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GPSBabel - convert, upload, download data from GPS and Map programs

GPSBabel - convert, upload, download data from GPS and Map programs
GPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes between popular GPS receivers such as Garmin or Magellan and mapping programs like Google Earth or Basecamp. Literally hundreds of GPS receivers and programs are supported. It also has powerful manipulation tools for such data. such as filtering duplicates points or simplifying tracks. It has been downloaded and used tens of millions of times since it was first created in 2001, so it's stable and trusted. By flattening the Tower of Babel that the authors of various programs for manipulating GPS data have imposed upon us, GPSBabel returns to us the ability to freely move our own waypoint data between the programs and hardware we choose to use. It contains extensive data manipulation abilities making it a convenient for server-side processing or as the backend for other tools.

Procrastination: Geotagging Photos Now that I have a GPS, I can have some fun with hiking and photography. The idea is to record my position on the GPS while hiking (i.e., the tracklog). This will provide me (and others) with a good record of different hikes. In addition, I can pinpoint the location where I took photographs and hence tag the photos with those coordinates (i.e., geotagging). Here is the procedure I use for the purpose:

Picasso and Einstein Got the Picture - Issue 13: Symmetry Most of the big steps forward in science are made possible by visualization. Albert Einstein said he visualized the theory of relativity before he worked out the formula. Previous explanations of the universe made no aesthetic sense to him. He was mathematically and physically oriented. Kompetenz in Navigation Verizon Wireless Launches VZ Navigator Service Verizon Wireless, the nation’s premier provider of wireless products and services, announced today the availability of VZ NavigatorTM – a new tool for customers that gives them access to a wide array of Location Based Services (LBS) options, including mapping, audible turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to find over 14 million points of interest. We reported on this in December, now Verizon is getting around to launching the service. Initially available on the new Motorola V325, VZ Navigator is perfect for road warriors who are constantly on-the-go, allowing them to see a map of their current location or an address in the U.S., locate places such as restaurants, gas stations, banks and other points-of-interest relative to their location, plus hear turn-by-turn navigation with audible voice directions to an address in the U.S. VZ Navigator will help Verizon Wireless customers get to where they are going, easily and efficiently. ReadMore

Mapa Localizador Libros a nivel Geografico mapFAST Find library materials about world wide locations Find FAST Geographic Subject Headings Near: GPS Visualizer International - Press Release Corporate January 10, 2006 Garmin Announces GPS Product Support for Mac OS X MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO/January 10, 2006/PR Newswire — Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. “As crianças são todas originalmente hackers”, constata Pekka Himanen O intelectual finlandês Pekka Himanen (foto), autor do já clássico livro “A ética do hacker”, esteve em Buenos Aires para oferecer conferências sobre o espírito do trabalho na idade da informação. Em entrevista, falou sobre a maneira como o conteúdo de seu manifesto sobreviveu nestes últimos dez anos. Pekka Himanen parece muito jovem para ter escrito “A ética do hacker”. Nesse manifesto, publicado em 2001, o intelectual finlandês (que aos vinte anos tornou-se doutor em filosofia) tenta definir o espírito de trabalho que caracterizava o mundo dos programadores, como Linus Torvalds, o criador do sistema operativo de código aberto Linux – ou Steve Wozniak, o cofundador, junto de Steve Jobs, da Apple Computer. Em seu livro, o que fez Himanen foi contrapor o espírito hacker com a ética protestante, definida por Max Weber na obra “A ética protestante e o 'espírito' do capitalismo”.

GPS Connect for Mac OS X A Freeware Garmin GPS Connection Tool for Mac OS X GPS Connect is a freeware program for Mac OS X which offers waypoint transfer with serial based Garmin GPS receivers which are hooked up to your Mac with a serial to usb converter. EasyGPS ExpertGPS - GPS Mapping Software for Windows Geekets GPSTagr: geotag flickr photos using GPS