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Evergig : Easy and smart editing of your videos for free !

Evergig : Easy and smart editing of your videos for free !
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Home — TensorFlow Social Business for Complex Organizations Play . Mix . Share SNAP! | A collection of films short enough to watch in your lunch break Lunch breaks can be all too precious and when in the middle of a deadline, it can be hard to get away from the desk. Next time you find yourself grabbing a quick 10-15 minute desk lunch, instead of scrolling emails and jotting down notes between bites of a turkey sandwich, sit back and enjoy these short films. These guys did an awesome job of collecting a series of films which are perfect for those rushed lunches. Take a deep breath, settle your napkin, relax and actually enjoy your meal. 1. ’7:35 in the Morning’ Have you ever watched a musical and considered how absurd the characters must be for breaking into song every few minutes? 2. Beatlemaniacs, take note: In 1969, a 14-year-old boy snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room and recorded a 5-minute conversation with the Beatle. 3. In 1967, a young Martin Scorsese was at NYU film school, where he made this dark and compelling short. 4. 5. For police officers, every traffic stop has the potential to turn deadly. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Voxel Builder Nook bientôt en Europe aussi ? De nombreux éléments attestent de l'arrivée prochaine de l'offre Nook en Europe, même s'il est encore difficile de savoir qui sera concerné et quand exactement... Il y a longtemps que la question de l’arrivée des liseuses, tablettes et catalogue de Barnes & Noble, le plus grand libraire mondial, se pose pour la France et l'Europe en général. Alors que la gamme Kindle, Kobo, et que les acteurs comme Apple ou Google ont tous déployé leur offre à l’international, Barnes & Noble reste le seul acteur à ne pas avoir internationalisé sa stratégie pour l’instant. Mais depuis que Barnes & Noble a annoncé officiellement son intention d’arriver en Europe, au moment du lancement de sa nouvelle gamme l'année dernière, on attend plus de nouvelles. La “séparation” de l’entité Nook et de Barnes & Noble Cette séparation facilite en tout cas la stratégie d’extension internationale. Nouvelle confirmation de l’arrivée en Europe Camp de base au Luxembourg

Learn to Play Guitar | Coach Guitar Amazing Underrated Obscure Bizarre Films PART 11 list I really dig this IMDB plot summary, it paints a mysterious picture to get you interested while not giving away anything crucial, it's like a good trailer: A psychiatrist, Richard Burton, investigates the savage blinding of six horses with a metal spike in a stable in Hampshire, England. The atrocity was committed by an unassuming seventeen-year-old stable boy named Alan Strang, the only son of an opinionated but inwardly-timid father and a genteel, religious mother. As Dysart exposes the truths behind the boy's demons, he finds himself face-to-face with his own.

Detective | by @fourtonfish What is DETECTIVE? DETECTIVE is a "chat game" where the player gets randomly paired with either another player or an automated chat bot, powered by BOT Libre (ROBOT). You will also be randomly assigned a role of either a DETECTIVE or an IMPOSTOR. What is the answer to the math question of 2+2?> it depends on how you phrase the questionYou are an imposterINCORRECTGame is over An example game, see more on /r/impostors As a DETECTIVE, you must figure out whether you are speaking with a ROBOT (the chat bot) or an IMPOSTOR, another human player pretending to be a ROBOT. If you are an IMPOSTOR, you must trick the DETECTIVE into thinking that they are speaking to a ROBOT. An upcoming feature will add a scoring system that shows how many times you uncovered an IMPOSTOR and how many times you deceived a DETECTIVE. If you'd like to learn more about the game, check out related posts on my blog. Back to top Who am I? Hi, my name is Stefan and I am a web developer living in Brooklyn, New York.

Nike + FuelBand : calculer votre activité physique journalière Nike + FuelBand : calculer votre activité physique journalière Cette semaine, Nike a fait appel à quelques icônes du sport telles que Lance Armstrong, Kevin Durant et Carmelita Jeter pour appuyer le lancement du Nike + FuelBand, autrement dit un bracelet LED doté d’un accéléromètre capable de collecter et de mesurer les données relatives à votre activité physique journalière. Pour ce faire, il vous suffit d’entrer un objectif quotidien (soit un nombre de calories à brûler) mesuré par l’accéléromètre qui fera passer la barre LED du rouge/orange au vert lorsque celui-ci sera atteint. Comme la version précédente de Nike+, le FuelBand peut se synchroniser à votre iPhone via Bluetooth ou directement à votre ordinateur en USB. Notez qu’il vous sera également possible de partager vos résultats avec vos amis. Très bientôt disponible en pré-commande, comptez 150 $ soit 50% de plus que l’un de ses concurrents nommé FitBit. Source

Newarty's, la galerie d'Art Urbain en ligne | Tableaux, graffiti, street art. - Newarty's - Galerie d'Art Urbain 10 VIDEOS The GOVERNMENT DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE [VIDEO] - Secrets of the FedSecrets of the Fed In the current age of technology, while the internet is still free, information is accessible like no other time in history. The ability to keep information from the public is not as easy as it once was. Here are 10 videos the government does not want you to see! Halliburton subsidiary Dyncorp, a private military contractor based out of the United States, continued to receive government contracts even after it was learned that they had been directly involved in human-trafficking sex slavery rings. More info: U.S. stalls on human trafficking – Chicago Tribune Retired General Wesley Clark, who spent years in NATO and the Department of Defense, admitted in 2007 (before Obama became president) that after 9-11 he was shown plans to invade 7 countries which included Syria, Libya and Iran, proving Obama picked up right where Bush left off. Judge Andrew Napolitano explains how the FBI pays young muslims to carry out terror plots after supplying them with fake explosives. Comments comments - Free Online Photo Mosaic Creator.