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FusionTablesLayer Wizard

FusionTablesLayer Wizard
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MyReadingMapped™ derekeder/FusionTable-Map-Template How To Count Queried Rows in a Google Fusion Table « Michelle Minkoff In my “free” time, I help people who are also on the JavaScript learning journey. Here’s a query, paraphrased. How can I count how many points I currently have displayed on a Fusion Table layer of a Google Map? This would be especially helpful when we’re using filters, to show how many points are currently displaying. I’m not the first one to come up with this, for more on the subject, and the creators of the code this is based off of, pleas see the “Getting Data” section of Robin Kraft’s post here. If we assume that searchString stands for the value a user inputs in a filter (look into how to use HTML forms and connect it with JavaScript elsewhere, that’s left as an exercise to the reader, and I’m pulling info from Fusion Table ID which we will call…tableid…here’s the code you would need to get that count. First, set a variable which contains the beginning of a URL, which allows you to query the Google Fusion Table SQL API. var queryUrlHead = '

Make a table accessible - Fusion Tables Help By default, new tables are private, requiring other people to be invited with specific permissions and sign in before viewing or editing the data. Visualizations embedded in other websites and Google Earth network links cannot authenticate to Fusion Tables when they call for the data, so the table must not require sign-in for these features to work. There is one exception: Tables created by importing a web table from the search results page of Google Tables are public by default. To remove the sign-in requirement for viewers: Click the Share button. Private If you leave your table as Private, only the people you have specifically invited will have access to your table. Public When an exportable table is set as Public, signing in is not required to view your table and visualizations embedded elsewhere can draw from your data table instantly. "Anyone with the link" When an exportable table is set as "Anyone with the link," access is provided to parties who know the URL.

Getting a Bing Maps Key To use the Bing Maps APIs, you must have a Bing Maps Key. Creating a Bing Maps Key You can create two Bing Maps Keys. If you require additional keys, contact Bing Maps for Enterprise to become an enterprise customer. Note: The Bing Maps Key system was updated in July, 2012. Go to the Bing Maps Account Center at Upgrading Your Account Bing Maps Terms of Use Key Migration In July, 2012, Bing Maps updated the Bing Maps Key system. Note: *Legacy “Windows Metro style apps (BETA)” keys were migrated to “Windows Store app” keys and expired on Jan 15, 2013. Usage Transactions

Creative Cartography: 7 Must-Read Books about Maps by Maria Popova From tattoos to Thomas More’s Utopia, or what Moby Dick has to do with the nature of time. We’re obsessed with maps — a fundamental sensemaking mechanism for the world, arguably the earliest form of standardized information design, and a relentless source of visual creativity. Map As Art, The: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography is the definitive overview of today’s bravest, boldest creative cartography, featuring 360 colorful creations by well-known artists and emerging visual experimenteurs alike, including Brain Pickings favorites Maira Kalman, Paula Scher and Olaful Eliasson. Matthew Cusick, 'Fiona’s Wave,' 2005 Cusick's oversized collages are painted with fragments of vintage atlases and school geography books from the golden era of cartography, 1872-1945. Qin Ga, 'Site 22: Mao Zedong Temple,' 2005 We reviewed it in full here. We’re longtime fans of the Hand-Drawn Maps Association, an ongoing archive of user-submitted maps, diagrams and other spatial illustrations.

Polymaps GViz API Example: Fusion Tables Data Source TableID: Query: Link to this page BESbewy

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