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Beautiful visualisation tool transforms maps into works of art. Mapping Tools Increasingly Important to Informed and Engaged Communities. In the last few years, mapping has become an increasingly important element among the winners of the Knight News Challenge.

Mapping Tools Increasingly Important to Informed and Engaged Communities

Five of the 12 projects which won grants in 2010 involved mapping in some form: TileMapping by DevelopmentSeed of Washington DC; CitySeed by Arizona State University's New Media Innovation Lab in Phoenix; CityTracking by Stamen Design out of San Francisco;'GoMap Riga by two Latvians; and LocalWiki by the founders of Davis Wiki of Davis, California. Knight Foundation Announces Winners of 2010 News Challenge. Cambridge, Mass.

Knight Foundation Announces Winners of 2010 News Challenge

(June 16, 2010) – Twelve media innovation projects have been named the 2010 winners of the Knight News Challenge, a contest that funds ideas that use digital technology to inform specific geographic communities. The winners will receive $2.74 million as part of the fourth round of the five-year international contest. Among the winning ideas are two easy-to-use tool sets for journalists and bloggers to illustrate raw data visually – one of the most promising new areas of digital journalism. One project (Tilemapping) was field-tested in Haiti, to map where aid was needed after the earthquake. We got a Knight News Grant! We got a Knight News Grant! Jun 16, 2010 I'm in Boston today with Deborah, Tom & Ben, where the John S. and James L.

We got a Knight News Grant! We got a Knight News Grant!

Knight Foundation, as part of its Knight News Challenge, has just announced that Stamen is one of the winners of this year's Knight News Challenge grant. CityTracking. Clouds & APIs: Mayor Lee Unveils The San Francisco Open Data Cloud. With 30,000 tech jobs already in town and more (hopefully) on the way, San Francisco has been making a big push to make its city as friendly as possible to entrepreneurs.

Clouds & APIs: Mayor Lee Unveils The San Francisco Open Data Cloud

In January, we saw Mayor Ed Lee, Ron Conway, and former TechCrunch CEO Heather Harde launched sfCITI, a committee which focuses on hiring — both placing and training competent programmers and just generally bringing smart people into San Francisco’s workforce. Last month, the city complemented its hiring committee by announcing a new initiative again aimed at making the city more relevant to its chief industry, called the 2012 Innovation Portfolio, which helps founders, as Eric wrote at the time, do everything from “completing the paperwork for creating a company, to giving developers new access to city data, to actually testing out tech products at City Hall itself.”

Today, Mayor Lee unveiled, a cloud-based open data site and the successor/replacement to The next most obvious thing. Most Innovative Companies: Stamen Design. Exhibitions. Sun CEO: Open source = free advertising. There are many reasons to love open-source software, but Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz thinks that one of its biggest benefits is free advertising.

Sun CEO: Open source = free advertising

As Schwartz suggests, developers don't spend money. They spend time. Les produits Microsoft contiendont tous du code open source. Le 27 fév, 2009 • Catégorie: Lectures Libres, Planet-Libre Tags : brevet • Linux • Microsoft • TomTom Cet article a été publié il y a 4 ans 11 mois 9 jours, il est donc possible qu’il ne soit plus à jour.

Les produits Microsoft contiendont tous du code open source

Les informations proposées sont donc peut-être expirées. Ce n’est pas moi qui le dit mais Bob Muglia président de la division Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business. Un commentaire relayé via twitter par John Newton CTO d’Alfersco, l’éditeur open source du logiciel de Gestion Electronique de Documents du même nom. Ne rêvons pas, Microsoft n’est pas en train de retourner sa veste. Ce qui est bien dans l'open source c'est la publicité gratuite. Le 10 mar, 2009 • Catégorie: Opinions Libres, Planet-Libre Tags : entreprise • Intelli'N • logiciel • marketing • service web • Sun • XWiki Cet article a été publié il y a 4 ans 10 mois 21 jours, il est donc possible qu’il ne soit plus à jour.

Ce qui est bien dans l'open source c'est la publicité gratuite

Les informations proposées sont donc peut-être expirées. C’est l’époque des petites phrases sur l’open source. Après Bob Muglia chez Microsoft, c’est au tour de Jonathan Schwartz CEO de Sun Microsystems de se laisser aller à de petites confidences. Pour cet homme le plus gros bénéfice de l’open source c’est la publicité gratuite. On ne pourra pas reprocher à ce monsieur de faire un usage abusif de la langue de bois. Le CEO de Sun n’est pas le seul à tenir ce genre de discours, Ludovic Dubost, PDG de xWiki tient des propos similaires dans son interview sur Intelli’n TV.

Un éditeur propriétaire devra faire le chemin inverse et aller à la rencontre de ses utilisateurs potentiels pour les convaincre a priori que le logiciel répond à leurs besoins. Stamen Design stylizes online mapping. Why go with Google Maps when you can have a wash of Watercolor or crisp contrasty Toner?

Stamen Design stylizes online mapping

If you've ever wished that the utilitarian world of online mapping could become more attractive or interesting, Stamen Design has created three stylized mapping filters to answer the call. Stamen's maps are built on OpenStreetMap data and are usable under a Creative Commons License, which is especially cool because Google is beginning to charge more online outfits for using its maps. Go ahead and cruise around or check out Philly below. Toner looks sharp in high contrast. Watercolor renders the hard edges of a city grid dreamy. Terrain gives texture to the landscape. Interview: Mike Migurski - Paul Smith. Mike Migurski is partner and Director of Technology at Stamen design studio in San Francisco.

Interview: Mike Migurski - Paul Smith

He and his Stamen colleagues recently unveiled a new site,, that included three custom-rendered maps using data from OpenStreetMap, including a remarkable one that, despite being generated by algorithm from precise vector data, resembled a hand-made watercolor painting. Paul Smith You’ve blogged about the process of creating the Terrain map tiles, and the code for the Toner tiles is open-sourced and on GitHub, but the Watercolor tiles seemed to come out of the blue.

Beautiful Maps: New Tiles from Stamen Design. If anyone knows cartography, it’s Stamen. The San Francisco-based design studio cranks out a wide variety of beautiful projects, with mapping as a dominant theme. Using the Bay Area as a canvas for experiments in visualizing geographic information, they’ve created apps like Crimespotting, Cabspotting, and National Geographic’s new The World iPad app. They’ve also contributed to tools for other data and design geeks, including the free javascript library Polymaps.

Now, drawing from a decade of working with maps, they’ve created these new tile sets for public use. Usability with Purpose. Trulia. Trulia, a real estate search, aggregation, and information site asked Stamen to help demonstrate the extent of their huge catalog of U.S. residential properties.


Trulia Hindsight is an animated view onto their database, with an eye towards exposing patterns of expansion and development through home construction dates. Housing built on an artificial lake: Discovery Bay. About Stamen. "I never decide if an idea is good or bad until I try it. " —Rick Rubin Stamen was founded by Eric Rodenbeck in 2001 to take advantage of the opportunities of emerging digital media in the wake of the dot com crash. Since then, the studio has grown to a staff of thirteen, and has established a reputation for its expertise in creating compelling interactive design and data visualization projects. Map Reveals Corporate Bus Routes Tech Workers Take.