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Natural Capitalism-Creating the Next Industrial Revolution

Natural Capitalism-Creating the Next Industrial Revolution
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REVE - Regulación Eólica con Vehículos Eléctricos - Mycle Schneider, Antony Froggatt, and Steve Thomas have again performed a vital public service by preparing this uniquely independent, thorough, and timely assessment of the global status of nuclear power, both before and after the Fukushima disaster began to unfold on March 11, 2011. From Beijing and London to Tokyo and Washington, energy bureaucracies have for decades been pervaded by nuclear enthusiasm. The past few years, for the first time in history, also saw most major governments led by advocates of nuclear energy. The facts disclosed here, stated correctly and cited carefully to reputable sources, unravel the dense curtain of myths surrounding this deeply troubled industry. By contrast, renewable electricity generators rule the marketplace, providing half the world’s new generating capacity in 2008–09. First, an accident can swiftly transform a multi-billion dollar generating asset into a larger cleanup liability. No country has demonstrated a nuclear learning curve. Amory B.

Live Earth (2007 concert) Live Earth was a one off event developed to combat climate change. The first series of benefit concerts were held on July 7, 2007. The concerts brought together more than 150 musical acts in eleven locations around the world which were broadcast to a mass global audience through televisions, radio, and streamed via the Internet. The umbrella organization for the event was Save Our Selves, founded by Kevin Wall (Executive Producer), and included major partners such as former U.S. The plans for the Live Earth concerts were announced at a media event in Los Angeles on 15 February 2007 by Al Gore, Kevin Wall and other celebrities.[5] The inspiration for promoting the cause using benefit concerts comes from many similar events over the past 25 years including the 1985 Live Aid concerts and the 2005 Live 8 concerts and it was to be the longest show ever to be recorded in the world records. The concert series followed in the tradition of many benefit events staged in the past three decades:

What Is the Easiest Way to Power a Lightbulb More Infographics on Good Amory Lovins: Nuclear Power Makes Climate Change Worse The Godfather of efficiency and renewables on why Nuclear Power makes Climate Change worse, part 1. Sorry for the bad sound synch, too tired to correct the file. Very good information, even though somewhat dated – from 2008. In an article written this week to respond to the Fukushima incident, Lovins updates this point and more: “Each dollar spent on a new reactor buys about 2-10 times less carbon savings, 20-40 times slower, than spending that dollar on the cheaper, faster, safer solutions that make nuclear power unnecessary and uneconomic: efficient use of electricity, making heat and power together in factories or buildings (“cogeneration”), and renewable energy. Part 2 below the fold. quoting again from Lovin’s article this week: “…smarter choices are sweeping the global energy market. Below – Our climate change goals are not ambitious enough. Like this: Like Loading...

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Amory B. Lovins Amory B. Lovins (1947– ), an American consultant experimental physicist and 1993 MacArthur Fellow, has been active at the nexus of energy, resources, economy, environment, development, and security in more than 50 countries for over 40 years, including 14 years based in England. He is widely considered among the world’s leading authorities on energy—especially its efficient use and sustainable supply—and a fertile innovator in integrative design and in superefficient buildings, factories, and vehicles. After two years at Harvard, Mr. During 1979–2002, Mr. In 1982, the Lovinses cofounded Rocky Mountain Institute (, an independent, entrepreneurial, nonprofit think-and-do tank. Mr. Mr. Mr. An occasional advisor to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners and World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Mr.

Jonathon Porritt : Welcome to my blog Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era: Amory Lovins, Marvin Odum, John W. Rowe: Livres anglais et étrangers