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Energy Tower: Power for 15 Earths?

Energy Tower: Power for 15 Earths?
Researchers have designed a product that its inventors claim could easily produce between 15 and 20 times the total electricity the world uses today. Not only that, it could also be used as a desalination device and may be able to reverse the effects of global warming. Those are pretty big claims, but the researchers from the Technion - Israel Institute of Science seem confident that the "Energy Tower" could be a major solution to the world's problems. They've been working on the concept since 1983, and together have spent more than 150 man-years researching, designing, testing, and analyzing. As project founder Professor Dan Zaslavsky explains, the Energy Tower works on the basic principle of convection: hot air rises and cold air falls. The 3,000-foot tall tower, with a diameter of 1200 feet, would take advantage of the heavy falling weight of cold air. Any kind of water - from a sea or drainage ditch - would be added to the top of the tower. Via: Israel21c

World's First Building-Integrated Wind Turbines Three wind turbine blades have been successfully installed on the Bahrain World Trade Center, a twin skyscraper complex. This is the first time that a commercial development has integrated large-scale wind turbines within its design to harness the power of the wind. The three massive turbines, measuring 29 meters in diameter, are supported by bridges spanning between the complex's two towers. Through its positioning and the unique aerodynamic design of the towers, the prevailing on-shore Gulf breeze is funneled into the path of the turbines, helping to create power generation efficiency. Once operational, the wind turbines will deliver approximately 11-15% of the energy needs of the building, or 1100 to 1300 megawatt-hours per year -- enough to provide light in 300 homes for over a year. See also: 70% Of Navarra's (Northern Spain) Power Comes From Wind, Solar :: Via UAE and Jetson Green

Generador de Energía Libre Infinita Windbelt Micro-wind, 10 Times Cheaper Wind Energy!! [Run time: 2:05 min] I hope you enjoy this short video of Shawn Frayne, a young inventor that has created this device to generate, on the micro-scale, energy for LED lights and radios in developing countries. This is the first approach that uses aeroelastic flutter to create super cheap electricity. We’re talking about changing the way wind energy is harvested and captured. Frayne won a 2007 Breakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics, and he deserves it. UPDATE: EcoGeek reports that Shawn Frayne has launched the website for Humdinger Wind Energy. Here’s a different video of Shawn Frayne talking about the Windbelt technology. Article tags: alternative energy, video

generador electrico Living Off the Grid: How to Generate Your Own Electricity | Danny Lipford Our off the grid house near Anaconda, Montana Taking the Alternative Energy Plunge When my wife and I moved to Montana last year, we found a comfortable home on several acres with a view of the mountains. There was only one hitch – the house was off the grid. In fact, everyone in the subdivision generated their own power, including the bed and breakfast nearby. That doesn’t mean it was primitive. Solar panel with tracker Life Off the Grid The previous owner showed me the critical facilities and told me how to operate them. On our third night in the house, we went to bed as usual to the faint sound of wind outside, a sound we were already beginning to enjoy because it generated most of our power. Wind turbine I got up and went outside to check the power equipment. I had just learned the first lesson of wind and solar power: they can’t always be counted on when you need them. Battery bank Alternative Energy Cost Electrical inverter/charger Backup Generator Backup generator Lessons Learned

Generación Eléctrica con Biogas - Energía Renovable subiendo a la red pública BLUE Ready to Rock - a "condensed" version shown for the photo, with a 3/4 hp generator, held by the inventor, Doug Selsam. Here are the blades of a 20 inch diameter turbine, that produces about half a kilowatt. They will be mounted on a shaft that projects for a long distance forward, and backward, at an angle from horizontal, so that the wind encounters the rotors like a stairway. The New Turbine is flown in Tehachapi, mounted to a Tower by Brent Scheibel, of General Electric Wind and owner of Well, it's up and running, with data being logged. Brent Scheibel,, His wife, Teri, with their dog Ezra, and Doug Selsam, windmill is seen in background This is the test team, Brent Scheibel, who handles Anemometry over at Zond / Enron Wind - now General Electric Wind Energy, and runs, His wife Teri, their dog Ezra, who barks at windmills, and Doug Selsam, the inventor. Row after row of clean-turning turbine blades adorn the landscape... pretty cool.

Planta de Energia Solar Térmica ARQUBA.COM. Documental Discovery Channel Maquinomania How I built an electricity producing Solar Panel Several years ago I bought some remote property in Arizona. I am an astronomer and wanted a place to practice my hobby far away from the sky-wrecking light pollution found near cities of any real size. In my attempt to escape city light pollution, I found a great piece of remote property. The problem is, it's so remote that there is no electric service available. That's not really a problem. No electricity equals no light pollution. I built a wind turbine to provide some power on the remote property. Here is a video of the solar panel set up and in use on my remote, off-grid property. Let me state up front that I probably won't be able to help you out much if you decide to build your own solar panel(s). So what is a solar panel anyway? I started out the way I start every project, by Googling for information on home-built solar panels. After a while, I came to some conclusions: <a href=' seller. A solar panel is really just a shallow box.

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