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Home Greenhorns TheChangebook The Great Story Website created by Connie Barlow Teamshaker - Reseau Social d'Entreprise et Intranet 2.0 sous Drupal Bioneers MasterPeace. Creating Peace. Together. Think For A Change, LLC. Auto-entrepreneur | Réseau social d'auto-entrepreneurs, d'indépendants et freelances Change And Why Change Is A Marketing Tool It’s not difficult to understand, in this economic environment, why the word change looms so large in professional services dialogue. The nature of the professions, rooted as they are in history and tradition, can be fairly rigid, and resistant to innovation. But the times seem to have accelerated the need for new ideas and structures to cope with new economic and social problems and opportunities. The accounting profession, even as we know it today, is practically pre-historic, and is now so bound by rules and regulations and laws that any suggestion of serious structural change is seen as a virtual assault on the profession. Still, some things in the professions are different now than they were about a decade ago. The accounting profession, recognizing the growth of globalization, is now seriously considering international accounting standards. These things didn’t happen by accident, nor by just an inspiration by a few bright lawyers or accountants.