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Firebird: The true open source database for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and more

Firebird: The true open source database for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and more
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WineHQ - Run Windows applications on Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X Berkeley DB Tell us about the features you would like to see in Berkeley DB. Take the Berkeley DB Future Feature Survey here. Download Berkeley DB and review the source code, choose your build options and then compile the library in the configuration most suitable for your needs. The Berkeley DB library is a building block that provides the complex data management features found in enterprise class databases. These facilities include high throughput, low-latency reads, non-blocking writes, high concurrency, data scalability, in-memory caching, ACID transactions, automatic and catastrophic recovery when the application, system or harware fails, high availability and replication in an application configurable package. Oracle Berkeley DB fits where you need it regardless of programming language, hardware platform, or storage media. Oracle Berkeley DB 11g provides the foundational storage services for your application, no matter how demanding and unique your requirements may seem to be.

Sakai Project Sakai 2.8.1 maintenance release Release Date: 11 Oct 2011 The Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE) is a Java-based, service-oriented web application that provides a variety of capabilities supporting teaching and learning, portfolios, research, and ad-hoc project collaboration. The Sakai CLE is typically deployed using Apache Tomcat as its servlet container and scalability is achieved by running multiple instances of Tomcat in a clustered environment, each deploying a copy of the Sakai CLE. It integrates with a variety of external authentication services including CAS, Kerberos, LDAP, Shibboleth and WebAuth. The Sakai CLE 2.8 series builds on previous releases by refining and stabilizing the 2.x feature set. Our thanks go out to the dedicated Sakai Community volunteers from around the world who have made this release possible. What's new in 2.8 Downloads Source Code 2.8.1 tag: svn co 2.8.1 Documentation Java SE 6 Databases

Welcome to MariaDB! - MariaDB Clean Your System and Free Disk Space | BleachBit ARK - The Next Generation Portable Wireless Charger by BEZALEL Corp. ARK is the next generation of wireless phone charging. ARK charges your cellphones at any time; any place, and most importantly, it is 100% cord free ---- which will make your life easier than ever before. ARK is extremely easy to use, stable, reliable, and fits into your everyday life. ARK is the result of our efforts to make life simpler. Pledge for the reward package most suitable for you. Learn more about the stretch goals in the Update #6. The ARK - Kickstarter Limited Edition is also unlocked and available now. This is the Top One question everyone's asking about. iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s, Nokia Lumia 920 and 1020, SAMSUNG Galaxy S3/S4, SAMSUNG Note 2 and 3, Google Nexus 4/5/7 and etc For more supporting phones and our plan of covering more phone models, please go to the Update #1. *For certain phones, accessories are required to enable its wireless charging capability. Drop and Go. Easy to Carry. Reinforced enclosures. Blends into anywhere. The process is not easy. The answer is yes.

Ingres When you’re in the business of selling applications you need to know that your database can handle the steady advances in server hardware, virtualization and cloud technologies. It also needs to be simple, fast and ultra-reliable where you can “set it and forget it”. If you’re developing applications for SMB’s, the enterprise or the cloud, and want to build in a fast, reliable and low maintenance database, send Actian an email and we can help. We designed the Actian Embeddable Database with a best-of-all-worlds approach: a single application database that includes both a high performance transactional database engine using a key-value store to store and access the data, and a relational database engine with traditional SQL access. Actian Embeddable Database powers thousands of packaged business applications for everything from accounting and medical office management to point-of-sale and ERP systems. Multi-core, Hypervisor and More

MPTW - tiddlywiki powered up (2.7.3) Berkeley DB Oracle Berkeley DB is the industry-leading open source, embeddable storage engine that provides developers a fast, reliable, local database with zero administration. Oracle Berkeley DB is a library that links directly into your application. Your application makes simple function calls, rather than sending messages to a remote server, eliminating the performance penalty of client-server architectures. Tell us about the features you would like to see in Berkeley DB. Berkeley DB delivers the same robust data storage features as traditional, relational database systems, such as ACID transactions and recovery; locking, multi-process and multi-threading for high concurrency; hot and cold backup; and replication for high availability applications. Berkeley DB is designed to store data as opaque byte arrays of data in key/value pairs indexed in one of the available access methods, as seen above. Alternatively you may be more comfortable with the SQL query language and relational data types.

UbuntuEngineering Here's a list of available programs for Engineers or Engineering students that are available for Ubuntu (or linux in general). Not all of them are in the official repositories, not all of them are free and open, but they can be used on a daily basis to improve the workflow of any Engineer. Mathematical analysis Matlab and Mathematica are the de facto industry standards in numerical and symbolic analysis respectively, both proprietary and non-free. Mathematica - Non-free high-level computational software program used in scientific, engineering, and mathematical fields and other areas of technical computing. A list with more alternatives can be found here. Finite element analysis Elmer - Elmer is an open source computational tool for multi-physics problems. The finite element method (FEM) is a numerical technique for finding approximate solutions to partial differential equations (PDE) and their systems, as well as (less often) integral equations. Fluid mechanics Electronics Other programs