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How to Make 2 Incredible Ways to Make Yarn Pom Poms Tools: ScissorsFork2 toilet paper rolls Supplies / ingredients: 2 skeins of yarn (thicker and thinner one to tie) Getting Started Guide NativeScript Getting Started Guide Welcome to the NativeScript Getting Started Guide. In this tutorial you'll use NativeScript, a cross-platform JavaScript framework for building native mobile apps, to build an iOS and Android app from scratch. You can start by watching the video walkthrough below, or by jumping straight into the hands-on tutorial. What is NativeScript? NativeScript is a free and open source framework for building native iOS and Android apps using JavaScript and CSS. NativeScript provides a best-of-both-worlds development experience. What you're building This guide will walk you through building Groceries, a groceries management app that does the following things: Connects to an existing RESTful service.Provides user registration and login.Lets authenticated users add and delete groceries from a list.Runs cross-platform (iOS and Android). If you follow along to the end, here's what the finished app will look like on iOS: And here's what the app will look like on Android:

Online portfolios for photographers, illustrators, and designers - Create one for free and be seen by new clients Browse the network List your portfolio and be seen by businesses Here are some benefits you can start enjoying. For free. Whichever type of creative professional you are, we have a plan for you.Go ahead, pick one. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime. Basic Free For creatives who haveportfolios from elsewhere Publish up to 25 imagesSingle discipline listingBasic search rankingWeb and mobile portfoliosLink to your websiteImage watermark option Gain new followersImage protection with embedding FREE Upsize $9.99/month Ideal for professionals who needto get their work organized Publish Unlimited imagesSingle discipline listingBasic search rankingWeb and mobile portfoliosPDF resume sync and exportAdvertisement free portfoliosImage watermark option Gain new followersImage protection with embeddingAdvertisement-free US$9.99 per month US$99 per year(that's only $8.25/month) Supersize $14.99/month Made for serious creatives who wantTHE MAXIMUM EXPOSURE Create username Your password Your first name

Doc Scan HD - Scanner to Scan PDF, Print, Fax, Email, and Upload to Cloud Storages Une cuisinière montre une façon originale de faire du pain | SF Globe Si vous n'avez jamais fait votre propre pain, vous manquez vraiment quelque chose. Rien de plus satisfaisant que de sortir sa première miche du four. Cette cuisinière inventive a fait de ce procédé plutôt simple un art très spécial. Avec du colorant alimentaire et du pain aux raisins, elle crée une miche de pain à plusieurs couches qui ressemble à une pastèque! Elle n'ajoute pas d'arôme, donc le pain a seulement l'aspect de la pastèque, pas le goût. En tout cas, c'est un moyen très simple de fabriquer quelque chose que votre famille ne sera pas près d'oublier! Ingrédients: 3 tasses de farine (375g) 2,5 cuil. à soupe de sucre cristallisé blanc (14g) 1 tasse de lait (250ml) 1 jaune d’œuf 1,5 cuil. à soupe de beurre doux ramolli (21g) + 3/4 de cuil. à café de sel (env. 3g) (J'ai utilisé du beurre salé) 2 cuil. à café 1/4 de levure sèche à action instantanée (1 enveloppe ou 8g) 3/4 de tasse de raisins secs (120g) Commencez par mélanger le lait, Uploading... le beurre ramolli, le sucre cristallisé,

11 Free jQuery CSS3 Navigation Menu Plugins These days, jQuery Navigation menus are more than plain texts with links on it. With the command of jQuery, it can transform the menu of a web site into a dynamic menu. Despite the fact that CSS3 can now be utilized to make dynamic menu, still, the query includes more functionality to the menus. Aside from the element functionalities, the design should likewise be considered. You Might be interested on : Free jQuery Sliders and jQuery autocomplete Tutorials. Mmenu Demo || Download The best jQuery plugin for app look-alike on- and off-canvas menus with sliding submenus for your website and webapp. Sidr Demo || Download The best jQuery plugin for creating side menus and the easiest way for doing your menu responsive. slimMenu Demo || Download slimMenu is a lightweight jQuery plugin, which is made to create responsive and multi-level navigation menus on the fly. HorizontalNav Demo || Download HorizontalNav is a jQuery plugin that spans a horizontal navigation to fit the full width of it’s container.

some digital apps we like - design 1o1 lucy in the sky…> prismscope: ios (kaleidoscope camera)> kaleidoscope drawing pad: ios, android (back to childhood! easy + pretty)> fragment: ios, android (collage + prism, $ 1.99) we let it rain> colorlake: ios, android (add water / rain to photos + make videos)> rain on screen: android (enjoy the raindrops) we love special effects> negative me: ios (reversing colors)> glitche: ios (digital art, image editor, very complete, 0,99 euro)> glitch lab: ios (digital art, image editor, glitch maker, free)> marblemagic: ios, android (lens effect, pics editor) we blend / overlay stuff> fused: ios (image + video blending)> image blender: ios (combining images with masks, 2,99 $)> stackables: ios (layers, blending) > ghost lens: ios (real-time image blender)> instant blend: ios (combine images to create double exposure) selfies? we publish some as well! sometimes, we need vectorial stuff> adobe illustrator draw: ios, android (scalable vector illustration) in collages we really trust! architecture!

Flipgrid The website located at and the mobile application called “Flipgrid” (the "App" and, together with the website, the "Site") and the services offered through the Site (the "Services") are copyrighted works belonging to Vidku, Inc. ("Flipgrid", "us", "our", and "we"). Certain features of the Site or Services may be subject to additional guidelines, terms, or rules, which will be posted on the Site or Services in connection with such features. All such additional terms, guidelines, and rules are incorporated by reference into these Terms. 1.1. 1.2. 1.3. 1.4. (a) School User acknowledges receipt of Flipgrid’s Privacy Policy and Children’s Privacy Policy describing our practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information. (c) FERPA. (d) License from School User. 1.5. 2.1. 2.2. 2.3. 2.4. 2.5. 2.6. 3.1. 3.2. 3.2 License. 3.3. 3.4. 3.5. 3.5 Ownership. 4. 5.1. 5.2. 5.3. 5.4. 6. 7.1. 7.2. 7.3. 10. 11. 1. your physical or electronic signature; 12.1. 12.3.

Handmade Charlotte | DIY craft projects, recipes, and ideas for creative family living Coder's Block Blog / Motion Detection with JavaScript I recently gave a talk at RevolutionConf about writing a motion detecting web app with JavaScript. This is basically that talk, but in blog form. Live demos and all the source code are available at the end of this article. The Premise I wanted to see what my pets do when I’m away. Just for kicks, I decided to do this as a web app, all in JavaScript. Accessing the Webcam The first step is to access the webcam. Anyway, to grab a stream from a webcam, start with a <video> element in your HTML. Then add a bit of JavaScript. This will attempt to grab a 640px by 480px stream from an attached webcam. Grabbing Still Frames We need to capture still frames from the streaming video so that we can do motion detection (more on this later) and potentially upload them as images to Twitter. We start by grabbing the <video> element with the stream on it from the page. A simple setInterval() allows us to capture a new still frame every 100ms. Diffing So, what exactly is “motion”? Scoring Post-Processing the Diff

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