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Emma Watson at the HeForShe Campaign 2014 - Official UN Video

Emma Watson at the HeForShe Campaign 2014 - Official UN Video

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Even to mention the 1930s is to evoke the period when human civilisation entered its darkest, bloodiest chapter. No case needs to be argued; just to name the decade is enough. It is a byword for mass poverty, violent extremism and the gathering storm of world war. “The 1930s” is not so much a label for a period of time than it is rhetorical shorthand – a two-word warning from history. Jennifer Lawrence Presses Case On Equal Pay For Actresses Though she has become one of Hollywood’s best-paid movie stars of any gender, who better than Jennifer Lawrence to carry the mantle of getting actresses comparable paydays to male movie stars? She comes out swinging in an essay for Lenny, the new online newsletter launched by Lena Dunham to address issues on feminism and lifestyle. “This might have NOTHING to do with my vagina, but I wasn’t completely wrong when another leaked Sony email revealed a producer referring to a fellow lead actress in a negotiation as a “spoiled brat,” Lawrence writes, addressing those hacked Sony e-mails that bared the salary discrepancy on the David O Russell-directed film American Hustle. “For some reason, I just can’t picture someone saying that about a man.”

Equal Pay is 118 Years Away The Global Gender Gap Report is in. And it makes for grim reading. Whilst patrons of the patriarchy protest that progress is being made, the statistics show that women are only earning what men earned ten years ago. That particular statistic is published alongside the equally depressing line, “progress towards wage equality and labour force parity has stalled markedly since 2009/2010.” A press release for the report explains that the worldwide gender pay gap has closed by only 4% in the last ten years and predicts that it will take another 118 years (or by 2133) to actually close the gap. So unless you’re planning on being cryogenically frozen, earning less that people with penises is a life sentence.

Truth was the first casualty of the Great Depression. Reflecting the anguish of the time, propaganda was manufactured on an unprecedented scale. As economic disaster threatened to trigger shooting wars so, as George Orwell said, useful lies were preferred to harmful truths. He went further, declaring that history stopped in 1936; after that there was only propaganda. This was a characteristic exaggeration but it points to the universality of state deception. 'Tampon tax' paid around the world Image copyright Thinkstock Half the world's population needs to use them for a week each month, every month for about 30 years. So why are sanitary products - used to absorb menstrual blood and therefore many would argue essential - taxed? Campaigns have recently been launched in a number of countries demanding the removal of the tax on tampons and sanitary towels. What is the situation in different countries around the world? Australia

The world's first transgender modeling agency launches in L.A. With Caitlyn Jenner gracing the cover of Vanity Fair, transgender models on the runway, and a batch of new TV shows featuring transgender people, it was perhaps only a matter of time: The world’s first agency for transgender models is to be officially launched next month. Thailand-based agency Apple Model Management, which has represented trans models, is opening a Los Angeles branch exclusively representing transgender women and men. Cecilio Asuncion, director of the L.A. arm, is running the business from a temporary office in downtown Los Angeles. So far, he’s got six models and is scouting talent to fill another nine spots. His current line-up features the outspoken advocate Arisce Wanzer, Tobago-born performer Dominique Brebnor and the Instagram-savvy Angel Qinan. Asuncion, who spotlighted five transgender women in his 2012 documentary What’s The T?

Truth is evaporating before our eyes Given how little content the 2016 presidential debates contained, how rarely specific policies or programs were outlined or even mentioned, it often seemed that the only thing left for journalists – and ordinary citizens – to do was tally the number of lies each candidate told. By some counts, Donald Trump told a lie every few minutes; Hillary Clinton’s distortions appear to have been fewer and less blatant. And when the bigger liar won the election, one conclusion to be drawn was that, for millions of Americans, honesty was not nearly so important as we might have wished or assumed.

Rose McGowan slams Caitlyn Jenner for acceptance speech at Glamour awards By Sarah Jones For Published: 03:18 GMT, 17 November 2015 | Updated: 11:43 GMT, 17 November 2015 Outspoken Rose McGowan is known for using social media as a platform to voice her opinions, and this time she has taken aim at Caitlyn Jenner. The 42-year-old Charmed actress slammed Jenner for her Glamour Women Of The Year Awards acceptance speech on Monday. McGowan penned an open letter on Facebook - which has since been deleted - after the transgender reality star joked that the 'hardest part about being a woman is figuring out what to wear'. Scroll down for video

Emma Watson’s UN gender equality campaign invites men too Emma Watson launched the HeForShe campaign at the UN last week and extended a “formal invitation” to men to participate in the conversation about gender equality. “Gender equality is your issue too,” said the actor and UN Women goodwill ambassador. Watson’s speech struck a chord with many and fanned the feminist fire that is, slowly but surely, being reignited. Europe's biggest paper ran a bogus refugee 'sex mob' story. What now? It was tailor-made for the anti-immigration press: a crazed man wearing a suicide vest “filled with gasoline and gunpowder” enters a supermarket in a small town in northwestern Spain, shouts “Allahu Akbar!” and opens fire. Mercifully, no one is killed, but customers flee in terror. The story runs in a local paper, is quickly picked up by an assortment of media in the US and the UK, and then shared widely on Twitter and Facebook.

What would be on our dream feminist school syllabus? “I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” No, those aren’t the immortal words of our Secretary of State for Education, or unlikelier still, our Prime Minister, but American pop sensation and philosophiser Whitney Houston. She’s got a pretty solid point. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults.

Karl Lagerfeld’s new look for Chanel: feminist protest and slogans Karl Lagerfeld, who once dismissed concerns over size-zero models as the whinings of “fat mommies with bags of crisps”, is an unlikely champion of feminism as a fashionable issue. How, then, to interpret his Chanel catwalk show at Paris fashion week, which closed with a megaphone-wielding Cara Delevingne leading a model army chanting for freedom, the Kardashian-clan catwalk star Kendall Jenner holding a banner reading Women’s Rights are More than Alright, and a sea of placards reading Ladies First, History is Her Story, We Can Match the Machos and Boys Should Get Pregnant Too? It is probably worth remembering that one of Lagerfeld’s many quotes is: “Everything I say is a joke.

One Monday morning last September, Britain woke to a depraved news story. The prime minister, David Cameron, had committed an “obscene act with a dead pig’s head”, according to the Daily Mail. “A distinguished Oxford contemporary claims Cameron once took part in an outrageous initiation ceremony at a Piers Gaveston event, involving a dead pig,” the paper reported. Piers Gaveston is the name of a riotous Oxford university dining society; the authors of the story claimed their source was an MP, who said he had seen photographic evidence: “His extraordinary suggestion is that the future PM inserted a private part of his anatomy into the animal.” The story, extracted from a new biography of Cameron, sparked an immediate furore. It was gross, it was a great opportunity to humiliate an elitist prime minister, and many felt it rang true for a former member of the notorious Bullingdon Club.

Are drag queens doing enough for feminism? Drag queens often get a bad rep when it comes to being "good" feminists, with accusations that misogyny is rife within the gay male and drag communities. Words like “fishy” describe a queen who can pass as a biological woman, while gay culture is often critiqued for fetishizing masculinity above all else. Then you’ve got those who argue drag is just a parody of femininity, mocking women, both characteristics and the aesthetic; the butt of a joke made by men, in an arena that women often feel uninvited. Some argue that drag has nothing to do with the lived female experience. These queens can hang up their heels at the end of the night, an opportunity not afforded to women day to day. This will ring true for some, but there are plenty of of drag queens who claim that it’s the amazing women in their lives that inspired them to do drag, that drag is rather a deconstruction and a parody of the ridiculous image women are supposed to achieve, and that drag, most certainly, is for women too.

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