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Online JSON Viewer

Online JSON Viewer

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What python web-mapping framework to use? current community your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. more stack exchange communities Stack Exchange Modern OpenGL tutorial (python) This tutorial is part of the vispy project which is an OpenGL-based interactive visualization library in Python. During this tutorial, only the vispy low-level interface (named gloo) will be used. A stand-alone gloo package is distributed along this tutorial but you should use the vispy.gloo package from the latest vispy distribution which is more up-to-date. Before diving into the core tutorial, it is important to understand that OpenGL has evolved over the years and a big change occured in 2003 with the introduction of the dynamic pipeline (OpenGL 2.0), i.e. the use of shaders that allow to have direct access to the GPU.

Yahoo User Interface library (YUI) Books YUI 2.8: Learning the Library My first published book. Something I didn't expect. The guys at Packt Books sent me an email around December 2009 asking if I cared to do an update to their existing book on YUI. The original author was busy at the time and could not do it. Struts2, JSON, JQGrid with Annotations This article explains my hardships while trying to get the example work. It is still not a fully working solution but a solution which takes you through steps any new guys go through while trying to configure struts2 using annotation. With introduction of annotation concept in Java5, many frameworks tried to exploit it very well to make themselves developer friendly. With respect to Web Framework's Spring MVC is the leader as well as frontrunner in using this. Struts2 has tried to implement the same concepts but for any new developer it be little hard to get it to work as there are not many working articles over the web. I never suggest using any framework tags in building UI elements which these framework's profess (It would be difficult to reuse/migrate if at all we have to migrate in future).

FragmentManager Class Overview Interface for interacting with Fragment objects inside of an Activity Developer Guides Learning WebGL A year ago, at a biggest-ever, record-breaking HTML5 Meetup in San Francisco all about WebGL, I predicted we were a tipping point; I think I was right. Let’s take a look at 2014, a banner year for 3D on the web! A Year of Great Content John Cale and Liam Young’s City of Drones brought together experiments in music and architecture; Isaac Cohen continued to blow minds with visualizations like Weird Kids and Webby; Google’s A Spacecraft for All chronicled the 36-year journey of the ISEE-3 space probe; and SKAZKA showed us an alternate world created by The Mill and powered by Goo. A Year of Killer Apps

TreeView Example: Dynamic Load, Using node.onLabelClick and Date: September 25, 2006 Component: TreeView, Event Version: v0.11.3 Click on a node label above to report the node's label and custom data here. This simple example of a TreeView using dyanmic loading responds to jmpow99's question on the YDN-JavaScript group (and followup question here). Print Server Scripting using VBScript Monitor servers, workstations, devices and applications in your network Changing Print Job Start Time Uses ADSI to change the start time for all print jobs larger than 400K to 2 AM. Set objPrinter = GetObject(" For each objPrintQueue in objPrinter.PrintJobs If objPrintQueue.Size > 400000 Then objPrintQueue.Put "StartTime" , TimeValue("2:00:00 AM") objPrintQueue.SetInfo End If Next Changing Print Job Priority

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