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The Cloth Simulator A little more detail: What makes this simulation special is the speed at which everything is computed. Javascript (the language this is written in) is not exactly the most efficient language for this type of computation. This being said, much time was spent squeezing out every little detail that slows things down. The most computationally expensive part is trying to satisfy the constraints. 15 Cool and Useful Kitchen Tools Creative gadgets and inventions designed for people who love to cook. Avocado Cuber Useful tool designed for cutting uniform-sized cubes of avocado. [link] I 25 migliori siti torrent aggiornati a Marzo 2008 « Sesto Potere – Il mio blog BitTorrent’s popularity is growing every day. Despite efforts from anti-piracy outfits such as the MPAA and IFPI, torrent sites continue to grow traffic wise, and there is no sign that this trend will be brought to a halt anytime soon. We decided to compile a list of the 25 most popular BitTorrent sites, and see how their (relative) popularity has grown over the past three months.

Five Documentaries You NEED To Watch On Netflix As Of 11/13/13 Documentaries offer you something very few fictional films can. You walk away from them smarter than you were when you showed up. That is how documentaries work. They often find a single subject, and focus their energy on informing those who don’t seem to know enough about it. While it is oft misunderstood that horror films are my favorite, they are a close second, but documentaries take the cake for me. If you went through my Netflix account right now, you would see that I have given five-star ratings to documentaries far more than any genre of film on there.

The Complete Story of Harry Potter Illustrated in 8 Posters by Lucy Knisley The Complete Story of Harry Potter Illustrated in 8 Posters by Lucy Knisley by Laura Hudson July 7, 2011 2:30 PM Share on Facebook Best Torrents: The Top 30 Torrent Download Sites of 2012 Updated May 11, 2016. Disclaimer: does not condone the illegal sharing of copyrighted files. Please use good judgment when using a torrent file-sharing site. This list is in random order. This list reflects a collection of reader suggestions. continue reading below our video month: "2008-10" Joker in a Dress The Halloween store clerk looked surprised when I asked for a non-slutty nurse costume. tags: halloween surprise costume nurse [add] 2008-10-30 22:14:28 / Rating: 650.25 / As the actor dressed in the Minnie costume stepped on my sandaled four-year old foot after I asked for an autograph I never received, I realized that Disneyland was not "The Happiest Place on Earth" after all. tags: humor childhood disneyland minnie mouse [add]

Best in Film: The Greatest Movies of Our Time People magazine featured a story that corresponded with the special in its March 28, 2011 issue, which came out on March 18. The categories for the special were Best Film, Best Sci-Fi Film, Best Musical, Best Action Film, Greatest Film Character, Best Horror Film, Best Chick Flick, Greatest Screen Kiss, Best Comedy, Best Animated Film, Best Suspense/Thriller, Most Romantic Screen Couple, Greatest Line, Best Western Film and Best Political/Historical Film. To vote for their favorite films, movie fans went online at and to select the winners from a list of nominees created by a group of film industry experts. Online voting was open from late November 2010 to January 2011. The televised special counted down the top five films in 10 of the 15 categories: Best Comedy, Best Sci-Fi Film, Best Musical, Greatest Screen Kiss, Greatest Line, Best Action Film, Best Suspense/Thriller, Best Animated Film, Greatest Film Character and Best Film.

Around the Alphabet in 26 Musical Genres What's the point of being insanely musically gifted if you don't have a little fun with your talents? Music producers Andrew Huang and Dave Brown collaborated to create a song encompassing 26 genres in alphabetical order. The song spans from ambient to zouk, stopping along the way to feature grunge, K-pop, and reggae. Watchmen Fan Creates Morphing Rorschach Mask that Actually Works This is so freakin' cool! You can make a working Rorschach ink blot mask that actually morphs and it's very impressive. There's a couple of videos embedded below for you to watch, one of which shows you how to make a mask for yourself. I guess this years Comic-Con is going to be full of Watchmen fans whose Rorschach's masks really work. Blog by razz Jane Angel 2: Fallen Heaven Premium Edition [FINAL]| 358 MB The Mystic Order of the Defenders protects the human race against the descendants of Cain and Lilith, merciless spirits born into our world as demons or vampires. Sir Edward Sinclair, Master of the Order made a fatal error that allowed one mighty ghost, son of Samael, to come into the world... In this intriguing detective story, Jane Angel’s stepsister, Nancy, is investigating her recent disappearance when she discovers that Jane is the only heir of Edward Sinclair.

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