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Usability with Purpose

Usability with Purpose

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Beautiful Maps: New Tiles from Stamen Design If anyone knows cartography, it’s Stamen. The San Francisco-based design studio cranks out a wide variety of beautiful projects, with mapping as a dominant theme. Using the Bay Area as a canvas for experiments in visualizing geographic information, they’ve created apps like Crimespotting, Cabspotting, and National Geographic’s new The World iPad app.

URL Shortening Services, The Ultimate List We use URL shortening services on daily basis, they are extremely useful in Internet conversations, let it forum threads, IM chats, etc. These services are also life-savers in communication channel where you are limited to specific no. of characters per session – Twitter for instance. Some even use them to hide away affiliate links they shared or bypass firewalls that block websites according to URLs. As long as they turn your long whining URL short, it’s a good job. TinyURL is perhaps the famous amongst, but it’s cool to know more so we get to swap from one to another (if you ever get bored). Interview: Mike Migurski - Paul Smith Mike Migurski is partner and Director of Technology at Stamen design studio in San Francisco. He and his Stamen colleagues recently unveiled a new site,, that included three custom-rendered maps using data from OpenStreetMap, including a remarkable one that, despite being generated by algorithm from precise vector data, resembled a hand-made watercolor painting. Paul Smith

Creator Processing ... Personal $ Svg $20 ✓ Up to $75 merchandises for personal use. eGovernment for Development - Success and Failure in eGovernment Projects This section is dedicated to the analysis of success and failure in the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in governmental activities. It addresses a series of issues of potential interest to e-government practitioners and suggests solutions to these issues. The solutions were developed through a mix of research at IDPM, research in local partner institutions, and discussions on the egov4dev email list. Success and Failure in eGovernment Projects is the first topic in a series of topics covered by the eGovernment for Development Information Exchange. Why Worry About eGovernment Failure? eGovernment projects can have three main outcomes: total failure; partial failure; and success.

Trulia Trulia, a real estate search, aggregation, and information site asked Stamen to help demonstrate the extent of their huge catalog of U.S. residential properties. Trulia Hindsight is an animated view onto their database, with an eye towards exposing patterns of expansion and development through home construction dates. Housing built on an artificial lake: Discovery Bay Hindsight features several notable locations around the U.S., from the suburban fields of Plano, Texas to the oceanfront apartments of Miami. The Trulia Hindsight blog features these and other spots, and welcomes input from readers with interesting patterns to share.

Making the Transition to HTML5 There is no doubt that everyone is talking about HTML5 these days. What isn’t as clear is who is actually using it and how it’s being used. Not surprising, really, when you think about all HTML5 entails. Native media, SVG, geolocation, advanced JavaScript APIs and web storage barely scratch the surface. In speaking with fellow designers and developers, I’ve discovered that many people feel overwhelmed by HTML5 and don’t really know where to start or even if it is relevant to their projects. Fortunately, HTML5 is not an all or nothing proposition.

About Stamen "I never decide if an idea is good or bad until I try it." —Rick Rubin Stamen was founded by Eric Rodenbeck in 2001 to take advantage of the opportunities of emerging digital media in the wake of the dot com crash. Since then, the studio has grown to a staff of thirteen, and has established a reputation for its expertise in creating compelling interactive design and data visualization projects. We are proud of our cooperative relationship with a surprising and growing range of clients: financial institutions, artists and architects, car manufacturers, design agencies, museums, technology firms, political action committes, and universities. Our favorite engagements have lasted over many years, and we delight in exceeding expectations and delving deep into what our clients value most.

How to do music notes, love hearts and other symbols in Facebook status updates and chat You now know how to add Facebook emoticons to your chats, but do you want to know how you can add hearts, music notes and other cool symbols to your Facebook status and chats?There are two ways!1) Copy Facebook symbols from here! Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) - home page W3C to Receive Emmy® for Work on Accessible Captioning W3C will receive a Technology & Engineering Emmy ® Award for work on standardization and pioneering development of broadband captioning. W3C's Timed Text Markup Language (TTML) helps make video content more accessible to people with disabilities, particularly people who are deaf or hard of hearing, through text captioning. More info about the award and about TTML is available in a press release, and info about WAI's related work is in the W3C to Receive Emmy® for Work on Accessible Captioning e-mail.

Stamen Design stylizes online mapping Why go with Google Maps when you can have a wash of Watercolor or crisp contrasty Toner? If you've ever wished that the utilitarian world of online mapping could become more attractive or interesting, Stamen Design has created three stylized mapping filters to answer the call. Stamen's maps are built on OpenStreetMap data and are usable under a Creative Commons License, which is especially cool because Google is beginning to charge more online outfits for using its maps. Go ahead and cruise around or check out Philly below.

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