythical notion of the ‘New York street photographer’ was born at the same time, in the late-1940s. But Leiter’s sensibility — comparable to the European intimism of Bonnard, a painter he greatly admires — placed him outside the visceral confrontations with urban anxiety associated with photographers such as Robert Frank or William Klein.

London by Bike - Nick Turpin's photography tips To help you in your quest for the perfect cycling photograph, browse through a selection of images taken by Nick Turpin for the competition. To take striking street photographs, you need to understand that street photography is something more than just taking photographs in the street. The best street photographers use the camera to elevate the everyday into something special through the act of photography.

101 Self-Portrait Ideas to Spice Up Your Facebook Profile Email Do you feel uninspired? Have no models or interesting subjects available? You are the best model and photographer at the same time! The Ultimate Aspiring Street Photographer Resource Post This post was originally posted here by Neal Bingham, but I thought I’d repost it here to share it with the rest of you guys. A great resource for any aspiring street photographer. Please pass it on! Also follow Neal on Twitter!

LUCIDA » » ESSAY // BONE TREE CRITIQUE: LARRY FINK AND ZEV JONAS An essay by Bill Lowenburg. At first glance, the photographs of Australian-born Zev Jonas seem to have little in common with the work of his friend and mentor, the distinguished American photographer Larry Fink. Jonas works in primarily color, Fink in black and white. Jonas utilizes available light, and while Fink does too, his best-known work has been produced with off-camera flash. What is Street Photography? An Introduction to Street Photography with Eric Kim from Cindy Nguyen on Vimeo. There is not one definition which defines street photography. Depending on who you ask or where you find your information, you will come upon conflicting responses.

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