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textadventures and inklewriter Plot Generator Depression Quest: An Interactive (non)Fiction About Living with Depression Story Wars My Future Self: Send email time capsules & keep a private journal online inklewriter - Getting Started Getting started It couldn’t be easier to start writing. When you first launch the inklewriter website,, you’ll be offered the option of taking the tutorial, or starting a new story. If you click new you can get writing straight away. Write, and add options You’ll write your story onto the scraps of paper in the middle of the inklewriter workbench. How do I change to another path? There are lots of ways to find your way around in inklewriter. You can also open the contents panel using the button in the top right. How do I join different paths back together again? Once your story has branched, you’ll often want to to bring the different branches back together again. How do I read my story? Read your story by clicking the “read” button in the toolbar. What’s this about signing up? You can use inklewriter without signing in. Finally, if you work locally, you can’t share your stories with others. Sharing stories in inklewriter How do I add images? A dialogue box will appear.

Castle, Forest, Island, Sea: Table of Contents <<silently>><<set $blackbirdno = $blackbirdno + 1>><<set $nointent = $nointent + 1>><<endsilently>><html><div align="center"><img src="ch2-birds.png" alt="three small birds perched on some saucepans"></div></html>\nThe robin ruffles its feathers. "Oh," it says, and falls silent, then: "Never mind."\n\nThe blackbird jumps, surprised. "Oh!" it says as well, but in a very different tone. And you're back where you were, the book closed in front of you. <html><div align="center"><img src="ch3-doors.png" alt="three identical wooden doors"></div></html>\n<<if visited("three wooden doors") lt 2>>There's nothing much to distinguish them; no sounds when you lay your ear flat against the wood, no trembling doorhandles warning of danger within. <html><div align="center"><img src="ch4-imagine.png" alt="A beautiful field, full of trees and moonlight"></div></html>\nAnd there, behind you: there <<if $friendmale>>he<<else>>she<<endif>> is. The robin considers. you point out. "That's enough!" Well.

Numook Avec numook, les jeunes deviennent auteurs le temps d’une année scolaire. Ils créent ensemble leur propre livre numérique et expérimentent toutes les phases de l’édition, de la conception à la publication. Transversal Le dispositif valorise la lecture et l’écriture d’invention des jeunes. Il développe leurs compétences numériques et les capacités créatives associées (graphiques, sonores) tout en consolidant les acquis universels (autonomie, initiative, engagement, respect des opinions des autres). Interdisciplinaire Numook repose sur la collaboration entre encadrants.L’équipe pédagogique qui accompagne les jeunes est composée d’au moins deux enseignants de matière (générales/professionnelles) et d’un professeur documentaliste. Multi-partenarial À qui s’adresse le dispositif ? Depuis 2016, numook se déploie sur tout le territoire français et à l’étranger. Nos objectifs Le levier numérique Sur le terrain Notre accompagnement

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