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Green walls

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Your DCTC News Source : Dakota County Technical College. Monday, March 5, 2012 | by Beverly Claybrook A web site has been developed by design agency 00:/ called WikiHouse.

Your DCTC News Source : Dakota County Technical College

The site is an “open source construction set” for DIY individuals who desire to build their own structure. There are pre-existing templates to browse through, the ability to modify them, as well as modeling your own. Once you have the desired plan, you can download it, print it, and cut it with a CNC machine. You’d have to purchase the materials and assemble them once they’ve been cut to the correct shape. There are many purposes for quick and easy assembly structures, from meeting rooms, to post-disaster homes, workshops, children’s playrooms, to residential homes. Sunday, February 26, 2012 | by Beverly Claybrook These aren’t the green roofs that are commonly referred to as living roofs. Nau Architects have released a self sustainable concept that they call the Living Roof.


Tecnologías de Naturación: Jardines verticales y Techos verdes, 4 de octubre de 2011. Greening the Globe: Beautiful Living Walls & Vertical Gardens. Most of today's vertical gardening systems can be credited to French botanist, Patrick Blanc, the pioneer of these enviro-friendly, architectural masterpieces. Since Blanc's living wall creations were first incorporated into modern construction in the late 1980s, many have taken his initial idea and built upon it, producing some pretty incredible works of art. Cilck the link below to check out a compilation of some amazing green walls from around the world. PNC Green Wall Pittsburgh, PA Longwood Gardens - The Largest Living Wall in North America Kennett Square, PA. Inicio Paisajismo Urbano. GRONCOL. The Process » GSky Plant Systems, Inc. - The leading provider of Green Walls in North America.

Our team begins the process by discussing with your team the goals, considerations, challenges, and opportunities of your Vine Container project.

The Process » GSky Plant Systems, Inc. - The leading provider of Green Walls in North America

The Green Wall design can be designed by your team or our plant designer; however we suggest that your designers work with us from project inception to follow important plant and design-related guidelines – saving time down the road. During this phase, we’ll work with your team to establish an initial plan that addresses: Green Roofs, Green Walls, Living Systems. Indoor air quality is one of the least discussed environmental dangers, yet it is one of the most serious threats affecting our health.

Green Roofs, Green Walls, Living Systems

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors and poor indoor air quality leaves us susceptible to serious long and short term health problems. BioWall naturally filters air and removes several harmful pollutants. On top of that, BioWall offers a dramatic aesthetic – a wow factor. BioWall’s cost is comparable to several other high end interior finishes. Research has also indicated that interior plants can dramatically increase our happiness and productivity. DETAIL – green wall « home building in Vancouver.

Green wall at the Vancouver Airport (by Gsky Plant Systems –

DETAIL – green wall « home building in Vancouver

Green Walls - office. Many offices are sterile environments only intersected with bland concrete walls.

Green Walls - office

But what if you could bring nature into an office environment? Swedish Greenworks has come up with a range of products that do just that. With plant walls, mobile plant dividers, and picture frames with plants. It is a brilliant idea. Not just because green plants look pretty, but also because natural foliage helps clean the air and absorbs sound (a big problem in modern offices). Aqua Resins Technologies B.V. - Fytorent. GLTi Plug and Play Living Wall Now Available! The GLTi Plug and Play Living Wall (aka Plug and Play) materialized in 2008 and was revisited for production in September of 2013.

GLTi Plug and Play Living Wall Now Available!

(Fig 1 Poinsettias) After consistent and lengthy trials the Plug and Play has proven to be the go to product and industry driver for interior living walls, agriculture and limited exterior applications. The Plug and Play is divided into modular panels ranging from 12 square feet to one square foot and each requires only two pieces of hardware per section. This reduces the number of penetrations by 80% compared to any other living wall.The Plug and Play requires 90% less irrigation hardware and materials, no reservoirs and minimal plumbing components making this the simplest yet the most sophisticated system in the world.

Because the system is perfectly calculated to have zero waste water no external drain required.* These attributes relate to a savings of up to 50% in labor! 1. 2. 3. 80% less hardware means 80% less drilling or screws 4. 5. 6.