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GatherContent - The easy way to manage content development.

GatherContent - The easy way to manage content development.

Mooklet for iPhone :: Create Animated "Photo Story Books" and Publish them! Selected Tools Working From Home Makes You More Productive There are plenty of legitimate reasons to work from home: it saves gasoline (if you drive or take the bus), eliminates commuting time, and on the company side, it means that less office space is needed to accomodate employees. Now there’s another reason, backed by a study (PDF) from Stanford: People who work from home are more productive than those that don’t. The latest telecommuting talking point comes from a study that randomized 250 call center employees at a Chinese company, designating some as telecommuters for four days a week and asking others to come into the office every workday for a nine-month period. In the end, the researchers behind the study found that telecommuters ramped up their performance by 13%--9.5% attributable to taking fewer sick days and breaks and working more minutes per shift, and 3.5% because they took more calls each minute because of access to a quiet environment.

Zen Cart Support - Zen Cart™ - Putting the dream of your own business within reach of anyone! Topsy Pro Analytics Lets Users Analyze Over 100 Billion Tweets From The Last 2+ Years Topsy, the popular social search engine, has released a powerful new feature for marketers today deemed Topsy Pro Analytics. Different than the basic analytics offerings announced last year, the new Pro Analytics will allow users to see view and analyze more than 100 billion Tweets over the past several years. Unlike many social tracking tools, the licence that Topsy has to the Twitter Firehose allows the service to analyze all Tweets, not just a specific set of kephrases being tracked. Specific keyphrases can be mined down to provide more information thanks to the dynamic navigation options and comparison tools. Users can enter in a query an breakdown the data using the following options: Dashboard The dashboard allows users to see the big picture on search terms including mentions, top posts, top links and top media: One thing that marketers will notice immediately is the ability to see back in time, by location, language or sentiment. Activity Discovery Top Results Geography Exposure

Postcards connecting the world 54 Quotes from Startup Leaders on How to Improve Conversions Large and small companies alike invest a lot of time and money working on improving their conversion rates. And as we all know, there are countless “experts” and websites all trying to sell you their advice on how to improve conversions. In this blog post, I'm going to take a different spin on this conversion topic... I surveyed 54 companies and asked each of them one question: "What is the one thing that you did that had the strongest positive impact on conversions?" 54 companies below share with us what has worked for them. Backblaze "Backblaze is an online backup service where we backup all data on laptops/desktops for $5/month. To do this, our homepage previously had "Download" or "Start Backing Up" as the call-to-action. However, we found that after people downloaded the application, many people seemed to lose the file and not run the installer...or to run the installer but not enter an email/password, thus not creating an account and backing up data. Before After BeCouply BetterDoctor 1.