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NOVICA - Home Decor, Jewelry & Gifts by Talented Artisans Worldwide

NOVICA - Home Decor, Jewelry & Gifts by Talented Artisans Worldwide
myNOVICA Activate your Rewards Program membership, upload your profile pic and take advantage of all the benefits of myNOVICA Go to myNOVICA Join our growing community of microcredit lenders! Artists benefit from 0% interest rates, helping them grow their small artistic businesses Make a loan today

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Fair Trade Gifts: Handmade, Eco-Friendly Products - Global Goods Partners Create your own Interactive Fiction What is Interactive Fiction? Interactive Fiction (formerly referred to as Text Adventures) are a cross between reading a book and playing a game, where you control the main character. Rather than reading the story from start to finish, you interact with everything by typing commands at a prompt, discovering things as you go along. Well written games give you, the player, the impression that anything you type is understood by giving a sensible and meaningful response. Indeed, part of the fun of playing interactive fiction games is discovering responses to things you didn't expect to have been catered for. Most interactive fiction follows the same basic rules - these include walking from location to location using compass directions (north, east, south-west etc).

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$-$$$ Oeuvres d'Artistes et d'artisans de partout dans le monde. by nadineblanchette Aug 1

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